HLAE Cam 2 Cinema4D

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HLAE Cam 2 Cinema4D Import dialog screenshot:
HLAE Cam 2 Cinema4D Import dialog screenshot


You can retrive the latest HLAE Cam 2 Cinema4D Version from the tool section on the HLAE download page on http://advancedfx.org


HLAE Cam 2 Cinema4D (short: hlcam2c4d) is a plugin for Maxon's Cinema 4D to import HLAE's camera motion data from the BVH File.

With camera motion data in Cinema 4D you can easily produce 3D Elements or render special layers for a better post production.

The plugin is written in C4D's Scripting Language C.O.F.F.E.E. It is developed and maintained by msthavoc

Note: The current version(1.0) only works with Cinema 4D R10.


18th october 2007 MDT gets the function mirv_movie_export_cammotion 0|1

21h october 2007 MDT BVH 2 Cinema4D R10 Expression was published download

1st february 2008 MDT BVH 2 Cinema4D R9 Expression was published download

19th june 2008 hlcam2c4d was published (current version 1.0)

Then current version is 1.0, developed for Cinema 4D R10.



  1. Unpack the archive to your plugin path (Maxon\Cinema 4D\plugins).
  2. After starting your Cinema 4D you can check in the console (Shortcut SHIFT+F10) if the plug-in has been successfully loaded.


When the plug-in is installed it can be found in Cinema 4D's plug-in main menu entry: Plugins -> HLAE Cam 2 Cinema4D.

Feature documentation

  • 90° Fix : this rotates the whole campath 90° head, so you don't need to adjust other thinks like imported maps
  • change project settings : this allows the plugin to change the project settings (MaxTime and FPS)
  • fov : You have to enter the Field Of View (FOV) value you used in HLAE while you captured. Default is 90°


Remove it from the folder again.

See also

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