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VERSION 3.5.0 - Alpha
Common features:
- Support for large files: compiled game, sprite set, room files now may exceed 2 GB.
- Removed fonts count limit.
- Raised imported sprites count limit to 90000 and removed total sprite count limit
(this means you may have around 2 billions of dynamic sprites).
- Removed length limit on the Button and TextBox text.
- Editor requires .NET Framework 4.5 to run. Dropped Windows XP support.
- Editor preferences are now stored using .NET configuration model, instead of the
Windows registry.
- Added support for custom UI color themes.
- New navigation bar in the room editor, which allows to select any room object
or region for editing, show/hide and lock room objects and regions in any combination.
These settings are saved in the special roomXXX.crm.user files.
- Removed Locked property from the Room Object, objects are now locked by the navbar.
- Split GUI's Visibility property into PopupStyle and Visible properties.
- Added Clickable, Enabled and Visible properties to GUI Controls.
- Improved how Room zoom slider works, now supports downscale.
- Added "Export mask to file" tool button to the Room Editor.
- Added "Always"choice to "Popup message on compile" preference. Successful compilation
popup will only be displayed if "Always" choice is selected.
- Added shortcut key combination (Shift + F5) for stopping a game's debug run.
- Don't display missing games in the "recent games" list.
- Build autocomplete table a little faster.
- Don't modify filesystem permissions in Compiled directory when compiling the game.
Editor no longer requires non-standard "takeown.exe" utility.
- Corrected .NET version query for the anonymous statistics report.
- Fixed sprite folders collapsing after assigning sprite to a View frame or an object.
- Fixed view loops displayed with offset if the view panel area was scrolled
horizontally prior to their creation.
- Fixed TextWindow GUI's elements could be deleted or moved in the editor with key controls.
- Fixed rooms not being rebuilt when running game just created from a template.
Script API:
- Replaced Alignment enum with a new one which has eight values from TopLeft to BottomRight.
- Renamed old Alignment enum to HorizontalAlignment, intended for parameters that are
only allowed to be Left, Center or Right.
- Added new script class TextWindowGUI, which extends GUI class and is meant to access
text-window specific properties: TextColor and TextPadding.
- Added new properties to GUI class: AsTextWindow (readonly), BackgroundColor, BorderColor,
PopupStyle (readonly), PopupYPos.
- Added Button.TextAlignment and Label.TextAlignment.
- Added missing properties for ListBox: SelectedBackColor, SelectedTextColor, TextAlignment,
- Replaced ListBox.HideBorder and HideArrows with ShowBorder and ShowArrows.
- Added TextBox.ShowBorder.
- New pathfinder based on the A* jump point search.
- Implemented new savegame format. Much cleaner than the old one, and easier to
extend, it should also reduce the size of the save files.
The engine is still capable of loading older saves, temporarily.
- Prevent game from crashing if there was an attempt to draw text with a non-existing font.
- Removed restriction preventing GUIs to be larger than the game's screen.
- Replaced number of fatal errors reported for incorrectly called script functions with
a warning to the warnings.log instead. This is done either when arguments may be fixed
automatically, or script command simply cannot be executed under current circumstances.
- Expanded some of the error messages providing more information to end-user and developers.
- On Linux improved CPU yield function, this supposedly may reduce CPU usage.
- Fixed 'warnings.log' could never be created (was broken in earlier versions).
- Fixes Linux game launch script (fixes issues with client).
- Windows version of AGS is now built with MSVS 2015 and higher.
VERSION 3.4.1 - Patch 4, September 2018
- Fixed dynamic array of Dynamic Sprites or Overlays could loose some of its elements
after restoring a savedgame.
- Fixed Debug(2) and Debug(5) commands (regression).
- Fixed "warnings.log" was never created (regression).
VERSION 3.4.1 - Patch 3, July 2018
- Added scrollbars and zoom slider to the GUI editor.
- Added one extra zoom step to the Room editor and fixed mouse wheel scrolling
zoom slider by 3 steps at once instead of 1.
- Fixed Undo history getting lost after saving the script.
- Fixed crash when importing old game's rooms with interaction variables.
- Fixed incorrect character names appearing after old game's import.
- Reverted conversion of all graphics on load to 32-bit, made the game run in its
native color again, but correctly convert to 32-bit display instead.
This fixes certain bugs found in 16-bit games since the first 3.4.1 release.
- Fixed pressing ALT+ combination on Windows sometimes caused another key to "stuck",
endlessly triggering key events in game.
- Fixed service key shortcuts (switching display mode, (un)locking mouse in window)
did not work at particular stages of the game, like video playback and dialog options.
- Fixed unwanted transparency on built-in GUI in 8-bit games.
- Fixed engine was reporting string format errors as internal ones and not script's.
- Fixed crash when loading an old game's room with interaction variables.
VERSION 3.4.1 - Patch 2, May 2018
- Font's line spacing and offset are now used when displaying GUI previews.
- Removed limit on maximal number of asset files in a game package.
- Fixed game refused to start at all if speech.vox has bad format.
- Fixed DynamicSprite.SaveToFile() was not appending default "bmp" extension
if user did not specify one.
- Updated port to work with 3.4.1 engine. Software renderer works again too
(was broken in 3.4.0).
VERSION 3.4.1 - Patch 1, January 2018
- Removed game error reported when GUI coordinates were off the room limits.
- Fixed crash in Direct3D renderer when alt+tabbing out of fullscreen mode.
- Fixed OpenGL fullscreen mode was not minimized when you alt+tab from it.
- Fixed Direct3D and OpenGL renderers unnecessarily applied anti-aliasing on
utility sprites (used for transition effects) when "smooth scaled sprites"
option was enabled.
VERSION 3.4.1, December 2017
Common features:
- Upgraded Windows version of AGS with Allegro v4.4 library (previously v4.2).
- Implemented "RenderAtScreenResolution" game setting. When enabled, characters
and objects are scaled in screen pixels rather than game pixels.
- Implemented VerticalOffset and LineSpacing properties for fonts.
- Removed limit on Dialog Topics (was 500 topics per game).
- Removed length limit on the script names of Inventory, GUI and GUI Controls.
- Removed length limit on the script names of Hotspots and Objects.
- Removed length limit on event handler names.
- Removed legacy game compiler.
- Raw compiled game data is now saved in "Compiled\Data" folder, as opposed to
just "Compiled".
- The speech.vox file is now not recompiled if game is quick-run (using F5).
Engine is supposed to find newer files in the Speech folder.
- Editor can now import games older than 2.72, and newer too (3.*) if you have
extracted data files from compiled executable.
- ScriptAPIVersion and ScriptCompatibilityLevel settings now have "Highest"
option, which is meant for automatically enabling newest script API when
upgrading old project in a newer editor.
- Added new "Default Setup" pane, which works similarily to "General Settings"
and lets you configure default values for game setup.
- Added "Font Height (pixels)" readonly property to the Font's pane, which
works for both WFN and TTF fonts and may be used as a reference.
- Made Editor correctly detect modern versions of MS Windows for display on
About dialog and when sending anonymous statistics.
- New application icon to comply with 3.4.0 splash screen.
- Fixed crash when importing old games which have extended editor version
string saved in the project files.
- Few improvements to the game compilation made in hope to reduce occasional
data corruption.
- Fixed local variables not working in the switch's case expressions.
- Fixed Strings in switch, making them compare by value again.
- Fixed compiler mistakes caused by the use of objects of empty type
(that is - struct without any variables in it).
- Fixed few cases of possible compiler crashing when there is an unfinished
statement in the end of the script.
- Fixed unhandled exception occuring when user types "#undef", "#ifdef" or "#ifndef"
on the last line of the script.
- Fixed #ifver and #ifnver not working properly if version number had only one
component (major version).
Script API:
- A new parameter StopMovementStyle is added to following functions: LockView,
LockViewAligned, LockViewFrame, LockViewOffset, UnlockView. This parameter
can be eStopMoving (default) or eKeepMoving.
- DynamicSprite.CreateFromFile and SaveToFile now support path tokens and
comply to the new file path rules (no writing files to the game's
installation directory).
- Added missing readonly properties to get Lighting/Tinting parameters for
Character and Object: HasExplicitLight, HasExplicitTint, LightLevel,
TintBlue, TintGreen, TintRed, TintSaturation, TintLuminance.
- Added Mouse.SelectPreviousMode() and Mouse.IsModeEnabled(CursorMode)
- Added readonly properties to get Button's animation state: Button.Animating,
Button.Frame, Button.Loop, Button.View.
- Added GetFontHeight(FontType) and GetFontLineSpacing(FontType) functions.
- Added setter for System.Windowed property, letting to change it at runtime,
switching between windowed and fullscreen modes.
- Added System.RenderAtScreenResolution property to change sprite rendering
mode at runtime.
- Added OpenGL renderer to Windows version.
- Partial support for plugins drawing on screen for hardware-accelerated
renderers (Direct3D, OpenGL).
- Added support for switching between fullscreen and windowed modes at runtime
using Alt+Enter key combination.
- All supported renderers now run 16-bit and 32-bit games in 32-bit display
mode by default, and convert game's graphics on load if that is required.
Hardware-accelerated renderers (Direct3D and OpenGL) are also allowed to run
8-bit games, converting graphics to 32-bit at runtime.
This measure improves Software renderer work on contemporary systems, and fixes
loss of green hue precision in 16-bit games when they are run with Direct3D or
NOTE: 8-bit dynamic palette cycling is still not supported for hardware-
accelerated drivers.
- Added support for global configuration file, which works as configuration
for all games and overrides default game's config file. Individual game
user's config overrides global one in its turn. Global config's location is
platform-dependent (this feature is currently disabled on Windows).
- Implemented separate config option for game's shared data path, to keep it
distinct from user-defined saves path.
- Engine saves last Windowed and RenderAtScreenResolution mode states to the
user config file.
- Engine no longer writes and reads gamma level in saves, meaning that gamma
keeps its current value when restoring a saved game.
- Removed arbitrary limit on number of sprites rendered at the same time for
hardware-accelerated renderers (Direct3D and OpenGL) (was 75), and another
limit imposed on drawing entries for all drivers (was 200).
- Engine now tries to get voice files from the Speech folder first, if one
exists, and speech.vox later when quick-run from the Editor.
- Fixed speech portrait was displayed below GUI, contrary to speech text.
- Fixed ShakeScreen command was causing graphic artifacts when game is run
with software renderer.
- Fixed calling ChangeView during idle animation results in new view being animated.
- Fixed Speech.SkipStyle getter return value for eSkipTime case.
- Fixed Speech.VoiceMode not returning correct values when speech.vox is not
- Fixed AdjustVolumeWithScaling character's property not working with the new
audio system.
- Fixed volume drop was not applied to audio clips which begin playing during
speech voice-over.
- Fixed Game.SetAudioTypeSpeechVolumeDrop did not affect currently playing
clips until next voice-over begins.
- Fixed Game.TranslationFilename returning "default" instead of empty string
if no translation is set.
- Fixed engine was trying to locate "My Documents" folder on Windows Vista and
higher even though it did not need it, and reporting internal error if such
folder was not found, even though "Saved Games" folder is used instead.
- Properly toggle console upon play.debug_mode variable change in script.
- Added missing stubs for agsjoy plugin.
- Fixed display mode selection was missing certain items.
VERSION 3.4.0 - Patch 4, March 2017
- Improved Font preview, now it displays all 256 supported characters and
resizes itself to accomodate these on the grid properly.
- Fixed game compilation on systems which have Japanese ANSI or similar locale
as default locale for non-Unicode applications.
- Fixed Linux binaries were not copied to the Compiled folder if AGS Editor is
installed to "C:/Program Files" and run in a non-administrator mode.
- Fixed toggling mouse lock in window with Ctrl+Alt did not work all the time.
VERSION 3.4.0 - Patch 3, February 2017
Common bug fixes:
- Fixed program crash in Engine and Editor when loading/importing a game that
contains file with name longer than 50 characters.
Editor bug fixes:
- Do not copy hidden and system files into final directories when building the
VERSION 3.4.0 - Patch 2, February 2017
Script API:
- Extended the list of System.OperatingSystem possible return values;
now supports eOSAndroid, eOSiOS, eOSPSP
Editor bug fixes:
- Fixed incorrect Unicode-to-ANSI string conversion during game compilation
which caused text containing non-latin characters become random mess in game,
even if game fonts compiled to the proper ANSI codepage.
Engine bug fixes:
- Fixed mouse cursor stuck at the left border of the screen when using OpenGL
renderer (Android & iOS ports).
- Fixed InventoryScreen() script function caused game to crash if particular
resources are not available.
- Fixed built-in inventory screen not working with Direct3D and OpenGL
- Fixed obsolete gfxfilter names are printed when using --help argument.
Cosmetics & convenience:
- Corrected error message displayed when engine cannot get write access to the
disk (e.g. no more telling to not run from CD on Android).
- Added information on static extenders.
VERSION 3.4.0 - Patch 1, November 2016
- Fixed #if(n)ver preprocessor directive failed to properly compare versions
if the current and required versions have different number of digits.
- Returned support for some older config options related to graphics mode,
so that the engine would be able to use old config files.
- Fixed graphics mode initialization failure in certain less common setup
cases, such as when requested window size was larger than current
desktop resolution, or when the final mode appeared smaller than the
precalculated one.
- Fixed couple of memory leaks occuring when saved game is restored.
- Fixed rare crash when restoring a game while having unreleased DrawingSurface
- Fixed compilation in C++11 mode.
- Fixed "native game resolution" mode choice was not properly restored when
loading config file.
VERSION 3.4.0, September 2016
Common features:
- Added support for building game for multiple platforms (Windows and Linux
options are maintained now).
- Added custom game resolutions.
- Added extended WFN font support (up to 256 characters).
- Made custom property values modifiable at runtime.
- Removed limit on custom properties number (was 30 properties per project),
increased maximal property name and value length.
- Removed limit on GUI Control number (was 30 per GUI),
increased maximal control name length.
- Removed limit on script modules number (was 50).
- Added Locked property to room Objects.
- Added Padding property for TextWindow GUI.
Editor features:
- New splash screen.
- Exposed Clickable property for room Objects in the Editor.
- Exposed TintLuminance property for room Regions in the Editor.
- Added "Close all tabs" command for the pane's context menu.
- Added Preferences option "Prompt dialog on closing multiple tabs".
- The sprite editor now highlights drop targets when you drag sprites around.
Editor Plugin API:
- Exposed GUI Panes to plugin API.
Engine features:
- Added support for any runtime display resolution (now restricted only
by your system specifics).
- Added support for vertical sync in Direct3D rendering mode.
- Made engine try to use all implemented graphic renderers in the
order of priority, if user selection failed to initialize.
- Rised default sprite cache limit for desktop platforms to 100 MB (was 20).
- Game writes latest translation and mouse speed setting to config file
on exit.
Scripting features:
- Added managed user structs; although currently limited to containing only
non-pointer variables in them.
- Added support for dynamic arrays in non-managed structs.
- Added support for dynamic array as return value of the struct's
member function.
- Added support for static extender functions.
- Added "do..while" kind of loop, in addition to previously existing "while".
- Added "for" operator and related loop construct.
- Added "switch" and "case" operators and related branching construct.
- Added "break" and "continue" operators working in any loop or switch.
- Added missing compound assignment operators (*=, /=, and so on).
- Made preprocessor macros usable in definition of another macro.
- Added "#region" and "#endregion" preprocessor commands.
Script API:
- Added Script API version switch to the project's General Settings. For every
supported API version a "SCRIPT_API_vXXX" macro is introduced, where XXX are
version numbers.
- Added Script Compatibility Level switch to General Settings. For every
compatible version a "SCRIPT_COMPAT_vXXX" macro is introduced.
- Added AudioChannel.Speed property.
- Added CharacterDirection enum and optional "direction" parameter
for Character.ChangeRoom().
- Added Character.FaceDirection().
- Added Character.DestinationX and Character.DestinationY properties.
- Added RunActiveOption() and Update() member functions to the
DialogOptionsRenderingInfo type.
- Extended Dialog Options API: added support for dialog_options_repexec() and
dialog_options_key_press() functions to improve handling of the custom
dialog options; added related compatibility project option and support for
"NEW_DIALOGOPTS_API" macro in scripts.
- Added game.dialog_options_highlight_color variable.
- Added File.Seek() function and File.Position property.
- Added IsInteractionAvailable() method to Hotspot, Object and
Character types.
- Added Game.AudioClipCount property and Game.AudioClips[n] array.
- Added Game.IsPluginLoaded().
- Added GUIControl.ZOrder property.
- Added GUI.Click() and Button.Click() functions which call
OnClick event handler of corresponding GUI or button.
- Added GUI.ProcessClick() function that processes click on GUI only,
similarily to how old ProcessClick processed click on room objects only.
- Added Mouse.Click() function to simulate mouse click on screen.
- Added Room.GetProperty() to substitute global GetRoomProperty().
- Added Room.ProcessClick() to substitute global ProcessClick().
- Added SetProperty() and SetTextProperty() functions to Room, InventoryItem,
Hotspot, Object and Character types.
- Added optional "luminance" parameter to Region.Tint() and
Region.TintLuminance readonly property.
- Added SetAmbientLightLevel() to set global light level for
anything in the room.
- Added Character.SetLightLevel() and Object.SetLightLevel() functions to
set individual light levels. Negative light levels can be used
in 8-bit games to produce darkening effect.
- Added System.RuntimeInfo property which returns a short description of
current graphics mode, scaling filter and enabled game resources.
Editor bug fixes:
- Fixed Undo history was deleted when an Editor panel changes
its docked state.
- Fixed crashes under certain circumstances when a script editor is closed.
- Fixed crash if selecting a character without a normal view
in the room editor.
- Fixed Ctrl+Tab did not work for the first time when cycling
through opened editor tabs.
- Fixed "Go to Line..." command did not always move cursor to correct line.
Also, do not select that line.
- Made the project completely rebuild itself whenever "Enable Debug Mode"
value in the General Settings differs from the setting used for
the last build, to prevent inconsistency in compiled scripts.
- Fixed a crash when trying to run game setup from the Editor
while "Compiled" folder does not exist.
- Fixed project items could sometimes get incorrectly arranged
inside the folder.
- Fixed writing faulty timestamps in project file on some occasions that
could spoil usage of file versioning control.
- Fixed Help window positioning on multi-monitor desktop.
- Fixed error in autocomplete occuring when there is a single-line comment
in the end of the script.
- Fixed incorrect compiler parsing of a static function call inside
array index brackets.
- Fixed compilation of struct member functions having name identical
to existing global function.
- Fixed compilation of structs having members with names identical
to non-basic types, global variables and game entities (such as characters,
GUI, etc).
- Corrected few error messages related to struct's function declaration.
- Fixed compiler reporting errors as "runtime errors" under
certain circumstances.
Engine bug fixes:
- Fixed result of using transparency parameter of the
DrawingSurface.DrawImage() in 32-bit games when drawing opaque sprites
over surfaces with alpha channel.
