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Script Editor run-time engine component (c) 1998 Chris Jones
script chunk format:
00h 1 dword version - should be 2
04h 1 dword sizeof(scriptblock)
08h 1 dword number of ScriptBlocks
0Ch n STRUCTs ScriptBlocks
Adventure Game Studio source code Copyright 1999-2011 Chris Jones.
All rights reserved.
The AGS Editor Source Code is provided under the Artistic License 2.0
You MAY NOT compile your own builds of the engine without making it EXPLICITLY
CLEAR that the code has been altered from the Standard Version.
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include "wgt2allg.h"
#include "acroom.h"
#include "bigend.h"
char *scripteditruntimecopr = "Script Editor v1.2 run-time component. (c) 1998 Chris Jones";
extern void quit(char *);
long getlong(FILE * iii)
long tmm;
fread(&tmm, 4, 1, iii);
return tmm;
void save_script_configuration(FILE * iii)
quit("ScriptEdit: run-time version can't save");
void load_script_configuration(FILE * iii)
int aa;
if (getlong(iii) != SCRIPT_CONFIG_VERSION)
quit("ScriptEdit: invliad config version");
int numvarnames = getlong(iii);
for (aa = 0; aa < numvarnames; aa++) {
int lenoft = getc(iii);
fseek(iii, lenoft, SEEK_CUR);
void save_graphical_scripts(FILE * fff, roomstruct * rss)
quit("ScriptEdit: run-time version can't save");
char *scripttempn = "~acsc%d.tmp";
extern int route_script_link();
void load_graphical_scripts(FILE * iii, roomstruct * rst)
long ct;
FILE *te;
if (route_script_link()) {
quit("STOP IT.");
while (1) {
fread(&ct, 4, 1, iii);
if ((ct == -1) | (feof(iii) != 0))
long lee;
fread(&lee, 4, 1, iii);
char thisscn[20];
sprintf(thisscn, scripttempn, ct);
te = fopen(thisscn, "wb");
char *scnf = (char *)malloc(lee);
// MACPORT FIX: swap size and nmemb
fread(scnf, sizeof(char), lee, iii);
fwrite(scnf, sizeof(char), lee, te);
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