JavaOne High Speed Reactive Microservices 2016

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High-Speed Reactive Microservices

  • Rick Hightower
  • Jason Daniel


This session endeavors to explain high-speed reactive microservice architecture, a set of patterns for building services that can readily back mobile and web applications at scale. It uses a scale-up and -out versus a scale-out model to do more with less hardware.

A scale-up model uses in-memory operational data, efficient queue handoff, and microbatch streaming, plus async calls to handle more calls on a single node.

High-speed microservice architecture endeavors to get back to OOP roots, where data and logic live together in a cohesive, understandable representation of the problem domain, and away from separation of data and logic, because data lives with the service logic that operates on it.


Data ownership

Data lease

Service Sharding

Streams / Microbatches

Fault tolerance

Service discovery

Service Store

Actors and Active Objects