- Fixed DynamicSprite.CopyTransparencyMask() was overwriting magic transparent
pixels on destination with alpha values from mask.
- Fixed the speech portrait position was not adjusted for character walking
between its lines, when BasedOnCharacterPosition portrait placement is used.
- Fixed occasional pathfinding failure on straight lines with complex
walkable areas.
- Fixed using '[' special character in Display-like commands discarded all of
the backslashes before it (e.g. "\\[" should now print \[ as expected).
- Fixed WAVE audio not looping after restoring a game
- Fixed a bug that caused MP3 clip continuously increase its base volume if
the directional volume modifier was applied.
- Fixed queued audio clips did not update their volume when default
audio type volume changes.
- Added support for "default_translation_name" option in the "[language]"
section of the config file.
VERSION 3.3.5 - Patch 7, September 2016
- Fixed "Check for updates" feature, which should now be compatible with
the new website.
- Allow to run game without mouse installed (game won't abort).
- Fixed SetSavegameDirectory() to be compliant with the new script path rules.
Now if you pass a save directory without specifying $MYDOCS$ tag, the
directory will be created as a subdirectory of default saves path. If the
player has configured a custom save path, SetSavegameDirectory() will
properly keep subdirectories after remapping paths.
- Fixed missing slash after special directory token in the script file paths
could case a creation of directory outside of permitted location.
- Fixed plugins with dot (".") in their name failed to load (regression).
- Fixed display gamma forcedly reapplied every time save is restored.
VERSION 3.3.5 - Patch 6, August 2016
- Fixed properties buttons dissapearing from the Properties panel if the
object was selected while the panel was not visible.
- Fixed Display script functions displaying different text if there is any
variadic text formatting function called in repeatedly_execute().
- Fixed text formatting functions did not parse "%%" format properly.
VERSION 3.3.5 - Patch 5, July 2016
- Fixed user's allegro.cfg was ignored.
VERSION 3.3.5 - Patch 4, July 2016
- Fixed crash occuring when there is an incomplete declaration in the end
of script.
- Engine will fall back to using default system paths if it failed using
user-defined custom save path for any reason.
- Fixed engine displaying same warning twice if the loaded game was compiled
for higher version of AGS.
- Only let user choose actually existing folders for custom save paths.
VERSION 3.3.5 - Patch 3, June 2016
- Fixed "datafile" config option was ignored.
- Fixed "datadir" config option was never used when searching for possible game location
(this was broken for several years!).
- Fixed Game.FileName property return empty string.
- Fixed built-in console making Direct3D9 graphics driver crash in 16-bit games.
VERSION 3.3.5 - Patch 2, June 2016
- Fixed compilation on big-endian systems.
- Fixed compilation with GCC 6.
VERSION 3.3.5 - Patch 1, April 2016
- Added support for $INSTALLDIR$ location tag in the filepaths
used in the script.
- Fixed game could not find files in the current directory when
run from the Editor.
- Fixed error that could occur if choosed custom save path
contained "%" symbol.
- Read correct game's resolution from game data instead of config file.
- Do not write all default config contents to user config, save only options
that are set by setup program.
VERSION 3.3.5, March 2016
Editor Features:
- Path to resource's (sprite, audio) source file is now saved as relative one if the file is
located inside game project's folder.
- Removed arbitrary limit of the script imports (was 50000).
- Script allows struct member qualifiers to be in any order.
- Better detection of integer constants overflow in script.
- Removed arbitrary limit of integer default value of +/-32000. Integer values are now limited
by correct 32-bit values (-2147483648 to 2147483647).
- Support for negative constants in enums.
- Better folding markers and indentation guides in script editor.
Editor Bug Fixes:
- Fixed compiler crash if unknown keyword used after "readonly".
- Fixed compiler did not properly report incorrect type of dynamic array in function declaration.
- Fixed compiler did not report proper type name in case of syntax error sometimes.
- Fixed mouse cursor flicker above the script editor.
Engine Features:
- Removed unconfigurable mouse cursor's acceleration (Windows).
- Support for mouse cursor speed control: may be defined in configuration and changed in script.
- A config option for keeping consistent cursor speed relative to user's desktop resolution.
- Support for locking mouse inside window: automatic lock is enabled in configuration, and user
may use Ctrl+Alt combination to lock/release mouse at any time.
- Restricted writing game files to special system directories
(game is forbidden to write files into installation directiory or by absolute path).
Unsafe paths are either remapped (when possible) or rejected.
- Support for player defined saves & game file directory.
- -v/--version command line argument makes engine display its version and bail.
Engine Bug Fixes:
- Fixed crash if screenshot is taken while game window was minimized or moving.
- Fixed alpha blend did not work properly for speech portrait if blinking frame did not have alpha channel.
- Fixed Display and Say script commands were displaying text for minimal amount of time under certain conditions.
- Fixed legacy audio functions did not start digital music playback if MIDI driver failed to initialize.
- Fixed game was run in smallest possible window if graphics driver failed to initialize fullscreen mode.
- Fixed "--help" command line argument not working all times depending on its order.
- Fixed engine did not always properly closed application window when running debug build.
Script API:
- Supported late_repeatedly_execute_always() callback in script, called after game has updated, but
before it is drawn.
- Added Mouse.ControlEnabled (readonly) and Mouse.Speed properties.
- Added System.HasInputFocus property which tells if game currently has focus or runs at background.
Cosmetics & convenience:
- Clarified disabled MIDI option name in WinSetup.
- Extended information displayed if graphics driver failed to initialize.
- Clarified error messages for running unsupported games.
VERSION 3.3.4, July 2015
- Removed 10,000 symbols limit in scripts.
- Added Character.Thinking and Character.ThinkingFrame script properties.
- Added Papagayo voice lip sync support.
- Find/Replace dialog now remembers the state of "Case sensitive" checkbox.
- Engine now scans all available files in search of game data, only giving standard names
a priority.
Bug Fixes:
- Fixed Editor crash in case of lip sync data parsing error.
- Fixed Find/Replace dialog skipped the first word in the script being searched through.
- Fixed an order of cycling through fields on Find/Replace dialog.
- Restored letterboxed game's viewport behavior for larger (and scrolling) rooms.
- Fixed Hq2x and Hq3x filter rendering when the display resolution requires side borders.
- Fixed Hq2X and Hq3x filters leaving graphic artifacts on letterbox borders.
- Fixed wrong screen settings could be applied in particular cases when requested gfx filter
could not be found or failed to initialize.
- Gfx filter name supplied in command line is case-insensitive now.
- Do not disable both digital sound and MIDI music if only one of these failed to initialize.
- Fixed MIDI music refuses to start if digital sound is disabled.
- Fixed division by zero in AlMP3 library code, that could cause crash when seeking in MP3
audio clip.
- Removed an advise to contact Chris Jones displayed in case of error.
- Permissive emulation of pre-AGS 3.1.1 "option-on/off" commands in dialog script, that do
not stop game execution if a wrong option number is supplied.
VERSION 3.3.3, December 2014
- "Number dialog options" game setting now let you choose between "Disable", "Keyboard shortcuts
only" and "Draw numbers and use keyboard shortcuts" instead of being just "on"/"off".
- The built-in shortcut for showing runtime information has been changed from "Ctrl + V" to
"Ctrl + Alt + V".
Bug Fixes:
- Fixed audio-related crash on some Linux and Linux-derived systems caused by improper use of mutexes.
- Fixed division by zero and color value overflow cases in alpha blender.
- Fixed voice audio breaking playing on very rare occasions when clip format is OGG or MP3.
The fix is imperfect, and there's very short pause occuring at same point of playback. The voice
will continue playing though.
- Fixed character walking in hi-res games when the destination has negative Y coordinate.
- Fixed black borders not drawn in screen corners by Direct3D renderer.
- Corrected interpretation for games made with AGS 3.0 - 3.2 to let them assign empty loop
in SetObjectFrame().
Engine log:
- Do not log out supported gfx modes twice if the secondary color depth is equal to primary one.
VERSION 3.3.2, September 2014
- Reimplemented alternate display modes, now side-borders and top/bottom borders work properly for
all game and screen resolutions.
- Added config option to run pre-3.1.0 lo-res games in hi-res mode.
Bug Fixes:
- Fixed Editor crashing when user types "#define" on the last line of the script.
- Fixed error in game compilation after user moves item folders up or down in the project tree.
- Fixed bug which could make Character.Transparency and Object.Transparency properties return
slightly incorrect values.
- Fixed bug that could let user to load corrupted savedgame, which in turn could cause more trouble.
- Provided error handling for several exceptional cases on graphics mode initialization (program
should at least close normally, showing comprehensible error message).
- Fixed crash in legacy built-in inventory screen.
- Fixed bug in script interpreter that could cause misinterpretation of value provided by plugin.
- Fixed "--setup" command line argument not working if it is not the first argument.
- Fixed WinSetup dialog not sized properly when larger fonts (DPI) option is used in
Windows display settings.
Log additions:
- Write the game data version and the list of supported graphic modes to the log.
- Fixed Speech.VoiceMode example.
NOTE: VERSION 3.3.1 was cancelled and never released: the WIP build was renamed to 3.4.0.
VERSION 3.3.0, February 2014:
This release is a product of collaborative work of the following people
(in alphabetic order):
Bernhard Rosenkraenzer
Cristian Morales Vega
Gilad Shaham
Ivan Mogilko
Francesco Ariis
Janet Gilbert
Jochen Schleu
Michael Rittenhouse
Paul Wilkinson
Piotr Wieczorek
Scott Baker
Shawn R. Walker
Steve McCrea
Steven Poulton
Sunit Das
Tobias Hansen
Tom Vandepoele
Tzach Shabtay
AGS Engine underwent significant rewrite, with primary aims being better multi-platform
compatibility and backwards-compatibility. Complete list of related changes is too vast
to cite them here, a detailed documentation is provided in the form of the git log at
this repository:
Engine Ports:
- Android port.
- iOS port.
- Linux port.
- PSP port.
- Increased maximal Font number from 15 to 30.
- Added "Translated" property to ListBox gui control, which forces engine to translate
ListBox items.
- Proper alpha blender for blending two 32-bit sprites with alpha channels.
Added new option for gui alpha blending setting which turns the proper blender on.
Added new setting for the use of the blender in general cases (such as DrawImage function).
- Added Dialog.SetHasOptionBeenChosen() method.
- Added DialogOptionsRenderingInfo.HasAlphaChannel property.
- Added eKeyNone constant to eKeyCode enumeration.
- Added two more options for the Skip Speech style: "skip by key only" and "skip by mouse only".
- Added SkipSpeechStyle enumeration.
- Added Speech script class which members substitute number of global functions and variables.
- The backward-compatible "Old-style game-wide speech animation speed" game setting is replaced
with two active options that allow to turn game-wide speech delay on and off and specify its
- SetMusicMasterVolume() legacy script function now accepts volume values between -210 and 100
(was between 0 and 100); large negative values may be used to mute the music completely.
- Added a "Browse" button to the "Create in folder" field in the Start New Game wizard.
- Added "Reload sprite from source" command to Sprite Manager's context menu.
- Sprite Import window is now resizable.
- Engine can now run games of older versions, starting from 2.50. The level of
compatibility varies.
- Improved character walking smoothness at 60%-80% scaling.
- Game.ChangeTranslation() script function no longer causes game to quit if the translation file
belongs to different game or has unknown format.
- The game automatically fallbacks to software graphics driver if the hardware one could not run
or initialize gfx mode for any reason.
- Added support for x5-x8 graphic scaling filters.
- Added config option to find maximal supported scaling automatically.
- Added optional threaded audio support.
- Added config option to override System.OperatingSystem value.
- Added config option to override multitasking mode.
- Added optional log file support to the engine.
- Added support for GNU-style long command line arguments.
- Windows version writes crash dump on "out of memory" error.
Editor Plugin API:
- Added property for getting playable character.
- Added property for getting ScriptsAndHeaders collection.
- Added methods for refreshing project's tree.
- Added method for refreshing property grid.
- Added methods for controlling output panel.
Bug Fixes:
- Editor no longer allows to create more game items than engine supports.
- Fixed "savegameindex[]" array was declared with incorrect size in script.
- Fixed incorrect selection of a new sprite, imported while the "Select sprite" dialog is open.
- Fixed sprite lookup in folders, differing only by name case.
- Fixed the autocomplete list displaying obsolete information in some cases.
- Fixed false notifications of the script had been changed externally after being saved in
the editor.
- Fixed overlapping labels in the Editor Preferences dialog.
- Fixed inventory items and cursor crosshair with alpha channel not being drawn properly.
- Fixed crash that occured when ListBox.GetItemAtLocation() is called from
repeatedly_execute_always() just before the list box is about to be drawn on screen for the
first time.
- Fixed custom dialog options clickable area by correcting its horizontal coordinate range.
- Fixed error that caused audio volume to reset to default during cutscenes.
- Fixed AudioChannel.Volume returning incorrect value when called from skipped cutscene.
- Stopped play.close_mouth_end_speech_time variable from making effect in voice mode and
Sierra-style speech.
- Fixed return value of the AudioChannel.PositionMs for MOD/XM clips.
- Fixed OGG and MP3 speech ending prematurely if the audio file size is a multiple of 32 KB.
- Fixed error which took place when user restored a game saved with background music playing,
in case the music is not found in resources anymore.
- Fixed division by zero which occured if there was a 1px tall walkable area with vector scaling.
- Fixed side-borders that were not applied properly at larger widescreen resolutions.
VERSION 3.2.2 Beta, July 2012:
Following changes made by Tzach Shabtay, unless noted otherwise.
- Added docking panels and Window menu to control all the windows.
- Added folders for characters, dialogs, inventory items, guis, rooms, scripts and views.
- Added new menu items for all folders to move up/down.
- Added the ability to drag/drop files to be before other files.
- Added highlights for drag&drop and auto-expand folders on hover during drag&drop.
- Script and header files are now combined into one and can be expanded/collapsed, similar to
room settings & script.
- Removed the context menu commands to move script modules up/down, this can now be done with
drag/drop (and not only for scripts). The script dependency rule remains the same
(lower scripts can import symbols from upper ones, but not vice versa).
- Removed the "exclude script" option.
- The "Sort room by number" now sorts within folders.
- Added a menu item to find all usages for characters, dialogs, views,inventory items and
global variables.
- Added a menu item for almost all document tabs, to navigate to their node on the project tree.
- Added "Goto line" dialog from script editor via shortcut Ctrl+G (and changed existing
shortcuts to open global script & header to Ctrl+Shift+G/H).
- Added keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+M) to switch between header and source.
- Objects, characters and edges can now be moved with the arrows in the room editor.
Editor Plugin API:
- ISourceControlProvider interface for editor plugins to define your own source control provider
(Michael Rittenhouse).
Mono Support:
- Partially disabled some features only when running with Mono, since I couldn't see a way to
code them without the
Win API:
- Breaking in debug will not automatically set the editor to the foreground, the user might
have to click on the window.
- Notifying the user on file changes externally if the editor is in focus will not happen.
It will happen when the window is activated, so I hope it won't be too annoying.
Bug Fixes:
- Fixed crash clicking in margin of dialog editor (Chris Jones).
- Fixed RGB colour picker not working in 256-col games with colour numbers > 32 (Chris Jones).
- Fix for: when moving an object after zooming in and out, the floating co-ordinates no longer
appear next to the object.
- Fixed "Go-to definition" on global variables in script editor didn't do anything. It will now
open the global variables editor and select the global variable.
VERSION 3.2.1, March 2011
- Added Find/Replace In All Files capability (Tzach Shabtay)
- Added GUI control snapping, alignment, grouping and locking to GUI editor (Steven
- Added loop cut/copy/paste, Flip All Frames and Import From Sprite Folder options to
Views in editor, to access this right-click to the right of the loop (Tzach Shabtay)
- Added RGB colour selector to the various colour properties (ProgZmax)
- Added Characters option to room editor to show all characters set to start in that
room (ProgZmax)
- Added Find All Usages right-click option to script editor (Tzach Shabtay)
- Added current co-ordinates display while dragging objects/characters in room
editor (Steven Poulton)
- Added syntax colouring to dialog scripts (Steven Poulton)
- Added Dialog.ShowTextParser script property (CJ)
- Upgraded to latest version of LEC template (abstauber)
- Middle mouse button now activates the "Copy co-ordinates to clipboard" option in all
the room editor modes (ProgZmax)
- Fixed D3D tints not working properly (3.2 regression) (Nefasto)
- Fixed crash drawing GUIs with no background (3.2 regression) (CJ)
- Fixed crash restoring/restarting depending on state of crossfading (CJ)
- Fixed intermittent crash moving objects and using the Ctrl+A debug option (CJ)
- Fixed "crossfade buffer null attempting transition" if you restored a save game that
had a different current transition type to the current game position (CJ)
- Fixed script editor tooltips getting stuck if they appeared over the tab bar at the
top of the editor (Tzach Shabtay)
- Fixed editor error if you deleted a room that a character was set to start in (CJ)
- Fixed co-ordinates displayed in room editor not reflecting Low-Res Co-ordinates
setting (ProgZmax)
VERSION 3.2, June 2010
- Rewrote audio system. The old number-based sound and music are gone, replaced with
new named audio clips. Added AudioClip.*, AudioChannel.*, Game.IsAudioPlaying,
Game.SetAudioTypeVolume, Game.StopAudio, System.AudioChannels, System.AudioChannelCount,
System.Volume, ViewFrame.LinkedAudio script commands.
- Added Game.IgnoreUserInputAfterTextTimeoutMs, Maths.Exp, Maths.Log, Maths.Log10,
Maths.Cosh, Maths.Sinh, Maths.Tanh
- Added option to automatically add side borders when running 4:3 games on widescreen
- The generated EXE version information is now set to your Game Name and Developer Name
instead of "Adventure Game Studio" and "Chris Jones"
- Added new LEC-style template by abstauber
- Added Applies To feature to custom properties, so that you can have properties that
only apply to Rooms or Characters, for example
- Added menu option to remove old Global Messages from the game, to stop them coming
out in translation sources
- Added support for anti-aliased TTF fonts in all situations where they weren't
previously supported.
