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(CS:GO, ...)


(Half-Life 1, Counter-Strike 1.6, ...)

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This page lists most of the HLAE (AfxHookSource) console commands for Source games.

Command list

Command Source 1 game support Purpose
afx_interop CS:GO Allows advanced interoperation between the game and own programs (more complex / complete than mirv_pgl) with emphasis on synchronized graphic / drawing related features
mirv_aim CS:GO aiming the camera
mirv_agr CS:GO, CSSV34, TF2, Momentum 3D motion data export
mirv_block_commands CS:GO Block commands from being executed (e.g. commands recorded in demos).
mirv_calcs CS:GO Re-usable function snippets mostly for advanced camera control
mirv_cam CS:GO Advanced camera control, mostly with mirv_calcs
mirv_camexport several old HLAE BVH camera motion data export
mirv_camimport several old HLAE BVH camera motion data import
mirv_camio several new HLAE camera motion data export/import
mirv_campath several Camera paths
mirv_cfg several Change various HLAE defaults
mirv_cmd several Schedule execution of commands and animate them with curves
mirv_cvar_hack CS:GO + ? Allows to force console variables (including hidden ones) to values outside the allowed range
mirv_cvar_unhide_all CS:GO + ? Make hidden console commands and variables accessible
mirv_exec CS:GO Execute commands with quote characters
mirv_deathmsg CS:GO Death notification related features
mirv_fix CS:GO Various fixes
mirv_force_spectatortools CS:GO Force enable spectator tools inside POV / mirv_pov demos
mirv_fov several Field Of View related features
mirv_gameoverlay several Control the Steam overlay
mirv_guides CS:GO Controls drawing of guide overlays on-screen
mirv_input several Override game camera and control
mirv_listentities CS:GO Information about entities (objects) in the game engine
mirv_loadlibrary several Load a DLL into CS:GO
mirv_models CS:GO Replace models
mirv_pgl CS:GO Connect / control the game via websocket to your own program and transfer data such as game events and more
mirv_pov CS:GO Turn a GOTV demo into a fake POV (in-eye) demo
mirv_replace_name CS:GO Override player names
mirv_replace_team_name CS:GO Override team names
mirv_skip CS:GO + ? Adjust the demo time with more precision
mirv_snd_filter CS:GO Filter (block) sounds
mirv_snd_timescale CS:GO Control sound time scale independently
mirv_streams CS:GO Control one or multiple image streams to be recorded with special effects
mirv_time CS:GO Advanced time control. Beginners avoid it please!
mirv_traceentity CS:GO Finding / tracing the entity under the crosshair to get info about it
mirv_voice CS:GO Allows to filter out output player / caster voice separately
mirv_vpanel CS:GO Features related to old VGUI2 panels of the game

Built in command help / navigation

The manual doesn't cover all the options available through the commands. Basically enter the command into console without options to get help for that command. If the help console text displays a sub-command with [...] behind it, then you can enter everything in-front to get more help for that sub-command.