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Wat iz?

An example composition of 2 Go microservices (using labstack/echo as the RESTful framework) that are Dockerized, for the intent of loading to Codefresh.


Make sure Docker (and optionally Docker Compose) are properly installed.

NOTE: This was built and tested on an Ubuntu Linux machine, so no Docker Machine. If you're using OSX/Windows, you might need to modify the build scripts.

How to run:

HACK: Since Codefresh doesn't like several Dockerfiles in one repo (legit), you need to edit the Dockerfiles in microservice1/ and microservice2/ to make this work locally. Modify the line: ADD microservice?/microservice?.go /go/src/microservice To: ADD microservice?.go /go/src/microservice

Just execute ./ and if all works well, execute ./ to create the two microservice containers