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Useful for some plugins requiring fingerprinting to be setup among all jobs in dependency hierarchy. Allows to setup fingerprinting by single mouseclick.

For instance, we have such jenkins configuration

  • Job default
  • Job A
  • Job B
  • Unit Tests Job
  • UI Tests Job
  • Deployment Job

[Job default], [Job A] and [Job B] are per-branch jobs of same project, they have similar configuration and are upstream to [Unit Tests Job], [UI Tests Job], [Deployment Job].

To enable automatic fingerprinting with this plugin, just enable following property in root jobs in build workflow (Job A, Job B and Job default)

Jobs setup screenshot

Fingerprint records will look like this.

Fingerprint records screenshot

Where (Job A) is per Job hierarchy fingerprint, and UUID token is builds hierarchy fingerprint. Note that fingerprint records are not points to files, they points only to dummy filenames.