Integrates Ogre3D into Qt QML scenes by rendering Ogre to FBOs.
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QmlOgre is a library that allows integrating Ogre3D into Qt QML scenes.


  • Renders Ogre viewports to FBO (Frame Buffer Objects) which are then applied to QML items as textures
  • Window states, the application event loop and user input are managed by Qt
  • Creates an OpenGL context for Ogre which is shared with Qt's QML OpenGL context
  • Allows using the full range of QML features
  • Places no restriction on the depth sorting of Ogre items versus other QML elements
  • Allows multiple independent cameras, each assigned to an Ogre QML item, viewing the same scene


  • Ogre 1.8
  • Qt 5


The code is split into the lib library code and example application code.


QmlOgre is licensed under the BSD license. See LICENSE for details.