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Release Notes Draft

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QBit Microservices Lib 1.10.0.RELEASE

There have been a lot of improvements to WebSocket RPC. We also improved marshaling and now support Java 8 LocalDateTime for WebSocket RPC and JSON/REST. We continue to improve our Reakt support. Now both clients proxies and services can return invokable promises. This gives a nice fluent interface for reactive microservices.

  • 709 Fixed Reakt WebSocket client proxy
  • 735 ManagedServiceBuilder.addEndpointServiceWithServiceManagmentBundle was not passing the endpoint object (BUG)
  • 733 HttpServer and Startable should not have default methods for methods that take callbacks (buglet)
  • 730 Allow HttpRequest to be passed to REST methods.
  • 729 ServiceDiscovery and Websocket client integration was not working as well as it should (enhancement)
  • 726 Add support for auto serializing LocalDateTime (new feature/enhancement)
  • 724 @RequestParam now works with HTTP form params (feature)
  • 723 Fail fast if connection can't be open Client (WebSocket RPC proxy client) (BUG)
  • 722 jdk 只能支持1.8?可否改造一下支持1.7?No we will not support 1.7. 1.7 is EOL.
  • 721 Not handling Boolean Value correctly (BUG)
  • 720,721,718 ServiceManagementBundleBuilder enhancements and usage enhancements to support ServiceManagementBundle
  • 711,712 Fixed issues with scalars and callbacks around proxies and WebSocket proxies




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