- Added $APPDATADIR$ support to File.Open to allow you to write files to an accessible
folder that is not the Save Games folder
- Added eMouseMiddleInv support to on_mouse_click
- Added editor plugin API methods IGUIController.ActivePane, IRoomController.PreSaveRoom
- Improved graphics mode detection so that the screen doesn't keep flickering when
trying to start up a low-res game full screen
- Improved colour quality of mini-sprites displayed in sprite manager
- Improved the user-friendliness of some error messages, thanks to Error Reporting
- Improved editor robustness to recover if the Game.agf.user file was corrupt
- Winsetup now displays the game name in the title bar instead of "Adventure Game Studio"
- Disabled editor option to save changes whilst the game was running, since doing so
could cause sprite file corruption
- Editor property grid now displays a drop-down list instead of a text box when
selecting a font or room
- Changed the pathfinder so that the character cannot get stuck if he ends up outside
one of the room edges
- Removed limit on number of text parser words
- Renamed the "handle inventory clicks in script" general setting to better reflect
what it does
- Removed room properties Play Music On Load, Music Volume and Save/Load Enabled since
they are now obsolete
- Mouse.IsButtonDown now works with eMouseMiddle
- "Export all sprites in folder" command now exports 32-bit sprites as PNGs to prevent
losing the alpha channel
- Improved error handling if you passed an int to a string argument in String.Format
- The Restart Point save file (AGSSAVE.999) is no longer deleted when you quit the game,
to fix a problem where RestartGame didn't work if you started the game by double-clicking
an Enhanced Save Game file in explorer
- Disallowed accented characters like é in script names in the editor, because they
wouldn't compile
- Dynamic sprite deletion warning is now only displayed on exit if Debug Mode is turned on
- Fixed sprite entry getting duplicated if you dragged a sprite to the end of the list
- Fixed crash with Hq2x and Hq3x graphics filters (3.1.2 regression)
- Fixed character/object tints and light levels in D3D not matching DX5
- Fixed TintScreen in D3D so that it looks the same as DX5
- Fixed Sierra-style speech box moving if the room was scrolled while it was displayed
- Fixed error running game and problems with save games if there were unicode
characters in the folder path
- Fixed GUI controls not updating properly if the control moved under the mouse, but
the mouse didn't move
- Fixed theora video being permanently muted after you played one video with muted audio
- Fixed Dynamic Sprites causing memory corruption if a mouse cursor was set to sprite 0
- Fixed Compress Sprites setting not taking effect until you next edited some sprites
- Fixed GUI AdditiveOpacity mode not working properly if you tried to have a non-alpha
sprite on an alpha GUI
- Fixed light levels >100% not working with Direct3D driver
- Fixed Object.MergeIntoBackground not working with Direct3D driver
- Fixed IsKeyPressed not working with the following keys: [ ] \ ; ' , . /
- Fixed struct member functions with more than 9 parameters giving run-time error
- Fixed File commands looking in the wrong directory if you launched the game by
double-clicking a save game in explorer
- Fixed SetBackgroundFrame in Player Enters Screen event causing old frame to flash up
briefly with D3D driver
- Fixed Make Default Language command crashing if two different source lines mapped to
the same translated line
- Fixed run-time error if you returned a string from a function that was a member of a
local dynamic array
- Fixed sprite cache corruption if you had a single sprite larger than 20 MB
- Fixed Room.GetDrawingSurfaceForBackground and Character.PlaceOnWalkableArea to give
error message instead of crash if you called them from game_start
- Fixed GUI label text not being anti-aliased if there was a background image but the
BGColor was set to 0
- Fixed editor crash creating new game if your Windows username had unicode characters
in it
- Fixed Views tree collapsing after renaming or drag-dropping a view
- Fixed editor crash on startup if you made the editor window very small before closing
it down last time
- Fixed editor crash if you set an object's image to -1
- Fixed character gliding if he bumped into another solid character and the character's
MovementLinkedToAnimation property was false
- Fixed DynamicSprite.Rotate cropping 1 pixel off the left side when rotating an image
with an odd width/height
- Fixed ShakeScreenBackground not clearing letterbox borders properly if you switched
from a large to a small shake
- Fixed "Internal compiler error: table overflow" if there were a lot of imported
- Fixed when importing an 8-bit image, if there was another palette slot in the image
with the same colour as the transparent slot it got changed to black
- Fixed Game.SpriteWidth/SpriteHeight returning the size of the blue cup instead of 0 if
you supplied an invalid sprite number
- Fixed script editor issue if you typed some text, switched to another tab, then came
back and did Undo
- Fixed autocomplete editor crash if there was a line break inside an array indexer
- Fixed compiler crash if a dialog script just had a @ on a line on its own
- Fixed editor crash if you tried to use a non-icon file as TEMPLATE.ICO
- Fixed sprite import window crash if you right-clicked in the second stage of tiled import
- Fixed mouse cursor being drawn in dialog options in DX5 mode even when Mouse.Visible was
set to false
- Fixed no line number provided when DynamicSprite.CreateFromDrawingSurface threw an error
- Fixed script editor crash if you saved the script while the final function was missing
its closing brace
- Fixed the editor Preferences window only allowing you to type 5 characters in if you
wanted to manually enter a path for the New Game Directory or Import Directory
- Fixed "Close all other tabs" crashing if a room editor with unsaved changes was one
of the other tabs
- Fixed changing a walk-behind baseline not marking the room as modified
- Fixed editor crash XmlException: An error occurred while parsing EntityName.
- Fixed compilation errors if you named a character with only numeric digits, eg "c500"
VERSION 3.1.2 SP1, February 2009
- The Editor will now not allow you to open the same game in two different copies of the editor
- Fixed translations and \[ tag not working on GUIs (regression from 3.1.1)
- Fixed crash with custom dialog options if you saved the game before running any dialogs
- Fixed editor crash with tiled sprite import if you dragged out an invisible selection area
- Fixed editor crash if the Game.agf.user file was read-only
- Fixed auto-number speech lines to not number "..." lines
- Fixed TintScreen not working properly in some situations with DX5 driver
VERSION 3.1.2, February 2009
- Added support for using Transparency properties with alpha-channel sprites
- Added inventory item CursorImage property to allow you to set a different image for
the mouse cursor to the inventory window
- Added F4 hotkey to jump straight to the Events grid to edit interactions
- Added Character.SpeechAnimationDelay property which replaces the old game.talkanim_speed
setting and also works with Sierra-style speech. A new General Settings option is
provided to enable/disable backwards compatibility.
- Added Game.TextReadingSpeed and Game.MinimumTextDisplayTime properties; obsoleted
- Editor now remembers which item in the property grid was selected as you switch
between tabs
- Added plugin API event AGS_EngineInitGfx and methods GetDirectInputKeyboard,
GetDirectInputMouse and ReplaceFontRenderer.
- Added Error Reporting feature to editor, to send error information to AGS website if
the editor crashes
- Added eKey* enum for use with on_key_press and IsKeyPressed, to make script more readable
- Added Show Start Page option to Help menu to allow you to access Tips if you have the
start page disabled at startup
- When changing the game resolution, the editor will now offer to automatically resize
all your GUIs to compensate.
- Improved performance of Theora video playing
- Templates are now stored in a "Templates" sub-folder to satisfy Vista permissions
- "Letterbox Mode" option in General Settings is now only shown if the game resolution
is 320x200 or 640x400
- Moved the character SpeechColor property from the Movement to the Appearance section
in the editor, where it belongs!
- Moved the "You are currently using the eraser" tooltip further away from the cursor
so it doesn't obscure what you're doing
- Improved rendering of View Editor at 120 DPI
- DynamicSprite.Resize now won't allow new image to be over 25 MB to help spot
mistakes in size calculations
- Mouse.ChangeModeGraphic now won't allow you to change the graphic of the Inventory
cursor if "Use selected inventory graphic for cursor" is enabled
- Translations are now automatically recompiled if you change the game name, to ensure
that they still work
- Made some stability improvements to how the editor handles the sprite file
- Improved the editor error message if the game folder had unicode characters in it
- Fixed editor crash in Vista creating a new game
- Fixed dynamic sprites sometimes being discarded by the sprite cache
- Fixed option-off-forever being treated as option-off (introduced by 3.1.1)
- Fixed compile error if you created a Bool in the Global Variables editor with default
value set to upper case "TRUE" or "FALSE"
- Fixed Vista Game Explorer integration appearing as "Play" in the start menu recent list
- Fixed save games not persisting the walking state of the highest-numbered character
- Fixed editor's room area undo buffer not being cleared when a different room was loaded
- Fixed custom dialog options not working properly when using transparent background
- Fixed Dialog.GetOptionText returning original English text when a translation was in use
- Fixed button ClipImage property clipping 1 pixel too many in high-res games
- Fixed PlayVideo not working properly when DX5 graphics filter was in use
- Fixed PlayAmbientSound screwing up audio if it was used on a channel where a normal
PlaySound command was still playing
- Fixed DX5 driver problem switching a GUI background graphic from one with to one
without an alpha channel
- Fixed DisplayAtY, GUI.SetSize and Mouse.SetPosition not checking Y co-ordinate
correctly in 320x240 and 640x480 games when using native co-ordinates
- Fixed colour corruption if you imported an 8-bit sprite into a hi-color game and
palette slot 0 of the sprite was not black
- Fixed dialog script compiler bug if you used "this" in a string within a normal
scripting command
- Fixed script editor crash if you deleted a block of code, then hovered the mouse over
a script variable.
- Fixed GUI button being set to wrong size if you changed its image in the editor to a
low-res sprite in a hi-res game
- Fixed problem with ChangeRoomAutoPosition in hi-res games with hi-res co-ordinates
- Fixed game.screenshot_height not allowing 240/480 in games of those resolutions
- Fixed potential crash on fadeout with DX5 Nearest Neighbour filters
- Fixed object positions getting messed up when importing a hi-res game from AGS 2.72
- Fixed intermittent editor crash that could occur when shutting down the game
- Fixed editor crash if you dragged a GUI control to the edge of the GUI then deselected
it with the property grid
- Fixed editor crashing if you tried to import a dodgy font
- Fixed editor not allowing you to rename a script to a different capitalization of the
same name
- Fixed editor crash if you tried to rename a script file to contain \ or :
VERSION 3.1.1, December 2008
- Added support for running normal scripts as part of dialog scripts,
and thus obsoleted the run-script, dialog_request business
- Added OGG Theora video support to PlayVideo, and enabled theora videos
to be compiled into the game EXE
- Added right-click "Find Sprite By Number" option to Sprite Manager
- Added Dialog.HasOptionBeenChosen script function.
- Added basic save and load GUIs to the Default Game template
- Replaced Anti-Glide mode with a per-character setting MovementLinkedToAnimation.
- Improved auto-dedent of } in script editor to make it more useful and less annoying
- Improved performance of pathfinder when calculating a route.
- Added list of editor keyboard shortcuts to manual
- When changing between room area mask types, the current tool will be set back
to the Select tool to assist the most common workflow
- Cursor mode now sets back to Select after adding a GUI control
- Discontinued support for Windows 98 due to upgrading compiler from VC6 to VC2008.
- Improved editor error messages if an error occurred reading/writing the sprite file
- Workaround for Windows error getting file list on Linux network shares
- Assign To View dialog now remembers the loop assigned to last time as well as view
- Improved editor error handling if it was unable to start the game for testing
- Fixed GetLocationName/GetLocationType not returning anything if the mouse cursor was
over a GUI, but a different X/Y was being checked
- Fixed GetLocationName returning a space if a nameless object was at the location
- Fixed clicking in the corner of the screen taking you back to the desktop when
using D3D driver
- Fixed D3D driver drawing an extra game loop before the room faded out
- Fixed transparent sprites not rendering correctly with D3D driver
- Fixed object "ignore walk-behinds" setting not working with D3D driver
- Fixed PlayVideo failing to play some WMV files with D3D driver
- Fixed editor crash debugging if the call stack had more than 6 lines
- Fixed call stack window not appearing if the project tree was on the left hand side
- Fixed crash if you manually set Character.Loop and the current Frame was invalid for
the new loop
- Fixed crash in DisplayAt/SayAt if you passed the width in as 0
- Fixed text box stealing up/down arrow key presses (AGS 3.1 regression)
- Fixed debug console showing low-res co-ordinates for Character.Walk
- Fixed autocomplete not always correctly selecting entries containing an underscore
- Fixed a couple of potential crashes if characters had an invalid view/loop/frame
- Fixed potential crash displaying text in voice-only mode
VERSION 3.1, October 2008
- Added option to use native hi-res co-ordinates.
- Added option to continue running game loops while dialog options are displayed
- Added support for 1024x768 resolution.
- Added support for custom rendering of dialog options
- Added graphics filters to D3D driver, to allow 320x200 games to easily be run
in a larger window.
- Added 4x Nearest Neighbour filter to allow 320x200 games to easily be run on
widescreen monitors at 1280x800
- Added "Go to sprite" context menu option to script editor when right-clicking
on a number
- Added Character.HasInventory, Character.HasExplicitTint, Character.Move,
Character.SpeakingFrame, String.Replace, String.StartsWith, String.EndsWith,
Game.ChangeTranslation, Game.UseNativeCoordinates, Dialog.ID, TextBox.TextColor,
Slider.HandleGraphic, Slider.HandleOffset, Slider.BackgroundGraphic and
Parser.FindWordID script functions.
- Added pop-up calltip when hovering the mouse over a function/property in the script.
- Added separate Replace menu option to go straight to the Replace dialog
- Added previous searches list and Case Sensitive option to the Find dialog
- Added Preferences option to configure whether Help window stays on top or not.
- Room objects editor now draws alpha-channel sprites correctly
- When the engine aborts with an error, the editor will now automatically zoom to
the line in the script where the error occurred
- Editor now shows the call stack to the current position in the script when debugging
- Improved autocomplete to work better when adding code to existing functions
- Rewrote debugger to use a different method of communicating with the engine (Named
pipes instead of Files) which should hopefully resolve some stability issues some
people have been having with it
- Added support for calltip help text if you put a comment starting with /// on
the line before the import declaration.
- Added feature for editor to send anonymous system information to AGS website
- Added editor plugin API IScriptEditorControl methods: SelectionStart, SelectionEnd,
SelectedText, CursorPosition, GetLineNumberForPosition, GetTextForLine and
- Added new GUI Visibility option to have a normal GUI but initially switched off.
- Added ability to set initial GUI Transparency in the editor.
- Added Tip of the Day section to the Start Page.
- Added new file format for exported characters to enable characters with more than
20 frames in a loop or 16 loops in a view to be exported; this also fixes some
character settings not being preserved in the old file format.
- Added Preferences option to allow you to do Exact Palette background imports in
8-bit games, like you could in AGS 2.x
- Added warning message when you use the Import New Background option in a room, to
help newbies who are using it by accident instead of the Change button.
- Added option for AGS Editor to pop up a message every X days reminding you to back
up your game
- GUI Text Box now allows the user to type in extended chars like éíñ when the
textbox is using a TTF font
- D3D driver now automatically tries 640x400 if your monitor doesn't support 320x200,
like the DX5 driver already did
- Removed Setup option to use the "wrong" resolution.
- Changed winsetup so that it doesn't pop up the Administrator prompt on Vista.
- RunAGSGame now shows an error if you try and use it while running with the debugger,
since it doesn't work in this situation
- Moved the inventory hotspot marker settings from the inventory panes to the
General Settings area since it makes more sense there and should reduce confusion
- Removed the room height limit of 1400 pixels.
- Removed the 30 character limit on hotspot descriptions
- Obsoleted InventoryScreen command, which is no longer supported.
- Editor now prompts you if you modify a script file in an external application
while it is open in the editor
- On Windows XP and earlier, AGS will now create a "My Saved Games" folder in My
Documents and then create individual game folders underneath, to avoid clutter
- When clicking the "..." button to go to an event script, AGS will now zoom to the
line after the { rather than the "function" line itself
- Renamed String.Contains to String.IndexOf to reduce confusion with other
languages such as Java and C#. String.Contains will continue to work as well for
the foreseeable future
- Removed obsolete InventoryScreen usage from the Default & Empty Game templates
- Improved import of 2.72 games to ensure that unhandled_event is called with Use
Inventory interactions
- Changed Default and Empty Game templates to 16-bit colour by default
- Changed error message when unable to initialise graphics mode to say the real
resolution rather than game resolution when using a graphics filter
- Editor now gives error if speech file number > 9999 rather than leading to
in-game File Not Found errors
- Fixed alpha-transparent dynamic sprites losing their alpha channel when you
restored a save game
- Fixed object image not being refreshed properly if it had a dynamic sprite which
you deleted at the same time as making the object invisible
- Fixed autocomplete popping up when it shouldn't do if you pressed space after
typing a member property/function
- Fixed problem with Mouse.SaveCursorUntilItLeaves if the original mode was now
disabled when it tried to restore it
- Fixed error starting up editor if you closed it while minimized
- Fixed dialog options text window edges with transparent parts not drawing
correctly with D3D driver
- Fixed crash restoring save game if there was an active dynamic drawing surface
created by CreateCopy
- Fixed Mouse.DisableMode crashing if cursor mode 4 (UseInv) was set as a Standard
- Fixed some music skipping problems when using ShakeScreen and during room
- Fixed translations not working on script lines that had embedded speech marks
- Fixed GUI editor to not draw the background colour outside the actual GUI size
- Fixed error trying to save a game to a network share
- Fixed sound numbers over 999 not playing
- Fixed D3D driver smoothing all sprites, not just scaled ones, when "Smooth scaled
sprites" was selected
- Fixed problem where if you closed a window and chose not to save changes, when
you opened the window again the changes were still there
- Fixed script changes being lost if you opened a room script, made some changes,
didn't save them, then opened the room itself, then created an event handler
- Fixed sprite import colours messing up if there were index-0 pixels on the image
but index 0 was not being imported as the transparent colour
- Fixed Display() not working if the game had no GUIs
- Fixed changes to blink interval not always being applied immediately
- Fixed crash in Character.Say if the character's talking view had been set to an
invalid view number
- Fixed PlayVideo restarting the music after the video finished, even if it was set
to play game music
- Fixed the debug console being drawn behind characters and objects
- Fixed duplicate entries in autocomplete if you set an enum value to equal another
enum value
- Fixed ListBox.RowCount always returning 0 until the GUI had been drawn for the
first time
- Fixed Characters pane chopping off bottom of view preview when run at 120 DPI
VERSION 3.0.2 SP1, June 2008
- Editor now gives friendlier error message if a hotspot description is too long
- Fix to workaround .NET error importing a portion of a sprite
- Fixed editor allowing you to name a gui or character such that its legacy macro
name led to a compile error (eg. "gGui" or "cGui")
- Fixed No Transparency sprite import not working properly if the sprite colour
depth had to be converted
VERSION 3.0.2, June 2008
- Added Global Variables pane to editor, to allow you to easily declare global
variables for the script instead of having to do all the import/export rubbish
- Added script functions Dialog.GetOptionText, Dialog.DisplayOptions,
Dialog.OptionCount, Game.DialogCount, DynamicSprite.CreateFromDrawingSurface
- Added plugin API functions IsRunningUnderDebugger, BreakIntoDebugger and
- Added editor plugin API methods ShowSpriteSelector, SetStatusBarText,
Game.Sprites, CreateNewSprite, ChangeSpriteImage, GetSpriteUsageReport,
- Improved responsiveness of room Edges editor under Windows Vista
- Improved look of various dialogs when run at 120 DPI
- Improved parsing of function list in script editor when the script contains
comments and strings
- Editor now makes sure that you don't name a View the same as a character
- When importing alpha channel images, alpha-transparent pixels are now recognised
as transparent pixels
- New GUI alpha channel method (in General Settings) to allow more intuitive
rendering of alpha channels on GUI controls
- Alpha-transparent background and borders are now supported for textwindow GUIs
- Added option to put sprite and sound files under source control
- Modified source control integration not to check in the username, which was
happening in some cases
- Updated to v1.6.0 of Verb Coin template (thanks Electroshokker!)
