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WorkflowGen and GSuite integration samples
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WorkflowGen and Google GSuite Integration Samples


This repository includes the Advantys.Workflow.Applications.GSuite.dll assembly and the associated Visual Studio project. This assembly exposes multiple methods that can be used as WorkflowGen applications for each integration feature.


  • docs: Workflow applications documentation

  • processes: Process definition file examples

  • src: Visual Studio solution


  • GSuite subscription

  • Access to GSuite admin panel:

  • A user service account with GSuite email (such as

  • Workflowgen.My.dll 4.2.0+ and WorkflowGen Server version 7.10.0 or later


Application registration

Create a project in Google Developers Console ( with an admin account.

Create a service account

  1. Go to

  2. Click Create service account.

  3. In the first window, set a name and description

  4. In the second window, set the account as the owner of the project.

  5. In the last window, click Create a key and select p12 as the key type.

  6. Save the p12 file as key.p12.

Libraries installation on the WorkflowGen Server

The following components will be installed in the WorkflowGen \bin folders (\wfgen\bin, \wfgen\ws\bin, ..\Program Files\Advantys\WorkflowGen\Service\bin):

  • Advantys.Workflow.Applications.GSuite.dll
  • Google.Apis.Auth v1.37.0
  • Google.Apis.Gmail.v1 v1.37.0.1431
  • Google.Apis.Calendar.v3 v1.37.0.1461
  • Google.Apis.Drive.v3 v1.37.0.1466
  • Google.Apis.Admin.Directory.directory_v1 v1.37.0.1355
  • MimeKit v2.1.0
  • BouncyCastle.1.8.2

The Newtonsoft.Json 10.0 librarie will be installed in the GAC.

Quick Start

  1. Download the latest release pack to your WorkflowGen server.

  2. Edit the config.json file, replacing WebAppPath and ServiceAppPath with your own paths (the default values are already specified).

  3. Execute the Install.ps1 script in PowerShell in Administrator mode.

Custom installation

  1. Clone the repository.

  2. Open the WorkflowGenGSuite.sln Visual Studio solution.

  3. Compile the solution and copy the generated Advantys.Workflow.Applications.GSuite.dll file to the src/Install folder.

  4. Edit the config.json, replacing WebAppPath and ServiceAppPath with your own paths (the default values are already specified).

  5. Execute the Install.ps1 script in PowerShell.

WorkflowGen configuration

Add the following settings to the WorkflowGen \wfgen\web.config with your own values:

<add key="ServiceAccountEmail" value="SERVICE_ACCOUNT_EMAIL" />
<add key="GSuiteProjectId" value="PROJECT_NAME" />
<add key="GSuiteImpersonateUser" value="USER_EMAIL" />
<add key="GoogleCertificateLocation" value="P12_LOCATION" />
<add key="GSuiteServiceLogPath" value="LOG_PATH" />
  • SERVICE_ACCOUNT_EMAIL: Email of the service you created earlier.

  • PROJECT_NAME: Name of your project.

  • USER_EMAIL: Your user service account with GSuite email (e.g

  • P12_LOCATION: Path to your key.p12 file.

  • LOG_PATH: The path where the logs will be saved.

Workflow applications installation

Now that the required components are installed, you can deploy WorkflowGen applications for each integration.


  • Send mail

Google Calendar

  • Create an event

Google Drive

  • Upload a file

Google Admin

  • Add an user
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