- Room editor now shows "?" for mouse position when the cursor is outside the
room area
- Improved editor behaviour on startup if registry entries have been corrupted
- Fixed demo game not compiling
- Fixed editor error loading games if your regional settings had a space in the
short date format
- Fixed excluded room files still being compiled into the game EXE
- Fixed potential managed object pool corruption if you used SayBackground a lot
- Fixed some TTF fonts being incorrectly positioned in the editor GUI previewer
- Fixed hotspot sometimes getting corrupted when importing a new background
- Fixed exported GUIs not having the sprite resolutions exported correctly
- Fixed line and rectangle tools sometimes being slightly out from where the area
actually appeared
- Fixed alpha channel not working on graphical Overlays
- Fixed 8-bit rooms from 2.72 not being displayed correctly in the editor if
they used gamewide colours
- Fixed DrawingSurface.GetPixel sometimes returning invalid values in 32-bit games
- Fixed translation file generation failing if a script included a speech mark
inside quotes ('"')
- Fixed Game.TranslationFilename property returning a path when the game is run
under the debugger
- Fixed crash if you tried to crop edges on a completely transparent sprite
- Fixed Mouse.ChangeModeView crashing if you passed a View of -1
- Fixed Voice Actor Script generation giving error if you used "Narrator" (with
a capital N) in a dialog script
- Fixed speech.vox being generated even if you had no speech
- Fixed transparency being lost when importing an 8-bit character into a hi-colour
- Fixed the last imported image file being locked by the editor
- Fixed template generation failing if the template had speech or translations
- Fixed template generation saying it was successful even when it failed
- Fixed Create New Game not putting music/sound files in the sub-folders
- Fixed dynamic arrays not working if you had Left-to-right Precedence turned off
- Fixed view preview not flipping frames if they were being scaled down
- Fixed view preview not being updated if you changed the currently displayed
sprite's Flipped setting
- Fixed script editor function list not including extender functions
- Fixed editor crash if you deleted a GUI control whilst in the middle of dragging
it around
- Fixed editor crash if you deleted the Compiled folder while it was running
- Fixed editor crash if you selected a whole line of script and then pressed F1
- Fixed error generating voice acting script if there was a player.Say line in the
script with no indentation
- Fixed crash in sprite import window when zooming out and in of the bottom right
- Fixed intermittent error after closing game when using debugger
VERSION 3.0.1, April 2008
- Added zooming and mask transparency to the room areas editor
- Added ability to drag and drop sprites to other sprite folders, like in 2.72
- Added ability to drag and drop views between view folders
- Added ability to delete views and view folders
- Added "Go To Definition" right-click option in script editor, and fixed
cut/copy/paste context menu options not always being enabled correctly
- Added Create Voice Acting Script option, to generate a file containing all
voice speech lines for each character
- Added draggable baseline to the Walk-behinds Editor to make it more user friendly
- Added "New sprite using last sprite" and "Replace sprite using last sprite"
options to sprite manager, to allow you to quickly grab multiple frames off
a single source image
- Added "Sort sprites by number" option to sprite manager
- Added "Sort by number" option to room list
- Added File.Exists, File.Delete, String.IsNullOrEmpty, DrawingSurface.GetPixel,
DrawingSurface.DrawStringWrapped, Game.InSkippableCutscene,
Game.SkippingCutscene, System.NumLock, System.CapsLock, System.ScrollLock
- Added back Match Brace feature in script editor
- Added new room template dialog for creating new rooms.
- Added back Ctrl+G/Ctrl+H as shortcuts to get to the global script and script
- Added PaletteLockedToRoom property on sprites to allow you to easily remember
if the sprite was imported against a specific room (8-bit only)
- ListBox.FillDirList now supports $SAVEGAMEDIR$
- Changed the Ctrl+X debug option in-game to make it more user friendly
- View Preview now scales down large sprites to fit inside the preview window
- Removed limit on number of phenomes per file with PAM voice speech
- Increased max script modules to 50
- Double-clicking a room object now opens the sprite selector
- Editor will now remember the file path that you import fonts from, and display
it as a property on the font
- When adding a new frame to a view, the editor is now more intelligent about
the default sprite that it chooses for the new frame
- Attempting to display messages with extended characters in SCI font will
now render those characters as a ? rather than aborting the game.
- Editor now prevents you from deleting sprite folder if sprites in it are
still in use
- Editor plugin API: Added new OpenEditorForScript, ShowHelpFile, GetSpriteImage
and DrawSprite methods; added RoomController and SourceControl operations;
added Views property to Game object
- Added AGSE_PRERENDER plugin event to allow characters/objects to be modified
just before they are rendered
- When you double-click a script error message or use the drop-down function
list, the script editor now does a better job of highlighting the relevant
- Increased size of function list drop-down in script editor
- Improved pathfinder dealing with narrow winding walkable areas
- Added right-click Flip option and shortcut key 'F' to flip frames in view editor
- Added preferences option to set the default directory where new games
are created
- Assign To View window now remembers the last view number used
- Editor now prompts you to save the current game before loading a different one
- Editor now remembers the position of the main two splitters when you quit
- Made some improvements to reduce music stuttering in some complex rooms
- New engine command line parameter -noexceptionhandler to disable the AGS
exception handler (for plugin developers)
- Object properties now show "BaselineOverridden" as a separate setting to
clarify the baseline behaviour
- Improved the way some editor dialogs look when run with Large Fonts (> 96 DPI)
- Removed left/right loops compile warning, and instead a single frame in the
left/right loops is automatically created
- Harmonised speed of fade-in/fade-out between D3D and DX5 drivers
- Fixed FadeIn not showing characters/objects if you changed the game state
since FadeOut
- Fixed Quick Import Multiple Sprites not remembering the import directory
- Fixed intermittent crash if a view preview was active when you saved the game
- Fixed speech colour being random if you used SierraWithBackground speech
without a custom text window GUI
- Fixed plugin API screen drawing events, and implemented support for them
with D3D driver
- Fixed intermittent crash starting engine with debugging enabled
- Fixed built-in save/load/quit dialogs having transparent borders in 8-bit games
- Fixed mouse wiping away dialog options background in 8-bit games
- Fixed some issues importing 8-bit sprites locked to a room background
- Fixed FadeIn not dealing with letterbox borders correctly if SetFadeColour
had been used
- Fixed room editing pane being closed when you built the game after editing
the room script
- Fixed ChangeRoom moving the character before fading out with some transitions
and the D3D driver
- Fixed crash importing characters with Run Next Loop flag set on a view; and
fixed invalid character export files being generated for characters with Run
Next Loop flag set.
- Fixed engine crash on startup with D3D driver on some graphics cards in
16-bit games
- Fixed GetViewportX/Y not working properly in room Before Fadein event
- Fixed compile error with custom icons that have all 13 Vista icon formats
- Fixed IsKeyPressed not working properly with A-Z keys on non-qwerty keyboards
- Fixed script editor not to do a matching bracket check when you close a
bracket inside a comment or string
- Fixed bug in editor when replacing a room background with one of the same
size but with the game now running at a different resolution
- Fixed Object.Animate not working with RepeatStyle=2
- Fixed crash loading game into editor if a translation file contained a
duplicate line
- Fixed editor crash if you had an misplaced square bracket near the end of
a script header
- Fixed room background import to ignore source image DPI
- Fixed GUI import/export if one of the GUI controls had an extended character
in its text
- Fixed RunAGSGame using wrong current directory when under debugger
- Fixed multi-loop speech animations crashing if a blinking view was used
- Fixed spurious "Unable to display speech" error if a character had just been
animating before displaying speech.
- Fixed "downgrade 32-bit to 16-bit" checkbox in Setup not working
- Fixed voice lip sync falling behind if a very low game speed was used
- Fixed voice lip sync looking in game folder rather than Speech folder for
PAM files; and fixed compile error if PAM files had the [Preferences] section
- Fixed GUIs getting an erroneous alpha channel if the BackgroundImage was
set to -1.
- Fixed animated GIFs not importing correctly if they used incremental frames.
- Fixed black areas of 8-bit backgrounds turning blue (you will need to
re-import any affected backgrounds)
- Fixed erroneous error message importing an image into an 8-bit game if it
was smaller than the screen size.
- Fixed error attempting to directly restore a saved game from explorer if
the screen transition was Crossfade or Dissolve
- Fixed function calltips not working if you put a space between the function
name and the opening bracket
- Fixed crash which could occur if a character was in the middle of an animation
loop when a Say command was run
- Fixed legacy global messages not getting included in Auto Number Speech Lines
- Fixed exported script modules giving error when importing into 2.72
- Fixed crash importing a game from 2.72 if there was a room with an almost
valid file name (eg. "room06.crm")
VERSION 3.0, January 2008
- Rewritten editor from scratch; includes various new features such as
ability to have more than one script open at a time
- Hardware accelerated graphics driver in game engine, which speeds up
rooms with lots of sprites, alpha blended objects, and more.
- Full support for 256-character ASCII, so European languages like French
and Spanish are now supported if you use a TTF font.
- Added script debugger
- Added integration with Windows Vista's Game Explorer and Enhanced Save Games
- Added support for script extender functions.
- Added support for dynamic arrays in script
- Added source control integration
- Added crash dump file when engine crashes, to enable faster fixing of bugs
- New .NET-based editor plugin API.
- Added Game.DoOnceOnly, Character.ChangeRoomAutoPosition, Game.FontCount,
Game.MouseCursorCount, DynamicSprite.GetDrawingSurface, DrawingSurface.*,
DynamicSprite.Create script functions/properties.
- Added syntax highlighting for struct types
- Overhaul of RawDrawing functions, including ability to draw onto dynamic
sprites and various new features.
- Removed limit on number of views, GUIs and characters
- Removed limits on number of frames per loop and loops per view
- Increased max objects per room to 40 and max hotspots to 50.
- Fonts have a script enum eFontXXX rather than having to use a number.
- Engine will now automatically try 640x400 for 320x200 games if the
player's PC doesn't support 320x200 (since this is becoming more common)
- Improved performance of Character.PlaceOnWalkableArea in large rooms.
- Workaround for teleportation problem in scrolling rooms with right
edge incorrectly set.
- Fixed String.Format crashing if the string length was more than 1200 characters.
- Fixed engine crashing on startup if it was unable to load a plugin.
- Fixed issue when combining CreateXXXOverlay and Overlay.CreateXXXX
- Fixed changes to ViewFrame.Graphic not always being persisted in save games
- Improved script garbage collection, so that calling String.Append in rep_exec
doesn't keep eating up more and more memory until you save the game.
VERSION 2.72, July 2006
- Added ability to use any size/resolution of icon, if you save your
game with Windows 2000/XP.
- Added support for graphic filters, and added a standard 2x and 3x
scaler, along with Hq2x and Hq3x filters.
- Added plugin API AGSE_ONSPRITELOAD function to allow plugins to modify
sprites as they are loaded into memory.
- Added new plugin API functions IncrementManagedObjectRefCount,
DecrementManagedObjectRefCount, SetMousePosition, SimulateMouseClick,
GetMovementPathWaypointCount, GetMovementPathLastWaypoint,
GetMovementPathWaypointLocation, GetMovementPathWaypointSpeed.
- Added ListBox.ScrollDown, ScrollUp, RowCount, HideBorder and
HideScrollArrows. Added "Hide scroll arrows" setting to listboxes
in GUI editor.
- Added System.Gamma and SupportsGammaControl; and replaced old system.*
variables with new System. properties.
- Added Room.Width, Height, ColorDepth, LeftEdge, RightEdge, BottomEdge,
TopEdge and MusicOnLoad properties.
- Added ability to use movement speeds slower than 1 (-2 is now 1/2,
-3 is 1/3, etc)
- Added ability to name dialog topics, and ported RunDialog/etc to
OO-style functions. Additionally, dialog scripts can now use the topic
names with goto-dialog rather than using the number.
- Added GUI Control z-order support (right-click Bring To Front / Send
To Back options in editor, as well as BringToFront/SendToBack script
- Added Game.SetSaveGameDirectory command, including support for My
Documents folder.
- Added option to export animated background frames, and added a
confirmation message to the Delete Frame button.
- Added Game.SpeechFont and Game.NormalFont properties to replace
SetSpeechFont/SetNormalFont but also provide a way for you to get
the current setting.
- Added Game.Name, Game.FileName, Object.Loop and Object.Frame properties.
- Added Button.Font property, and added Text Alignment property to GUI
buttons and list boxes in the editor.
- Added Mouse.GetModeGraphic to allow you to get the sprite slot of
the cursor.
- Added String.AsFloat property to convert strings to floats.
- Added Game.StopSound function, to allow you to easily stop all
sound effects.
- Added writable ViewFrame.Graphic property, which allows you to change
view graphics at run-time.
- Added Region.TintRed, TintGreen, TintBlue, TintEnabled and TintSaturation
properties to allow you to get the current region setting.
- Added game.read_dialog_option_color to allow you to set a different
colour for dialog options which the player has already selected.
- Added Ctrl+S option to script editor, to save changes so far.
- Increased sound channels from 6 to 8, and you can now have more than
1 simultaneous ambient sound.
- ListBox.AddItem and ListBox.InsertItemAt now return false rather than
quitting the game, if you try to add too many items to the list.
- Disabled text boxes now do not draw the cursor.
- Obsoleted GetGameParameter and added new functions and properties to
replace it (see GetGameParameter in the help to redirect you to the
new functions).
- Obsoleted SetFrameSound and made the ViewFrame.Sound property writable
- Obsoleted savegameindex[] array, and added ListBox.SaveGameSlots[]
array instead. Additionally, raised the max save games from 20 to 50.
- Increased permitted length of GUI label text from 200 to 2048
- PlayMusicQueued now preloads the next track to provide a seamless
transition between tracks.
- Added DirectSound Hardware Mixer option to Setup.
- Increased script editor line length limit from 300 to 500 characters.
- Editor now uses "Sound" sub-folder to store sound files, like the way
it currently works with Music and Speech.
- Editor view preview window will now play frame-linked sounds if they
are in .WAV format.
- Added shortcut keys Ctrl+1 through Ctrl+9 and Module Scripts sub-menus
for easy access to module scripts and headers.
- Autocomplete now warns if you use an array index to access properties
on a non-array, and vice versa.
- Added option to Assign Sprites To View dialog to allow you to add the
sprites in reverse order.
- Editor now shows each character's talking view as well as normal view
in the Characters pane.
- Mouse.SetBounds now actually locks the cursor within the bounds,
rather than it moving invisibly within the locked out area.
- Added game.keep_screen_during_instant_transition option for 8-bit
colour modes.
- Changed the default restart point to be just before the first room is
loaded, in order to avoid problems with the restart point not working
properly in some games.
- The game can now be closed with the X button or Alt+X while a PlayVideo
is playing.
- Moved GUI Clickable setting from the checkbox into the Properties window,
since it more intuitively belongs there.
- "Enforce new-style strings" now disables old-style string functions.
- Old split resource files now get deleted if you disable splitting or
reduce the number of split files.
- PlayVideo now pauses the video if the player alt+tabs away from the game
while it is playing.
- player.ChangeRoom in game_start is now allowed, and will change the
room that the game starts in.
- Increased editor performance when importing tiled sprites.
- Debug console now also writes its output to the Windows Debugger (which
you can read with an application like DebugView); useful if the debug
console normally flies past too quickly to be useful.
- View preview window now cycles through whole of multi-loop animations.
- Fixed crash if you used Restore or Restart within a script module
event handler.
- Fixed template creation to work with Music and Speech sub-folders.
- Fixed agsedit.log timestamp having the wrong month.
- Fixed character blinking not working properly once they had finished
- Fixed translation source not including strings from script modules.
- Fixed a backwards compatibility issue with game.num_inv_items.
- Fixed characters with only left/right loops sometimes using the wrong
loop when moving.
- Fixed game erroring out if you used Character.ChangeView to change
from a 4-directional to a 2-directional view.
- Fixed GUI Labels to be not clickable by default.
- Fixed "Refresh list" option not working in the Room List if no room
was selected.
- Fixed calltips not picking up member functions if you put a space
before the opening bracket.
- Fixed text parser not handling an optional choice of words properly.
- Fixed text parser not handling a choice of words with spaces properly
in Said().
- Fixed Global Messages pane not updating after Importing Dumped Text.
- Fixed FaceLocation not working properly if the character's current loop
was not one of the normal walking loops.
- Fixed Mouse.SetPosition clipping the Y to 200, even in 320x240 games.
- Fixed sierra-style speech screwing up if you used RemoveOverlay or
SetTextOverlay in repeatedly_execute_always while the speech was displayed.
- Fixed Tiled Sprite Import allowing you to import over the edge of the
image when zoomed in.
- Fixed ShakeScreen leaving artefacts in the black borders when running
in letterbox mode.
- _blank.crm is now included when you make a template.
- _blank.crm will be checked for in editor folder if not found in game folder.
- Fixed editor crashing if a very large template.txt file was used when
starting a game from a template.
- Fixed block comment parsing sometimes not working properly if /* was the
last thing on a line.
- Fixed String.Contains not working properly with strings >200 characters.
- Fixed PlayMusic not working if it was called whilst an old track was
fading out but crossfading was now disabled
- Fixed "too many events posted" error if several commands like Walk
were used in quick succession.
VERSION 2.71, December 2005
- Added friendly string support, and modified various built-in
functions to return a String rather than requiring a buffer.
- Added option to compress the sprite file to reduce disk usage.
- Added editor sprite caching, to improve performance and reduce memory
usage of the editor with large games.
- Increased max speech files per game to 10000.
- Added == and != operator support for strings.
- Added support for having pointer variables in structs.
- Added Clickable property to GUI controls to allow you to disable
a control without affecting its appearance.
- Added new Dynamic Sprite features: CreateFromExistingSprite,
CreateFromBackground, Crop, Resize, Rotate, Flip and SaveToFile
functions; and ColorDepth, Width and Height properties.
- Added Game.GetMODPattern, ListBox.InsertItemAt and Maths.ArcTan2
script functions.
- Added Slider.Min and Slider.Max to allow the script to access
these slider properties.
- Added Object.IgnoreScaling and Character.Scaling properties;
renamed Character.IgnoreScaling to ManualScaling.
- Added const string support to prevent accidentally passing the
parameters the wrong way round to functions like StrCopy.
- Added option to PlayFlic not to clear the screen before starting
- Added "Adjust volume with scaling" character option and equivalent
Character.ScaleVolume property.
- Editor now uses "Speech" and "Music" sub-folders to store speech
and music files in to reduce the clutter in the main game folder.
- Added "New Run Script Action" to the right-click menu in the
interaction editor, to allow you to quickly create a Run Script
interaction without having to go through the interaction dialog.
- Added "noloopcheck" keyword to allow you to bypass the script loop
- Added GP_ISFRAMEFLIPPED option to GetGameParameter.
- Editor now forces all background imports to the game's colour depth.
- Game now attempts to mute audio when alt+tabbing away to another
- Implemented lazy evaluation for && and || operators.
- Improved script compiler speed.
- Arrays and structs are now officially supported, and are documented
in the manual.
- Ambient sound volume is now dropped along with the music volume
while speech is being played.
- Added menu option to rebuild only the music or only the speech vox,
since in large games rebuilding both could take a long time.
- If Sound is disabled in the game Setup, then it no longer plays
in PlayVideo either.
- Insert and Delete keys now have allocated keycodes and are officially
- Narrator speech now closes the Display() window when the voice
finishes, if play.skip_display is set to auto-remove after time.
- Compiler now does type checking on return values from custom functions.
- Display command now obeys the SetVoiceMode setting.
- Pamela lip-sync now allows multiple phenomes per frame.
- "void" is now properly supported as a function return type.
- PgDn, PgUp, Home and End are now mapped to the ASCII codes of their
equivalents on the numeric keypad, rather than duplicating arrow keys.
- Underscores can now be used in GUI and view names, and invalid names
pasted into the box are now rejected.
- The hi-color Palette pane now displays the current colour number in
a text box so that it can be copy & pasted easily, and allows you
to type in a colour number and find out the RGB.
- Renamed the setup.exe in the AGS distribution to setup.dat to
prevent unzip programs from trying to "install" it.
- Renamed "Player Enters Screen" events to "Player Enters Room" to use
consistent terminology.
- If a dynamic sprite attached to an object is deleted, the engine
now prints an error message rather than crashing.
- Setting game.close_mouth_end_speech_time to 0 now continues sierra-
style speech animation indefinately, like it does with lucasarts speech.
- Removed "Target DOS" option from the menu, since the DOS engine is
no longer available.
- Fixed compiler bug allowing enums to be redefined.
- Fixed compiler crash when declaring a large struct.
- Fixed engine error if Turn Before Walking was enabled and a character
only had left/right loops.
- Fixed walk-to point getting randomly moved if you alt+tabbed back
into AGS from another application.
- Fixed the Import Dumped Text option truncating dialog options to 70
- Fixed memory leak in GUI.SetSize/Width/Height methods.
- Fixed volume jump if a track was fading out and you changed rooms
to a room with a louder volume setting.
- Fixed Overlay.X/Y properties returning wrong value for SayBackground
- Fixed editor crash when deleting sprite folders.
- Fixed editor crash when selecting a sprite for a GUI control.
- Fixed editor crash on Characters pane if the character's normal view
had no frames in loop 0.
- Fixed crash rather than error message if script exceeded stack limit.
- Fixed Single GUI Import not updating GUI images properly, and
allowing duplicate GUI control names to be imported.
- Fixed editor crash if you manually removed a #sectionend and then
tried to edit that script function.
- Fixed colours in GUI editor showing up wrong in 32-bit colour games.
- Fixed SetCharacterIdle skipping the current frame if called while
the character was moving or animating.
- Fixed + having a higher precedence than - and thus 5 - 3 + 2 giving
0 rather than 4.
- Fixed only one edge interaction being run if the player walked off
two overlapping room edges.
- Fixed GIF import crash with some gif images.
- Fixed "out of memory" crash in game if you accidentally used a
full-screen image as the talking view for sierra-style speech.
- Fixed CyclePalette not updating the screen when cycling backwards.
- Fixed compiler allowing built-in types to be used in struct
- Fixed Auto-Number Speech Lines starting from NARR0 rather than NARR1
for the narrator.
- Fixed GUI control event handler function names being incorrectly
- Fixed compiler to not allow a struct to be a member of itself.
- Fixed compiler not giving an error if you forgot a semicolon after
an object method call.
- Fixed editor crash if you typed a string longer than 200 characters
into a text property.
- Fixed character disappearing if it was tinted/lit and used an 8-bit
sprite in a hi-color game.
- Fixed music not resuming after PlayVideo if crossfading was enabled.
- Fixed the player character's PreviousRoom property starting off as
the first room number, rather than -1 as it said in the manual.
- Fixed static methods in plugin headers not being picked up by
- Fixed IsKeyPressed not working with backspace (ASCII code 8).
- Fixed voice speech not being played if a SkipUntilCharacterStops
command was in effect when the speech was displayed.
- Fixed Restore Game occasionally corrupting the managed object pool.
- Fixed some usability issues in the Import Sprite dialog, where moving
the mouse off the side of the image while right-dragging would cause
the cursor to jump around.
- Fixed WAV music files not being picked up from MUSIC.VOX
- Fixed region light level picking up tint amount if you switched it
from tint to light and then selected a different region.
- Fixed Out of Memory crash if you had a character off the bottom of
the screen and a walkable area with continuous scaling touched the
bottom of the screen.
VERSION 2.7, May 2005
- Added object-based functions for Characters, Objects, Hotspots,
Regions, Inventory Items, GUIs, Overlays, Files and the mouse.
This also indirectly adds some new functions, since there is now a
way to do GetTransparency, GetBaseline, etc.
- Added named pointers to each character, eg. "cEgo", "cBman", etc.
This allows you to do "cEgo.Walk" rather than "character[EGO].Walk"
- Added struct member function support, including static member
- Added script array bounds checking.
- Added script module support, so that you don't have to cram
everything into the global script. This also allows you to easily
share code with other people by exporting the module.
- Added icons to script editor autocomplete.
- Added script Property support, to make the various interfaces more
- Added support for optional parameters to text script.
- Added support for enums to script, including autocomplete support
when calling a function that uses them.
- Added plugin API functions NotifySpriteUpdated,
SetSpriteAlphaBlended, QueueGameScriptFunction,
RegisterManagedObject, AddManagedObjectReader and
- Added simple inheritance support to structs, allowing you to create
derived classes.
- Added support for protected member variables/functions and
write-protected member variables.
- Added left-to-right operator precedence option.
- Added float data type, along with related conversion functions
and trigonometric functions such as cos, sin and tan.
- Added "Enforce object-based scripting" option, which means that
old-style commands (such as MoveCharacter) no longer work.
- Added sprite file indexing to speed up load time for games with a
large number of sprites.
- Added Solid, BlockingWidth and BlockingHeight properties to Objects.
- Autocomplete now lists structure members.
- Added Crop Sprite Edges Symmetric option, to leave the central
pivot point of the sprite unchanged.
- Added AbortGame function to allow script modules to perform checks
on their parameters and easily give an error.
- Added #ifdef, #ifndef, #endif, #undef and #error preprocessor
directives to the script language.
- Added DEBUG and STRICT pre-defined macros when in debug mode
and strict scripting mode, respectively.
- Added script call stack when an error occurs, rather than just the
current line number.
- Added script editor Preferences dialog, allowing you to control
which automatic editing features are enabled.
- Added Character.BlockingWidth/BlockingHeight to allow you to
customize the blocking size of a character.
- The "player" variable is now kept updated to reflect the current
player character, so it's now perfectly safe to use player.Walk
rather than character[GetPlayerCharacter()].Walk
- Added GUI OnClick handler to provide a more intuitive way to handle
clicks on the GUI background.
- Added export/import single GUI function.
- Added ClipImage option to GUI buttons.
- Added option to select the transparency and palette settings for
the Quick Import options.
- Improved the custom inventory window, so that it can display
inventory for a specific character; and also it now has object-based
methods to manipulate it, rather than messing around with variables
like game.top_inv_item.
- Improved script type checking -- it will now catch far more errors
if you try to do things like assign a string to an int, or pass
character[EGO] to a function where EGO was wanted.
- Local variables are now automatically initialized to 0.
- Improved function calltips so that it highlights the current
- Added support for multi-word words in text parser.
- Removed various buttons on the Room Settings and GUI panes, and
moved them to new Room and GUI menus, respectively.
- Script compiler now checks that the "import" declaration of
variables in the script header matches the real definition in
the global script.
- Added confirmation prompt in script editor if you choose "Discard
and exit"; and added shortcut keys for the exit options.
- Increased max sprites to 30000.
- Increased max overlays from 10 to 20.
- Improved game startup speed and room loading speed.
- Changed MOD music player from JGMOD to DUMB, and consequently:
Fixed some previously unsupported S3M's music files not playing.
IT Impluse Tracker format mod files are now supported (music*.it)
- Removed limits on the total number of GUI controls you can have.
- If two room-changing functions are called in one script, an error
now occurs (eg. using RestoreGame followed by NewRoom).
- Added the game name to the script editor title bar (useful if you're
alt-tabbing between multiple games).
- Added ability to use a sprite as the inventory cursor hotspot dot.
- Dynamic sprites are now persisted in save games.
- Changed Test Game behaviour to hopefully fix problems with it hanging.
- SaveGameSlot/SaveGameDialog are now delayed-response functions, just
like the RestoreGame ones. This means the game won't actually be
saved until the script function finishes.
- Improved character 'skipping' sometimes at move speed 1.
- Increased max custom properties from 20 to 30.
- Changing an object's name now marks the room as dirty.
- RawDrawImage and MergeObject now draw alpha-blended images properly.
- Sprite Usage report now tells you which GUI a GUI button is on.
- Added \[ to Display/Say/etc, to enable you to display the [ character
rather than it doing a line break.
- Significantly improved script compile speed.
- Ctrl+Space now allows you to pop up the autocomplete list at any
time, like in Visual Studio.
- If Split Resources Files is checked, the sprites are now put into the
.001 resource file to stop the EXE getting too big (since it could
cause performance problems due to anti-virus software).
- Added editor warning message if you Save Room As to a filename that's
not roomX.crm or intro.crm
- Renamed "No interaction" character checkbox to "Clickable" (and thus
reversed its behaviour) to make it consistent with the script.
- Renamed GUI "Foreground color" property to "Border color" since
that's all it does.
- Importing a new background with a different size to the old one
now gives you an opportunity to cancel.
- Improved accuracy of GetMP3PosMillis and voice lip-sync with OGG
sound files.
- goto-previous dialog command now stops the dialog if there is no
previous topic, rather than aborting the game.
- StrCopy now works with copying into char buffers less than 200 bytes
(USE WITH CARE, there is no buffer overrun protection)
- Enabled Quick Import sprite options in 256-colour games.
- Added an option to Auto-number Speech Lines to number Display() lines
for the narrator.
- PlaySound now returns the channel number that the sound is playing on.
- Renamed intro.crm to room0.crm, to stop it causing confusion.
- Renamed the manual to "ags-help.chm" to make it more obvious what
it is when accessing it externally from the editor.
- Changed shortcut key for Freehand tool in Room Areas to Ctrl+D to
stop it conflicting with Edit Script (Ctrl+E).
- Changing a character's script name now forces a re-compile of the
dialog scripts.
- DisplaySpeech no longer changes the mouse cursor if the cursor mode
is already the Wait mode.
- Auto-number speech lines now tells you which room the error was in,
if there is a compile error when re-compiling.
- Script names can now contain the digit 0-9 after the first character.
- Fixed interactions getting disconnected and other problems after
deleting an object.
- Fixed function calltip not appearing if you used the ( key to
autocomplete the function name.
- Fixed "unknown interaction" crash if the room changed within an
- Fixed crash which could happen when an inventory cursor was in use.
- Fixed erroneous type mismatch error sometimes when using char arrays
as strings.
- Fixed animated GIF import if the transparent color had the same RGB
value as one of the real colors.
- Fixed PlayMusicQueued skipping some tracks if crossfading was enabled.
- Fixed script editor not re-opening properly if you closed it while
it was minimized.
- Fixed problems creating a template with a filename longer than 15
characters (now truncates to 15 instead).
- Fixed Assign To View not always flipping the first frame when you
asked it to.
- Fixed editor crash sometimes if you had been editing a room with no
code in its room script.
- Fixed editor crash if you deleted a sprite folder whilst editing
its name.
- Fixed #defined names so that they are not replaced if preceded by
a dot.
- Fixed script compiler allowing array.member with no index specified.
- Fixed text parser not allowing 1-letter words.
- Fixed SetCharacterSpeechView not allowing -1 to turn it off.
- Fixed crash importing GIF files with comments (thanks to "Hard Rock"
for the fix).
- Fixed slider background image not being exported as part of GUI.
- Fixed Paste From Clipboard sprites getting given an alpha channel
if you previously imported an alpha-channel sprite from a file.
- Fixed FollowCharacter not working on two NPC's if Hide Player
Character was ticked in the room.
- Fixed free disk space crash on game startup on some Win9x systems.
- Fixed pixel-perfect click detection not always working properly
with flipped sprites.
- Fixed compiler crash if a single array or struct was bigger than
- Fixed line numbers being missing from a couple of compiler error
- Fixed SetChannelVolume not working properly with the ambient sound
- Fixed occasional animation glitch if the previous loop in the view
had no frames.
- Fixed compile error if you had more than 500 functions in the global
- Fixed speech animation not playing if DisplayMessage was used with a
room message set to display as character speech.
- Fixed RunAGSGame crashing if called from a custom script function.
- Fixed IsKeyPressed(13) not working with the numeric keypad Enter key.
- Fixed GUI editor not allowing you to set a label text longer than
25 characters.
- Fixed clickable z-order of GUI controls to be the same as the visual
- Fixed Mouse Moves Over Hotspot not being run if the mouse was still
but the room scrolled around it.
- Fixed translation files to be read from the datadir in acsetup.cfg,
if specified.
- Fixed rare crash which could occur with MoveObject.
- Fixed GUI Editor allowing you to add controls to a text window GUI.
- Fixed MoveCharacter error messages if a character was following
another character and neither were in the current room.
- Fixed the Player Enters Screen After Fadein running before fadein
in the new room if ChangeRoom was called from Player Enters Screen
Before Fadein.
- Fixed GetTime returning the wrong year.
VERSION 2.62, November 2004
- Added AddInventoryToCharacter, FileWriteRawChar, GetButtonPic,
GetHotspotName, GetObjectName, LoseInventoryFromCharacter,
NewRoomNPC, RemoveObjectTint, SetFadeColor, SetNextScreenTransition,
SetObjectTint text script functions.
- Added COM Plugin API access to Characters, GlobalMessages,
Script #defines, GameDirectory, SaveGame and QuitGame.
- Added GIF image import, and Quick Import GIF Frames option.
- Added ability to get current year to GetTime.
- Added characters[].idleview variable to provide read access to
the character idle view (still use SetCharacterIdle to change it).
- Increased max sprites displayed at once from 39 to 50, and improved
user-friendliness of the error message if it is exceeded.
- Pixel-perfect click detection now works with scaled sprites.
- Increased max hotspots to 30.
- Increased max characters to 300.
- Increased max views to 600.
- Increased max GUIs to 50 and max GUI Buttons to 250.
- Added option for objects to use region tint and light levels, and
an option for objects to use walkable area scaling.
- Added ability to get the number of characters, objects and GUIs
to GetGameParameter.
- Added missing characters to default font 0 (#, $, &, etc)
- Added warning if you called FollowCharacter on a character which
was doing a looped animation.
- Added automatic de-denting to the script editor, so that }
characters get automatically pulled back to line up with
the corresponding {
- In the Walk-behind editor, only the baseline for the currently
selected area is now displayed, for clarity.
- Changed room area editor so that only the selected area is displayed
bright, and the other areas are all greyed out.
- Added Script Modified indicator (*) to script editor title bar.
- Added Sierra Portrait Position game option, to allow you to specify
the portrait to be on the left, right or alternate. This supersedes
and obsoletes the old game.swap_portrait variable.
- Added game.skipping_cutscene variable so that you can find out when
your code is being skipped over.
- Added game.abort_key, to allow you to customize the Abort Key to be
something other than Alt+X.
- Read-only variables such as mouse.x are now enforced as such.
- Display("") now does nothing, rather than pausing the game.
- View preview window now displays current frame number.
- DisplaySpeechBackground now removes any existing background speech
for the character before displaying the new speech.
- Fixed bug in 2.61 which was resetting all character movement and
animation speeds if you upgraded a game from a pre-2.55 version.
- Fixed WAV music not getting included in the MUSIC.VOX
- Fixed recursive function calls to give error rather than crashing.
- Fixed movement 'snapping' to destination when using move speed 1.
- Fixed crash if there were no frames in one of a character's main
loops, by providing an error message instead.
- Fixed GetRegionAt to return the nearest region if the co-ordinates
are off the edge of the screen.
- Fixed plugin API AbortGame function crashing.
- Fixed attempting to skip a cutscene hanging if No Auto Remove text
was being used.
- Fixed SetCharacterIdle not kicking in straight away when delay was 0.
- Fixed IsKeyPressed not supporting the + - = keys.
- Fixed FaceLocation problem with characters that had less than 4 loops.
- Fixed SetObjectTransparency and SetCharacterTransparency so that a
transparency of 100 means the sprite is completely invisible, even
with 256-colour and alpha-blended sprites.
- Fixed StopMoving resetting the character's current frame to 0, even
if they weren't moving.
- Fixed problems using NewRoom inside a region interaction whilst
moving to a hotspot walk-to point.
- Fixed walk-behind area 15 not working.
- Fixed SetMusicVolume changes not being persisted in save games.
- Fixed error message about repeatedly_execute_always popping up if
you used a blocking function in Enters Screen Before Fadein (which
you shouldn't do anyway).
- Fixed object baselines not being sorted out properly when you deleted
an object.
- Fixed crash if you used NewRoom from within a Player Leaves Screen
- Fixed SetCharacterIgnoreWalkbehinds placing the character behind all
other sprites.
- Fixed text windows getting a black background if colour 0 was
specified, rather than being transparent.
- Fixed view preview window not stretching properly with 320x200 games.
- Fixed view preview window aligning sprites to top rather than bottom.
- Fixed view preview window not blanking out display if you selected a
loop with no frames.
- Fixed view preview window not remembering its location on the screen
for next time.
- Fixed AnimateCharacterEx not working properly when playing a multi-loop
animation backwards.
- Fixed DisplayThought to shrink the thought bubble to fit the text when
a short amount of text is displayed.
- Fixed mouse cursor staying as Pointer (mode 6) when a dialog is STOPped.
- Fixed nested array indexes not working properly when used with a
struct in the form a[i].b[c[k].d];
- Fixed text box accepting keypresses when disabled.
- Fixed SetObjectPosition giving erroneous line numbers if you passed an
invalid object to it.
- Fixed "Use exact palette" being ignored if "Share palette" was
ticked in 256-colour animated backgrounds.
- Fixed "repeatedly_execute" option on the Script menu sometimes
selecting repeatedly_execute_always instead.
- Fixed script editor crashing if you created a variable name longer
than 60 characters.
- Fixed parse error if a string longer than 255 characters was used in
the script.
- Fixed SetGlobalString not being safe if you passed a string longer
than 200 characters to it.
- Fixed Wait(0) to give error message rather than cause strange in-game
- Fixed SetPlayerCharacter to do nothing at all if you pass the current
player character to it (previously it was resetting the inventory layout)
- Fixed ChangeCharacterView giving a warning message if the character's
idle animation was playing.
- Fixed issue with Sierra-style speech if the first frame in the speech
view was flipped.
- Fixed crash if you closed the script editor while the message telling
you to do so was still displayed.
- Fixed FaceLocation hanging if the character was set as hidden.
- Fixed #defines working on words inside 'single quotes'.
- Fixed "you need to select an item first" message box when trying to
set the Inventory Hotspot Dot.
- Fixed problem when SetPlayerCharacter was used in a room which
had "Hide Player Character" ticked.
- Fixed DisplayThought positioning if character was not in current room.
- Fixed PlayMP3File error if filename was longer than 25 characters.
- Fixed interaction editor Text Script Equivalent code for Conditional
If Variable Equals Value
VERSION 2.61, May 2004
- Added AreThingsOverlapping, DisableGroundLevelAreas,
EnableGroundLevelAreas, FileIsError, HasPlayerBeenInRoom,
RawDrawImageResized, RawDrawImageTransparent,
SaveCursorForLocationChange, SetCharacterFrame, SetGraphicalVariable,
SetGUIObjectEnabled, SetInvItemName, SkipUntilCharacterStops script
- Added operators % ! ^ << >> to scripting engine (remainder, Not,
XOR, LeftShift, RightShift).
- Added repeatedly_execute_always script event function, which is
called every game loop, even when a blocking function is running.
Supported in both the global script and room scripts.
- Added character[].z variable, to allow you to make a character levitate
into the air whilst still using the baseline, light levels and
interactions of its Y co-ordinate.
- Added OLE Automation support to editor, to allow plugins to interact
with the editor, add menu options, new panes, and so forth. This
includes support for editor-only plugins which are not included
with the game at run-time.
- Added plugin API engine functions BlitSpriteRotated,
BlitSpriteTranslucent, CanRunScriptFunctionNow, CallGameScriptFunction,
DisableSound, GetDirectSound and UnrequestEventHook; events
- Added view preview window to let you quickly test loop animations.
- Added ability to get a view frame's speed and sprite number from
- Added game.speech_text_align variable to control the alignment
of lucasarts-style speech.
- Added game.auto_use_walkto_points variable to allow you to stop
the engine automatically moving the player to walk-to points.
- Added game.inventory_greys_out variable to enable inventory controls
to grey out with the rest of the GUI when disabled.
- Added game.skip_speech_specific_key variable, which allows you
to set that only one particular key can skip speech (eg '.' in
old lucasarts games).
- Added system.viewport_width, system.viewport_height, system.version
text script variables.
- Added "Mouse click only" skip speech style, which only allows
speech to be skipped with a mouse click, not a key press.
- Added "Change colour depth" option to Game menu, to make it more
intuitive than just being on the Palette pane.
- Implemented Match Brace feature in script editor.
- Changed text window background image positioning and clipping such
that you can now have transparent edges on the outside of the border
graphics whilst using a background image.
- Newly added GUI Buttons are now set to Run Script by default.
- Added ability to set a tiled background image for GUI sliders.
- Enabled sliders to be grabbed by the entire width of the handle, not
just the width of the main slider bar.
- Added "Handle offset" option to sliders, to allow you to manually
shift the handle across if the graphic doesn't line up properly.
- Added Cancel button to the InputBox (and the Debug Ctrl+X box).
- Editor welcome dialog now displays game folder name before
complete path in Recent Games list.
- Stopped autocomplete list popping up when inside strings and
comments in the script editor.
- Increased max dialog messages to 3000.
- Increased max speech files from 2000 to 3000.
- Changed the Object Pos display in the Objects pane of the editor to
display the lower-left co-ordinate, as used in the game engine, rather
than the top-left.
- Renamed "Blank game" to "Default game", and added "Empty game"
template (courtesy of AGA) which has no default sprites at all.
- The Dump Text feature now also dumps the script header if "Text
scripts" is selected.
- Changed goto-previous to save a nested history of previous topics
so that it can be used to retreat up the dialog tree.
- Ambient sound is now restored properly after a PlayVideo.
- Added low disk space check when saving a save game slot.
- Added option to script editor Find dialog to start search from current
location, rather than start of script.
- Lucasarts-style speech now abides by the setting of
- Encrypted strings in compiled files, to prevent the player loading
the exe into notepad to cheat.
- Mouseover GUI button pics no longer work while in a blocking cutscene.
- While moving a GUI object, the X/Y co-ordinates update dynamically
in the properties window.
- When using FOLLOW_EXACTLY, the following character is now drawn
in front of the followed character; an extra option to
FollowCharacterEx allows you to reverse this behaviour if you wish.
- Editor now remembers the settings of "Lock sprite to current room"
and "Remap colours to game palette" between imports.
- Prevent the user restoring a save game if views have been added
to the game since it was saved. This prevents later problems with
the SetCharacterView and SetObjectView functions.
- Removed close button from Edit Action window in the interaction
editor, to fix the problem where a script could get disconnected
from its interaction.
- Removed the "Don't automatically lose inventory" option - it's now
always on (not having it checked was a debugging nightmare).
- PlayAmbientSound now does not reset the sound if you play an ambient
sound that is already playing.
- CyclePalette now supports rotating the colours in both directions.
- FaceCharacter(EGO,EGO) now does nothing rather than facing left.
- Default hotspot names (eg "Hotspot 1") are no longer output in the
translation source file.
- Keypresses are now discarded rather than queued if a blocking script
is running when you press the key.
- Skipping cutscene will now skip text boxes if No Auto Remove text is
set, rather than hanging the game.
- Fixed character walking on the spot at the end of a move occasionally.
- Fixed Talk cursor flashing up briefly before dialog options
turn back on during a conversation.
- Fixed MoveToWalkableArea not working if the character was off the
- Fixed QFG4-style speech not working.
- Fixed crash in DisplayTopBar.
- Fixed Sierra-style speech not supporting flipped view frames.
- Fixed lockup which could occur with some nested interactions.
- Fixed bug where characters could get stuck when using Adjust Speed
with Scaling.
- Fixed Setup program not working if it was run from the command line.
- Fixed font wierdness and crashing the first time you run a new game
made from a template.
- Fixed "Mouse moves over hotspot" running even if the mouse was
actually moving over a GUI on top of the hotspot.
- Fixed GUIs sometimes not re-enabling themselves until the mouse
moved over them.
- Fixed continuous idle loops not starting immediately after
speech finished.
- Fixed character view not always getting set back to normal view
after talking but before dialog options are displayed.
- Fixed script compiler allowing local strings to be returned from
- Fixed crash in SetGlobalString if you passed a very long string
to it - now truncates to 200 characters instead.
- Fixed translation output including text from deleted GUI buttons
and labels.
- Fixed auto-timeout text not working with DisplayTopBar.
- Fixed editor having problems with finding the right script
function to edit if you made a mistake with { } placement.
- Fixed character being moved to non-walkable area if you left a
room that it was moving in.
- Fixed editor wiping most of the currently loaded room when
you loaded a different game in.
- Fixed editor problem editing script functions if the function
was called before it was used
- Fixed DisplaySpeech resetting the character's frame to 0 after
they finished talking.
- Fixed compile error if a string ended in a backslash.
- Fixed problem with #define if tabs were used rather than spaces.
- Fixed commented out #define statements so that they are properly
ignored by the compiler.
- Fixed 100% CPU usage while a text box was displayed.
- Fixed character portrait remaining on screen when the parser-in-
dialog was used.
- Fixed digital speech and music files not being used if the current
directory was not the game's directory when the game was run.
- Fixed IsKeyPressed not working with shift, ctrl and alt.
- Fixed idle animation not always kicking in straight away after
the character stopped moving.
- Fixed '@' character not being displayed in GUI labels.
- Fixed region tint problem if the amount was set to 50%
- Fixed error message if you set the game to start in room -1.
- Fixed inventory hotspot colours >32000 not working
- Fixed GUI Properties window appearing on the taskbar.
- Fixed GUI button text not being drawn backwards when Backwards
Text was enabled.
- Fixed config file "datadir" setting not working with root
- Fixed editor crash if you pressed Alt+F4 while the GUI Properties
window was selected.
- Fixed editor crash if you closed the Interaction Editor while the
script editor window was open.
VERSION 2.6 Service Pack 1, January 2004:
- Fixed editor importing of some 16 and 32-bit BMP files which
didn't work previously.
- Fixed crash on game startup if you deleted the default mouse
cursor sprite.
- Fixed cropping sprites not marking them as dirty (and thus
the changes were not saved to disk).
- Fixed Player Enters Screen (After Fadein) not getting run if
there was a blocking command in First Time Enters Screen.
- Fixed crash in 800x600 games if a background smaller than
800x600 was imported.
- Fixed crash if you used new-room dialog script command inside
a dialog run by a room interaction command.
- Fixed crash with continuous scaling areas if the min was set
to the same as the max.
- Fixed rare editor crash after changing colour depth.
- Fixed problem with downgrading 32-bit alpha sprites to 16-bit
after the game had been running for a while.
- Fixed FadeIn not being skipped when skipping a cutscene.
- Editor now checks for invalid colours in imported walk-behind
masks since they could cause strange effects in-game.
- Changed editor's Test Game code to try and fix problems some
people are having with it.
VERSION 2.6, December 2003:
- Added AnimateButton, ClaimEvent, DeleteSprite, DisplayTopBar,
GetInvGraphic, GetTextHeight, GetTextWidth, LoadImageFile,
LoadSaveSlotScreenshot, PlayMusicQueued, RawDrawFrameTransparent,
RawSetColorRGB, SetAmbientTint, SetAreaScaling,
SetCharacterSpeedEx, SetCharacterViewOffset, SetGUIClickable,
SetGUIObjectSize, SetGUIZOrder, SetTextBoxFont, StopObjectMoving
text script functions.
- Added plugin API functions MarkRegionDirty, GetMouseCursor,
GetRawColorComponents, MakeRawColorPixel, GetFontType,
CreateDynamicSprite, DeleteDynamicSprite, and new plugin API
- Added 24/32-bit colour support.
- Added alpha channel support for 32-bit sprites.
- Added room script support for on_key_press and on_mouse_click, so
that the current room can handle the input rather than having it
all done by the global script.
- Speed enhancement for rooms with relatively few objects.
- Added ability to import PNG and TGA files in the Sprite Manager.
- Added option to automatically outline fonts.
- Added support for saving screenshots into save games.
- Added GUI Z-order support, so that you can choose which order
overlapping GUIs are drawn in.
- Added Crop Sprite Edges option to sprite manager, to crop the
edges off a group of sprites down to the size needed by the
largest of them.
- Added ability to specify character X and Y walking speeds
- Added Quick Import Multiple Sprites and Export All Sprites
In Folder options for sprite folders.
- Added ability to re-order sprites within a folder by dragging
them around.
- Added "Assign to view" right click option in Sprite Manager,
to allow a group of sprites to easily be added to a view.
- Added script names for views, working similarly to GUI and
character script names.
- Added editor option to show outline of all GUI objects, to allow
you to find blank or transparent controls.
- Added FOLLOW_EXACTLY feature to FollowCharacterEx, to allow you to
easily keep a sprite on top of a character.
- Added Show Usage option for sprites, to find out where they are
used in the game; and tied this into the Delete Sprite option.
- Added ability to have only left/right walking frames for
characters (just delete all frames in loop 0).
- Increased max GUIs to 40, max GUI buttons to 200.
- Increased max views to 400.
- Increases max objects to 20 per room.
- Added auto-complete for plugin functions and functions defined
in the script header.
- Added ability to manually set X and Y position of GUI
- GUI Editor and Font Editor now show full detail in 640x400
games rather than a scaled down version.
- Rearranged options on the main Game Settings tab to make
the order more logical.
- Made only the options area of the dialog editor scrollable, to
improve its usability.
- Added system.vsync script option to smooth full screen scrolling.
Note that enabling this will cap your game frame rate at the
screen refresh rate.
- Built-in inv window now sets player.activeinv while using an item
on another (to make it consistent with custom inventory).
- Disabled deleting sprites while selecting a sprite for something,
to prevent crash if you deleted the old active sprite.
- Made the tabbing order of the controls in Setup more logical.
- IsSpeechVoxAvailable and IsMusicVoxAvailable now return 0 if
the user has no sound card or sound is disabled.
- Stopped the user loading in a different room while editing the
room script.
- Loading a new room now properly resets the Room Areas undo buffer.
- Disabled anti-aliasing on text drawn on transparent GUIs, to
fix the pink effect.
- Improved alignment of portrait with text window when using
Sierra-style speech.
- Increased text script stack size to 4 KB.
- Fixed large memory leak which could cause slow loading and Out
of Memory errors in games that used TTF fonts.
- Potentially fixed game hanging on exit on some computers.
- Fixed editor crash if you used return without a semicolon.
- Fixed script editor not properly parsing functions where there
was a { character in a string.
- Fixed script errors if you declared a variable in a room script
with the same name as one which was in the script header.
- Fixed positioning issue with some TTF fonts at 640x400.
- Fixed objects 10 and above not being able to move.
- Fixed changing room settings not marking room dirty.
- Fixed mouse cursor not changing back to arrow pointer in dialog
- Fixed music not always being restored correctly when restoring a
save game.
- Fixed narrator speech not being cancelled when the user skipped
a text window.
- Fixed GUI textboxes to not allow the cursor to extend beyond
the end of the text box.
- Fixed crash clicking scroll bars in save dialog when no save games.
- Fixed rare random crash with small GUI labels.
- Fixed lockup using NewRoom from within the default inventory window.
- Fixed editor not to allow Test Game feature with DOS-compiled games.
- Fixed @overhotspot@ not removing item name if you moved the mouse
off of all inventory items but within the inventory GUI.
- Fixed GUI not detecting clicks when it first appears until the
mouse moved.
- Fixed GUI buttons being greyed out on Persistent GUIs when
"GUIs turn off when interface disabled" was set.
- Fixed parser-in-dialog to use the same font as the dialog
- Fixed parser-in-dialog text not being erased when you pressed
backspace with the default dialog options display.
- Fixed problem creating GUI controls if you dragged the
rectangle up-left.
- Fixed idle animations using loops 4-7 of view, even if
"No diagonal loops" was set for the character.
- Fixed following characters so that if you leave a room, then
quickly come back, the following character is still there.
- Fixed converting a GUI to a text window sometimes corrupting
other GUIs.
- Fixed compiler allowing assignment to string in declaration.
- Fixed crash if game.text_speed was zero (now error out instead).
- Fixed keyboard focus in editor being lost when selecting the GUI
editor from the left hand tree.
- Fixed editor crash compiling a script with no right hand side of
an operator.
- Fixed crash using nested imported function calls in script.
- Fixed black palette entries getting remapped to dark grey in
256-colour sprites.
- Fixed import rectangle changing size when switching import images
if the importer was zoomed in.
- Fixed editor crash if you deleted the last selected sprite.
- Fixed system.screen_height returning 200 even when it was
actually running at 240.
- Fixed speech positioning problem with GUIs Turn Off When Disabled
- Fixed crash loading a room if anti-alias sprites was enabled
and the room palette was corrupt somehow.
- Fixed fade-in problem with 256-colour animated backgrounds in
a hi-color game.
VERSION 2.56b, August 2003:
- Added GetScalingAt text script function.
- Fixed Lucasarts-style speech being wrongly offset when character
is near to the edge of the screen.
- Fixed editor crash if you pressed Find Next while auto-complete
was displayed.
VERSION 2.56a, August 2003:
- Changed the way region tints work, to make them more useful.
- Added RawDrawRectangle text script function.
- Added game.anim_background_speed to allow you to modify the
speed at which the animated backgrounds rotate.
- DisplaySpeechAt with Sierra-style speech doesn't shrink text box.
- FaceLocation with "turn to face" now works in Enters Screen event.
- Increased max fonts to 15.
- Fixed region tint in 15-bit colour.
- Fixed crash if the player typed [ or ] into the text parser.
- Fixed region tints not being saved in save games.
- Fixed region light levels messing up in editor.
- Documented custom properties.
VERSION 2.56, August 2003
- Added GetCharacterProperty, GetCharacterPropertyText,
GetHotspotProperty, GetHotspotPropertyText, GetInvProperty,
GetInvPropertyText, GetObjectProperty, GetObjectPropertyText,
GetRoomProperty, GetRoomPropertyText, ListBoxRemove,
SetCharacterBlinkView, SetGUIObjectPosition, SetGUISize,
SetRegionTint and StrContains script functions.
- Added Custom Properties to allow you to easily specify options
for hotspots, characters, rooms, objects and inventory.
- Added option for characters speed to be adjusted in line with
their scaling level.
- Added option to display multiple inventory items multiple times.
- Added option to have the text parser with dialog options, so that
the player can either select an option or type something in.
- Added RGB tint option for regions as an alternative to light level.
- Added "Quick Import FLC frames" to import all frames from a FLC
file in one go to the current sprite folder.
- Implemented multiple select for dragging and deleting sprites in
the sprite manager.
- Added "Update translation file" option, to add new lines from the
game to the translation source, whilst leaving currently translated
bits intact.
- Added options to translation files, to allow changing font and
text direction on a per-translation basis.
- Added preliminary support for right-to-left text writing.
- Added ability to delete sprite folders (USE WITH CARE!!)
- Added "Lock objects in position" checkbox to the GUI editor, to
stop you accidentally moving objects when trying to select them.
- Added extra "Blinking" view to draw an extra animation on top of
the character's speech animation intermittently while they are
talking. Currently Sierra-style speech only.
- Added 'goto-previous' dialog script command to return to previous
topic, and 'lose-inv' command to lose the player inventory.
- Added new "Box out" and "Crossfade" screen transitions.
- Added option for characters to turn to face their new direction
when using FaceLocation/FaceCharacter.
- Added "Persistent" GUI display option, to not remove it during
a cutscene with "GUIs turn off when disabled".
- Added "Auto number speech lines" to automatically give a number
to all speech lines in the game.
- Added feature to detect hung scripts and abort the game (for
example, scripts like while (1) { } )
- Added ability to export/import the text parser word list.
- Added MIDI controller event support, so that MIDI commands such as
sustain will now work.
- Sierra-style speech now shrinks the width of the text window if
the text is narrower than the screen width.
- Text parser now accepts ' and - characters, and automatically
accepts plurals of all words (ie. an 's' on the end).
- Added ability to change sprite numbers in the Sprite Manager.
- Increased max sprite folders to 500.
- Increased max sprites to 15000.
- Increased max dialog topics to 500.
- Increased max cursors to 20 (though the new ones will only activate
the Any Click event at present).
- Script editor is no longer a modal window (but only if it's not
opened from the interaction editor).
- Changing a hotspot name now correctly marks the room as modified.
- Sprite manager now remembers which folder you were in before
when selecting new item graphics.
- SetPlayerCharacter now changes the mouse cursor if an inventory
item of the old character was active.
- Disabled auto-complete in the dialog script editor.
- Fixed Enters Screen Before Fadein not being run if the NewRoom was
launched from an inventory interaction.
- Fixed normal mouse cursor flashing up in between messages
when Always Display As Speech was being used.
- Fixed Sierra-style speech box overrunning the face if it had
wide borders.
- Fixed set-speech-view dialog command not working.
- Fixed buttons in default inventory screen being drawn without
- Fixed dialog bullet getting set even if you pressed ESC.
- Fixed animated backgrounds sharing the palette, even when you told
them not to. You'll need to re-import the main background in any
problem rooms for this fix to take effect.
- Fixed thinking view not being exported with character.
- Fixed RunAGSGame not resetting game paused flags.
- Fixed RunAGSGame not working if mode was passed as 1.
- Fixed Rebuild VOX Files to delete the music.vox if there were
previously music files, but no longer are any.
- Fixed SetSoundVolume not taking effect with footstep sounds.
- Fixed editor crash if "function" was the last word in a script.
- Fixed "player.inv[index]--;" also decrementing inv[index+1]
- Fixed SetPlayerCharacter crashing if called from game_start.
- Fixed dialog options moving across the screen in non-GUI mode.
- Fixed editor crash typing >200 characters into a label.
- Fixed text window GUI being used for dialog options instead of
the specified Dialog Options GUI.
- Fixed GUI button text not being translated if the button also
had an image.
- Fixed HideMouseCursor not hiding cursor while message displayed.
- Fixed FollowCharacter crash when stopping char from following.
- Fixed problem with translations where \" had been used in a string.
- Fixed dividing by zero in the script causing a fatal exception.
- You are now always prompted to save changes to a room when loading
another one - the Preferences setting only affects the prompt when
you choose the "Save Room" option on the menu.
VERSION 2.55, May 2003
- GUIs can now be named, and those names used in the text script,
much the same way as it works with characters.
GUIs can also now be deleted, which is safe so long as you use
their names rather than numbers to reference them in your scripts.
- Optimization to speed up screens with large objects, and to
speed up rendering of characters.
- Added "regions" as a new room area mask type. These take over
light levels from walkable areas, and also add 'Player Walks Onto'
and 'Player Walks Off' interactions.
- Added support for New Game Templates, to enable the user to choose
between a new game Sierra-style, Lucasarts-style, and so forth.
The default blank game also now includes a simple custom inventory
- Added DisableRegion, DisplayThought, EnableRegion, GetGameOption,
GetGameParameter, GetRegionAt, IsInventoryInteractionAvailable,
RunRegionInteraction, SetCharacterViewEx and ShakeScreenBackground
text script functions.
- Added plugin API functions GetSpriteWidth, GetSpriteHeight,
GetTextExtent, PrintDebugConsole, PlaySoundChannel, IsChannelPlaying
- Increased max objects per room from 10 to 15.
- Added "Quick Save" editor option, which saves your changes but
doesn't compile the game files. This is useful when you just
want to quickly save your work but not test the game.
- Added drag and drop support to sprite manager for moving sprites.
- Added game.text_align variable to allow you to centre text within
message boxes.
- Added ability to use custom image as GUI Slider tracker.
- Added option for 256-colour animating backgrounds to share the
main background's palette, to eliminate flicker effect on
backgrounds with more subtle changes.
- Added basic CallTips to script editor.
- Mirrored view frames now work with objects.
- Editor now checks whether the starting room exists before
saving the game, which should hopefully help newbies.
- Added "Conditional - If mouse cursor mode is" and "Conditional -
If player has been to room" interaction commands.
- If you have no mod/xm music, the player is now not loaded and
therefore you can use all 6 sound channels simultaneously.
- SetButtonPic now updates the button size to the size of the new
graphic, when changing the Normal graphic.
- Editor now prompts you to rebuild the vox files if music or speech
has been added to the game folder.
- Tiled sprite import now goes from left to right in rows, rather
than top to bottom in columns - more logical this way.
- Allow FileOpen to open files in sub-directories if FILE_READ.
- Tinkered with avi playback code a bit to try and make it more stable.
- Fixed spurious engine crash "no such function in script" when nesting
scripts inside interactions.
- Fixed walk-behind mask granularity not being updated if a background
of a different resolution but same relative size was imported.
- Fixed editor crash sometimes when changing GUI background image.
- Fixed crash trying to load a game saved in a 320x240 room when
the current room was a 320x200 room.
- Fixed crash when characters went off the top of the screen.
- Fixed crash passing empty string to Display/DisplaySpeech.
- Fixed SetGUIPosition giving error message at 800x600.
- Fixed SetMusicVolume not allowing volume less than Normal.
- Fixed character light levels to use region 0 settings if off-screen,
to make the character be correctly lit as they walk from off-screen.
- Fixed black on some sprites turning to transparent when ignoring
walk behinds.
- Fixed replay playback sync error with 640x400-res games.
- Fixed game crash if you had an unterminated GUI label macro.
- Fixed crash drawing small (eg. 4x4) sprites.
- Fixed editor crash dumping game text in long path names.
- Fixed crash in Win9x when trying to drag sprites in the sprite manager.
- Fixed crash entering a very long global message in the editor.
- Fixed music crossfading while playing FLC animation.
- Fixed anti-aliased 256-col sprites being black during fade-in.
- Fixed on_event(ADD_INVENTORY) not running if the player already
had one of the item.
- Fixed Undo wiping entire script if selected when editor opens.
- Fixed dumping game text where there was no blank line at the
end of a dialog script.
- Fixed anti-aliased fonts causing problems with dialog options.
- Renamed "Always on" and "Script only" GUI types to make more sense.
VERSION 2.54, March 2003
- Added lip-sync text reading for speech lines.
- Added option to anti-alias TTF fonts.
- New Linux version of the AGS Engine, thanks to Shawn Walker. This is
available seperately for download from the AGS website.
- Added CentreGUI, GetGlobalString, GetHotspotPointX, GetHotspotPointY,
HideMouseCursor, SetButtonText, SetGlobalString, SetGUITransparency,
SetMousePosition and ShowMouseCursor text script functions.
- Added "Conditional - If player character is" and "Character - Change
Character View" interaction commands.
- Added checks to stop characters walking through each other, and
a related "Can be walked through" character option in the editor.
- Added option to Setup to anti-alias scaled characters, thanks to
Michael Bukin.
- Added "GUIs turn off" option for when the player interface is disabled.
- Added game.dialog_options_x and game.dialog_options_y to allow you
to set an offset if your dialog options GUI has a border.
- Added game.narrator_speech to allow you to set which filename prefix is
used for voice speech within the narrator-style Display() messages.
- Added game.ambient_sounds_persist to allow ambient sounds to continue
playing on room changes.
- Added unofficial debug display console (press the ` key, like in Quake)
which might help you track down problems with your game.
- View frame sounds now don't play if all sound channels are in use.
- Improved hi-colour fade out/in speed, thanks to Matthew Leverton.
- Increased max sprite folders to 100.
- Unhandled_event is now run if you use an inventory item on an
interaction which does not handle that item.
- Allow 240-height GUIs in 320x240 and 640x480 mode.
- StopMusic now fades out the old track if crossfading is enabled.
- Fixed hotspot walk-to points being randomly moved in the editor
when the cursor left the top of the background area.
- Fixed sound looping glitch disabling crossfading during a fade-out.
- Fixed crossfading music not working while PlayVideo was playing.
- Fixed speech positioning error with transparent GUIs.
- Fixed RunAGSGame crashing if the old game used plugins.
- Fixed SetFrameSound changes not being saved in save games.
- Fixed editor crash drawing horizontal line in continuous scaling area.
- Fixed crash in StopMusic/PlayMusic when using crossfader.
- Fixed bottom row of pixels in a walk-behind area not working.
- Fixed SetInvItemPic failing with inventory item 1.
- Fixed crash right-clicking in bottom of main tree pane.
- Fixed @overhotspot@ text popping up briefly between display lines.
- Fixed sprite importer scrolling back to top when using right drag.
- Fixed minor change to TTF font sizes.
- Fixed DisplaySpeech text not staying long enough when using %s.
- Fixed character stopping on wrong frame if the pathfinder failed.
- Fixed problem with PlayMP3File and music crossfading.
- Fixed dialog startup script not getting played when switching topics.
- Fixed hotspot 0's walk-to point not being visible.
- Fixed IsInteractionAvailable with hotspots with walk-to points.
- Fixed crash in SetSoundVolume when multiple sounds were playing.
- Fixed movement jumping when doing slow horizontal and vertical moves.
- Fixed music glitching when the engine exits with an error.
- Fixed horizontal scroll bar in sprite import window being missing.
- Fixed crash displaying messages longer than 1000 characters.
- Fixed UpdatePalette while skipping a cutscene.
VERSION 2.53, January 2003
- Added GetDialogOption, GetGraphicalVariable, IsChannelPlaying,
IsOverlayValid, PlaySoundEx, RunAGSGame, SetChannelVolume,
SetCharacterSpeechView, SetDigitalMasterVolume, SetGameOption,
SetMultitaskingMode and StopChannel text script functions.
- Changed the way resolution selection works in the editor to make it much
more intuitive and friendly to newbies
- Added 800x600 resolution support.
- Added IAGSEngine::GetViewFrame, GetWalkbehindBaseline, GetAreaScaling,
GetScriptFunctionAddress, GetTransparentColor, GetRawPixelColor and
IsGamePaused plugin API functions.
- Added "Rebuild all room files" option to Game menu in editor.
- Added Alt+R as a hotkey to start recording a replay mid-game.
- Added "New room" option to File menu in editor.
- Added "Stop running more commands", "Character - Face Location" and
"Game - Pause command processor" interaction commands.
- Added room variables to interaction editor.
- Added multiple sound channel support.
- Added crossfading option for background music.
- Added exact palette import option for sprites in 256-colour games.
- Added Script menu to editor, with options to jump straight to commonly
edited global script functions.
- Script compiler now detects mismatch of string/int in function calls,
and multiple declarations of the same variable.
- 640x400-res sprites are no longer stretched in the Characters pane.
- DisplaySpeechBackground now returns the overlay number it uses.
- Upgraded TTF font renderer, leading to much faster TTF rendering.
- Decreased save game size.
- Editor now warns you rather than crashing if the game files are read-only.
- Changed maximum frame rate from 100 to 1000 FPS to help speed tests.
- Room messages displayed as speech now use the SetSkipSpeech setting
and ignore the "Auto remove after a time" checkbox.
- Removed "(most detailed)" from 960x600 in Setup to try and stop inexperienced
players from choosing it.
- Repeatedly_execute is now not called before Player Enters Screen in a room.
- Screen edges are now disabled while the game is paused.
- Increased max parameters for script functions from 10 to 15.
- Increased max GlobalInts from 300 to 500.
- Sprite importer now displays pixel size of selection rectangle.
- If a character view has 8 loops, but loops 4-7 only have one frame each,
then the diagonal frames are only used when turning round, not when walking.
- Allow 15 characters in game folder name instead of 8.
- Fixed lockup if you tried to skip a cutscene while the icon bar was up.
- Fixed editor minimizing after using external text editor.
- Fixed interaction variables not getting saved in save games.
- Fixed rare condition where game could freeze up.
- Fixed room areas and GUI editor buttons being opaque.
- Fixed DisplaySpeechAt not using translations and text not staying long enough.
- Fixed rare text script string corruption after restoring save game.
- Fixed crash when restoring game in games which used the text parser.
- Fixed speech getting hidden behind tall thin GUIs.
- Fixed bug restoring a game saved in a 320x200 room when in a 320x240 room.
- Fixed viewport co-ordinates not being restored from save game.
- Fixed DisplayAtY when "Always display as speech" was checked.
- Fixed possible issue with IsMusicPlaying when the user had no sound card.
- Fixed Raw changes to animated background frames not being saved in save game.
- Fixed double-clicking an event in the interaction editor not creating a
new action if it had previously had one which had since been deleted.
- Fixed editor allowing you to create two variables with the same name.
- Fixed interaction editor arguments sticking on Boolean sometimes
even once you changed it to a different command.
- Changed internal compiled game file format slightly.
- Upgraded editor wxWindows version - hopefully will correct WinXP glitches.
VERSION 2.52, November 2002
- Added AnimateCharacterEx, AnimateObjectEx, DeleteSaveSlot, GetInvAt,
GetRawTime, IsObjectOn, RawDrawCircle text script functions.
- Added RESTORE_GAME event to on_event in order to let your game know when its
just been loaded from a save game file.
- Added game.score_sound to allow dynamic changing of the score sound.
- Implemented speed optimisation which should boost performance in all rooms that
have walk-behind areas, especially those with large objects.
- Added ability to run animations backwards; see the new Animate*Ex script
functions for more information.
- Added 'datafile' option to config file to allow playing game off CD; PlayVideo
now uses the data directory rather than the EXE directory.
- Added 'Cancel' option to prompt when closing script editor.
- Added mouse wheel support to replay recording/playback.
- Fixed the infamous "Not enough memory to load masks" error and related Illegal
Exception on startup, that occured to some people on Windows XP.
- Added IAGSEngine::GetRoomMask plugin API function.
- Increased max GUIs from 20 to 30.
- The current zoom level is now displayed in the editor in Walkable Area mode.
- The return key now works in the initial "Welcome to AGS" dialog.
- VOX files are now removed on the rebuild if you remove all the music
or speech source files from the game folder.
- "Add Action After This" now inserts where you click rather than adding at end;
added "Add Action Before This" option as well.
- Fixed MoveCharacter functions resetting character frame to 0 if they were
already moving.
- Fixed error if you tried to export more than 140 functions from the global
- Fixed GetLocationName/ProcessClick not obeying the SetObjectIgnoreWalkbehinds
and SetCharacterIgnoreWalkbehinds settings; and priority problem with
objects over walkbehinds.
- Fixed Winsetup.exe not working with paths with spaces in.
- Fixed IsSoundPlaying while skipping cutscene.
- Fixed crash importing old rooms with old-style animations.
- Fixed an error in the script header bringing up the global script when you
clicked Yes to fix it.
- Fixed unhandled_event not working with type 4 (No Hotspot)
- Fixed crash when creating a room message longer than 3000 characters.
- Fixed crash when Alt+Tabbing in windowed mode in Windows 2000.
- Fixed "out of sync" error after playing back a replay for 10-15 mins.
- Fixed rare crash after loading a save game.
VERSION 2.51a, October 2002
- Fixed error loading wave files.
- Fixed walk-behind area 15 not being able to set a baseline.
- Trying alternate method for Save & Run to work around Windows cache bugs.
VERSION 2.51, October 2002
- Added support for plugins to allow people to extend AGS.
- Added sprite mirroring support to views.
- Added smooth scaling for walkable areas.
- Added DisplaySpeechAt, IsInteractionAvailable, SetLabelColor and
SetTextWindowGUI text script functions; game.room_width and
game.room_height variables.
- Added give-score dialog script command.
- Added replay recording and playback (currently unsupported).
- Added 'Number dialog options' and 'Dialog options go upwards on GUI' game
- Speeded up room loading times.
- Added skip type 3 (key or mouse) to PlayVideo.
- Added 'Hide Border' option for text and list boxes.
- ListBoxSetSelected now scrolls the list if necessary to show the
selected item.
- Added option to Setup to force letterbox mode, for people where 320x200
doesn't work.
- Made Load Room the default action for the room list.
- Increased max sprite folders from 60 to 80.
- If Sierra-style speech and No Auto Remove, stops portrait animating once
the default time has elapsed.
- Allow negative co-ordinates in SetGUIPosition, to allow you to slide the
GUI on from off-screen.
- Fixed new-room dialog script not stopping screen edges from taking effect
before fadein.
- Fixed colour problems when importing some 256-col animating backgrounds.
- Fixed palette flicker when changing between 256-col anim backgrounds.
- Fixed editor crash with dialog scripts >200 lines.
- Fixed MouseOver pic not being used when GUI is switched on.
- Fixed small OGG speech files erroneously repeating.
- Fixed Skip Cutscene not working during voice speech.
- Fixed hit-testing order when characters were behind objects and so on.
- Fixed IsSoundPlaying not working properly with MP3 and OGG sounds.
- Fixed bug with Rebuild VOX Files and OGG speech.
- Fixed rare crash when clicking dialog option.
- Fixed erroneous "Colour depth doesn't match" error importing animated
- Fixed "been in no rooms" error if game started in room >300.
- Fixed problem saving game while a mouse-y popup GUI was displayed.
- Fixed script blocks not getting removed when Clear All Actions was used.
- Fixed characters occasionally getting stuck if movement was stopped halfway
into a move.
- Fixed editor getting minimized after testing the game.
- Fixed Setup Game option from editor not saving settings to the right place.
- Fixed @overhotspot@ not blanking out over empty areas.
- Fixed Voice Only mode displaying blank text box with Sierra-style speech.
- Fixed issue with area-specific character views messing up along the edge.
- Fixed save games not working properly if saved in an extended room ( > 300)
- Fixed script editor window losing focus when you switch away.
- Missing speech files now write to log rather than exiting game.
- Engine now quits gracefully rather than crashing if you use invalid
walkable areas.
- Fixed rare crash when saving a room.
- Fixed Setup saving settings not then being used by the engine that run.
- Upgraded allegro version, to hopefully fix black screen issues.
VERSION 2.5b, September 2002
- Added StrSetCharAt text script function.
- Added ability to use number keys 1-9 as shortcut to select dialog options.
- Added ability to have text and image on GUI buttons. Note currently
the text will always be in the top-middle of the button.
- Fixed issue with AreCharObjColliding in 640x400.
- Fixed rare random crash bug when a script function ended.
- Fixed DisplayAtY and RawPrintMessageWrapped not working properly
at 640x400.
- Fixed "symbol table overflow" with very large global scripts.
VERSION 2.5a, September 2002
- Fixed problem with hi-res walkbehinds in newly created rooms.
- Fixed crash bug when importing characters.
- Fixed crash bug occasionally when exporting GUIs.
VERSION 2.5, September 2002
NOTE: Graphical scripts and Animations have been removed completely from
this version - the engine can no longer run old rooms that used them.
NOTE: It is now IMPOSSIBLE for your game to be de-compiled - even by me.
Take special care to backup more in future.
NOTE: Back up your game before using this version, as many changes have
been made and it's possible that the upgrade may cause problems.
- Totally re-written interaction editor, which now combines the old
graphical scripts into the main interaction window.
- Optimised drawing of large objects to improve frame rate.
- New built-in script editor, with syntax highlighting, auto-complete
and more!
- Added OGG Vorbis support for music, speech and sound effects.
- Added DisplayMessageAtY, FileIsEOF, GetMessageText, GetTranslationName,
GetWalkableAreaAt, ListBoxSetTopItem, PlayMP3File,
RawPrintMessageWrapped, RunInventoryInteraction and SetFrameSound text
script functions.
- Walk-behinds for 640x400 rooms are now 640x400 res, allowing proper
walk-behind effects in hi-res. Note currently since there's no zoom
feature it's very difficult to do this in the editor - best idea is
to use the Import Mask feature.
- Added option to set a sound effect for a view frame - should be useful
for doing footstep sounds and so forth.
- Added "player" alias to dialog script meaning current player character
- Increased maximum characters in a game from 50 to 150.
- Increased maximum frames per loop to 20 and loops per view to 16.
- Increased maximum options per dialog topic from 15 to 30.
- Increased maximum inventory items from 99 to 300.
- Increased GUI button/label limit from 80 to 150.
- Using "..." as text to DisplaySpeech or in a dialog script pauses the
conversation briefly as if the characters are stopping to think.
- In 256-color games, animating backgrounds now each get a different
palette, so they don't all have to use similar colours to the first.
- Added mouse wheel and middle button support.
- Added "Save and Run" button to Setup.
- Added 'Handle inventory clicks in script' option to game settings
to enable you to handle clicks on inventory items in your script.
- Added "set-globalint" dialog script command.
- Made running at 85 Hz an option in Setup rather than forcing it,
since TFT monitors / laptops can't do it.
- Save games now save the changes made by Raw functions.
- Added support for passing error message and line number to external editor.
- Renamed IsVoxAvailable to IsSpeechVoxAvailable to avoid confusion.
- "Revert to default fonts" now sets back fonts 0-2 to defaults.
- GUI editor now only resizes a GUI button when you change its image.
- Added right-click Copy Co-ordinates to main room display window.
- SetNormalFont now affects built-in dialogs (quit/save/etc).
- Transition from preload screen to first room now uses your preference
rather than a forced fade-out.
- Fixed end of MP3 speech getting cut off.
- Fixed EXE icon not being applied to game window.
- Fixed speech text positioning with tall GUIs.
- Fixed editor scroll bars not updating when importing large background.
- Fixed character talking colour having to be below 256.
- Fixed translations of global messages 984-999 not working.
- Fixed bug with AreCharObjColliding, and made it pixel-perfect.
- Fixed translations of GUI buttons not working.
- Fixed "Stack pointer not 0" error using arrays as local variables.
- Fixed crash on finish of importing text dump.
- Fixed Sierra-style speech appearing under large top GUIs.
- Fixed issue with animated backgrounds with odd widths and heights.
- Fixed "character[CHARID.animating" crashing compiler
- Fixed MOD music getting disabled after playing AVI/MPG.
- Fixed SetAreaLightLevel crash with using area 15.
- Fixed Add Inventory interaction using Data instead of VAL for the value.
- Fixed outline fonts not working for dialog options.
- Fixed glitching sometimes when mp3 music looped.
- Fixed text dump import resetting room options.
- Fixed very rare crash bug when changing rooms.
- Fixed game.bgspeech_game_speed to work properly.
- Fixed GetMIDIPosition and GetMP3PosMillis during a skipped cutscene.
- Fixed DisplaySpeech when character talking colour was 0.
- Fixed "No MIDI music" setting playing music anyway.
- Fixed false AnimateObject error message when using AnimateCharacter.
- Fixed bug where speed of first frame of speech animation was wrong.
- Fixed following character problem if you changed room before the
follower got to the current one.
- Minor editor bug fixes.
- Changed MP3 decoder from Xing to mpg123 for licensing reasons.
VERSION 2.4b, July 2002
- Added IsMusicVoxAvailable text script function.
- Editor now checks whether a sprite is part of a view before letting you
delete it.
- Editor makes backup copy of old game file and sprite file before saving.
- Un-checking the external editor now keeps the file name for future use.
- Fixed crash with messages longer than 350 characters.
- Fixed walking onto screen from off-edge if NewRoomEx was used.
- Fixed editor crash if a character had no normal view.
- Fixed crash on RunDialog use inside dialog_request - error msg instead.
- Fixed strange behaviour if SetViewport was called from repeatedly_execute.
VERSION 2.4a, July 2002
- Implemented fade in with hi-color games.
- Screen edges are now ignored during Player Enters Screen, which allows
you to move the character in from beyond the edge without it changing
rooms afterwards.
- Editor now warns if you rename a game directory to >8 characters.
- Fonts now drawn smaller in editor if Don't Scale Up is selected.
- Fixed SetSkipSpeech style 3 not being skipped in cutscenes.
- Fixed editor crash if GUI width/height was set to 0.
VERSION 2.4, July 2002
NOTE: Graphical scripts have been removed from this version. You will
need to re-do them as text scripts. Sorry. Rooms with graphical scripts
will continue to work until you modify the room in the Windows editor at
which point the graphical scripts will be removed.
- NEW! Windows-based IDE.
- Added TTF font support.
- Added support for game translations.
- Added support for MP3 speech files and sound effects.
- Added support for AVI and MPG video (Windows engine only).
- Added sprite caching system to decrease engine memory use.
- Added ability for player to skip cutscenes; see StartCutscene for info.
- Removed old-style translations, and moved remaining built-in messages
to global message slots 984-995.
- Added CallRoomScript, EndCutscene, GetMP3PosMillis, GetTranslation,
IsTranslationAvailable, MoveCharacterPath, PlayAmbientSound,
PlayVideo, SeekMP3PosMillis, SetCharacterProperty, SetLabelFont,
SetMouseBounds, SetNextCursorMode, StartCutscene, StopAmbientSound,
StrGetCharAt, StrToLowerCase, StrToUpperCase, and WaitMouseKey text
script functions.
- Increase limit to 6000 sprite slots, 300 views.
- Changed names of functions InterfaceOff and InterfaceOn to GUIOff and
GUIOn, since a lot of AGSers now weren't around when Interfaces were
used, and so are getting confused with these function names.
The old InterfaceOff and On will still work for the time being so you
don't have to change any code, just try to use GUIOn/Off from now on.
- Added a few new Windows engine Setup options.
- Added option to draw inventory cursor hotspot dots.
- Added [optional] words to Said parser.
- Added (INVSHR) to draw small items at actual size rather than stretching.
- Added missing "Pick up character" event, and added User Mode 8 & 9 events
to character, object and hotspot interactions.
- Music file load failure now lets you know via the debug log.
- Added Alt+X as the new engine break key, to replace Ctrl+alt+end.
- Added %d/%s support to DisplaySpeech.
- @overhotspot@ now displays nothing while the wait cursor is in effect.
- Changed name of AC2GAME.DAT to AC2GAME.AGS to work with explorer better.
- Go To Screen now makes sure character is placed within screen edges on
new screen.
- Walkable area 0's zoom level is now used if a character walks through
it with MoveCharacterDirect.
- Fixed AnimateObject flashing up frame 0 of loop 0.
- Fixed flickering and mouse cursor problems while displaying dialog
options in Windows engine.
- Fixed SetButtonPic not updating if cursor was over button at the time.
- Fixed problem when walking off left of scrolling rooms.
- Fixed text staying on screen too long sometimes with voice speech.
- Fixed crash when walkable area 15 was used.
- Fixed walkable area 15's zoom and light levels not working.
- Fixed inverted colours on some graphics cards at 16-bit.
- Fixed skipping cutscene with blocking Display() and talkie games.
- Fixed character walking on the spot at end of movement sometimes.
- Fixed crash when moving with certain walkable area configurations.
- Fixed mouse cursor moving to right when clicking top of icon bar.
- Fixed idle animation not releasing properly if speech started in the
middle of it.
- Fixed rare "error -2" crash when changing rooms.
- Fixed strings overwriting each other in text script nested function calls.
- Fixed mouse moving problem with windowed-mode Win engine.
- Fixed speech text appearing under GUI when near top of screen.
- Fixed Windows engine crashing when close button was clicked.
- Fixed Dissolve screen transition.
- Fixed messed up colours on some systems in 15-bit.
- Fixed SetObjectIgnoreWalkbehinds going behind all objects.
- Fixed AreCharObjColliding returning 1 when object was off.
- Fixed GetSaveSlotDescription and ListBoxSaveGameList returning
"Invalid Slot" after being run a few times.
- Fixed "GUI unchanged when disabled" greying out text buttons.
- Fixed being able to activate inventory items out of sight in custom
inventory window.
- Fixed walkable area 15's light and zoom settings not being saved.
- Fixed various issues with sound in Windows engine.
- Fixed crash when playing some 640x400 games at 320x200.
- Fixed room loading crash bug if a message was longer than 300 characters.
- Fixed compiler crash if you did Display("Text",); now prints an error
- Fixed crash bug if pressed a key during a complex cutscene
- Fixed MP3 glitching at very low frame rates (<10 fps)
- Fixed positioning of QFG4-style dialog options box if DisplaySpeech
text script function used instead of dialog script.
VERSION 2.31, March 2002
- Added ChangeCursorHotspot, DisplayAtY, FileWriteRawLine,
IsInterfaceEnabled, IsObjectMoving and UpdateInventory text script
- Added [ as line break character to GUI labels.
- Added game.skip_display script variable.
- Background speech text is now removed when a character starts talking
- The engine now attempts to spot you using an int as a buffer by accident.
- GUIs are now drawn on top of all screen overlays.
- character[].animating is no longer 1 while idle animation is playing.
- Screen edges now only take effect while the game is not in Wait mode.
- Fixed unhandled_event happening when an Any Click event was used.
- Fixed StopDialog not working at all.
- Fixed parse error using ',' inside array index.
- Fixed activating an interaction just before character leaves the screen.
- Fixed dialog options GUI being too wide when short options.
- Fixed mouseover picture on GUI buttons flashing up on InterfaceOn.
- Fixed SetCharacterIdle if an idle animation was already playing.
- Fixed glitch with pixel-perfect click detection at edges of sprites.
- Fixed idle animations with following characters.
- Fixed text colors when running at 15-bit.
- Fixed lack of border around standard text window.
- Fixed idle animations kicking in when they shouldn't.
- Fixed Any Click response scripts overriding earlier interaction scripts.
- Fixed DOS engine leaving artifacts when moving from 320x240 to 320x200.
- Fixed some issues with extra animations playing after ReleaseCharView.
- Fixed MP3 music skipping in ShakeScreen and during room loading.
- Fixed repeating multi-loop animations jumping back to wrong frame.
- Fixed clicking at current location stopping idle animation.
- Fixed wait cursor not appearing when clicking option in dialog.
- Fixed various pathfinder issues.
- Fixed text in normal dialog box being transparent.
- Fixed LEC inventory not updating when scrolling up/down in list.
- Fixed users typing [ into text boxes.
- Fixed SetCharacterWalkBehinds going in front of characters.
- Fixed SetCharacterIdle not kicking in for a second.
- Fixed "Error initializing sound" when "No sound" selected.
- Fixed speech being left on screen if followed by normal textbox.
- Fixed backspace not working in input boxes.
- Moved dialog options window across to right when using full-screen pics.
- Restricted FileOpen to only allow access to files in game directory.
- Disabled F1 in roomedit because it could crash the program.
VERSION 2.3, January 2002
NOTE: This version of AGS has undergone major changes, and so the engine can
no longer run old games. You need to load and save your game in RoomEdit to
update it.
- New pathfinder, which should generate better routes.
- Added ability to call global script functions directly from local scripts,
and script header file. See section 4.4.2 in the manual for information.
- Added basic text parser, works similarly to the AGI one. See section 4.6
in the manual for more information.
- Added List Box GUI control.
- Added ChangeCursorGraphic, GetCharacterAt, GetGUIAt, GetGUIObjectAt,
IsGUIOn, IsKeyPressed, ListBoxAdd, ListBoxClear, ListBoxDirList,
ListBoxGetItemText, ListBoxGetNumItems, ListBoxGetSelected,
ListBoxSaveGameList, ListBoxSetSelected, MoveToWalkableArea, ParseText,
RawClearScreen, RawDrawImage, RawDrawLine, RawDrawTriangle, RawPrint,
RawRestoreScreen, RawSaveScreen, RawSetColor, RunCharacterInteraction,
RunHotspotInteraction, RunObjectInteraction, Said, SaidUnknownWord,
SetCharacterBaseline, SetCharacterIgnoreLight,
SetCharacterIgnoreWalkbehinds, SetObjectClickable,
SetObjectIgnoreWalkbehinds, StopMusic and TintScreen text script
Removed CallGlobalScript, CaptureScreen, CapturedPrint and EndCapture as
they are now obsolete.
- Optimised GUI drawing to eliminate LEC-style slowdown.
- Added on_event text script event function, to let you have a common script
to be run whenever the player enters a new room, and so on. Manual 4.4.1.
- Added option to make characters turn to face the new direction before
starting to walk.
- All background music MP3 files can now be put into a special MUSIC.VOX file,
similar to the way SPEECH.VOX works.
- Finally fixed the sound selection list boxes in AGSWin setup.
- Sierra-style inventory now scrolls if there are too many items to fit, and
right mouse button cycles between Select and Look modes.
- Added QFG4-style speech (black screen with talking view on left hand side).
- Added "ignore lighting" and "no turning" character options to roomedit.
- FaceLocation/FaceCharacter now use diagonal loops where available.
- AGSWin now integrates itsself into explorer so you can double-click .AGS
files to run them. This means you can rename AC2GAME.DAT to YOURNAME.AGS
and double-click it to run the game.
- Added (INVNS) which does the same as (INV) except that it does not stretch
the item picture.
- Added inventory interactions to unhandled_event.
- Added game.total_score text script variable.
- Edges of text windows can now be transparent.
- If the mouse cursor has been changed from the default for the current mode,
the wait cursor will not show when Wait() is called.
- Save games can now be loaded if the VOX file has been added/deleted since
the position was saved.
- Upped limit to 19 hotspots (sorry, quick fix, more later).
- Roomedit now allows cycling through all skip speech modes.
- Pressing key does not now skip speech text if the icon bar is popped up.
- Idle loops are no longer chosen at random - instead, the character's
current loop number is used.
- Added script header file, which is included into all scripts to prevent
having to manually import functions into every room.
- Added new-room dialog script command.
- Fixed script problem with importing strings and using arrays.
- Character export/import now deals with idle views.
- Added "top-right" and "bottom-right" transparent corner for sprite import.
- QFG4-style speech window now shrinks text window to fit text.
- Speech text uses GUI fgcol instead of character talk color if a background
text window is used for speech.
- Changed the way Test Game works, to help with bugs when return to roomedit.
- Fixed hi-colour PRELOAD.PCX not being shown.
- Fixed "Object 9 can't move".
- Fixed MP3 volume not being altered if the track is currently playing.
- Fixed demo game using LEC interface for dialog options.
- Fixed GetMIDIPosition returning -1 when a song was playing.
- Disabled Ctrl-V while speech text is displayed.
- Fixed text color problem in 15-bit colour.
- Fixed SetGUIPosition in large (>320x200) rooms.
- Fixed SetObject/CharacterTransparent with full transparency level.
- Fixed AnimateCharacter if an idle loop was running at the time, and other
idle animation problems.
- Fixed transparent edges for text windows.
- Fixed nasty crash on startup in Win engine.
- Fixed problem going to 640x400 from 640x480 full screen room.
- Internal info: upgraded both engines to Allegro 4.0 (from 3.1 DOS & 3.9.37
Win) and switched to using ALMP3 v1.5 MP3 player.
VERSION 2.22, December 2001
- Added GetMIDIPosition, IsButtonDown, SeekMIDIPosition, SetObjectBaseline,
SetNormalFont, SetSpeechVolume, SetSpeechFont and SetSpeechStyle text
script functions.
- Added add-inv, set-speech-view dialog script functions.
- Added Text Box GUI control.
- Added text dumper to roomedit, to allow easy game translation and
- Added option for QFG4-like dialog options display (ie. in text window).
- Added option to draw text box behind sierra-style speech, aka KQ6.
- Added ability to set hotspot for inventory mouse cursors.
- Added "Jump to view" button to Visual, Views tab in roomedit.
- Added buttons to change zoom level by +/- 1 as well as +/- 5.
- Added safety checks to file I/O functions to stop engine crashing
if invalid data is supplied.
- Added game.following_room_timer, game.speech_text_gui, game.swap_portrait
and game.text_shadow_color script variables.
- Added F12 to take screenshot in roomedit.
- Added option to PlayFlic to turn off stretching to full screen.
- Added system.windowed script variable.
- Added datadir section to acsetup.cfg to allow data files to be loaded
from alternate directory (eg. CD-ROM, etc).
- Upped GlobalInts to 300.
- Upped vox file limit to 2000 files.
- Upped to 20 SetTimers for the script.
- Jibbled following characters a bit so if you don't join on a screen edge,
they will appear where the player entered a few seconds later.
- Text window background is now used when specifying it for dialog options.
- Changed music search order to MP3, WAV, MID, MOD, XM.
- Split resource files (.001, .002, etc) are placed in parent folder.
- Windows engine will now continue anyway if it can't init sound.
- Disabled Ctrl+V during Wait() statements cos it could desync the music.
- Colour 0 for dialog options GUI now does transparent.
- Fixed SetCharacterClickable.
- Fixed cursor staying on old item after combining items.
- Fixed S3M's not being included in EXE.
- Fixed SetScreenTransition's effect only lasting for one transition.
- Fixed mouse cursor animate only over hotspot problem in 640x400.
- Fixed graphic overlay positioning at different resolutions.
- Fixed mp3 skipping when mouse button held down in save/restore dialog.
- Fixed SetAreaLightLevel adjustments not being saved in save games.
- Fixed mouse cursor not skipping speech text if over GUI.
- Fixed random idle loop being chosen if it is a continued long animation.
- Fixed cursor changing back to arrow after looking at item in Sierra inv.
- Fixed pressing extended keys (eg F1-F10) when message displayed and
while room loading.
- Fixed message editor being all caps (in 2.22 beta)
- Fixed SetObjectBaseline (from 2.22 beta4)
- Fixed the Debug Give All Inv function giving you item 0.
- Fixed "table overflow" when having over 200 functions in global script.
VERSION 2.21, August 2001
- Added Debug option to display FPS during game.
- Added windowed option for Windows engine
- Added GetObjectGraphic, IsTimerExpired, IsVoxAvailable, SetAreaLightLevel,
SetInvDimensions, SetRestartPoint, SetTimer and WaitKey text script
- Added ability to delete GUI objects.
- Inventory items are listed in the order the player picked them up.
- Changed display initialization to hopefully fix colour problems.
- Less severe errors (eg. "sound not found") are now logged to a WARNINGS.LOG
file in the game directory, rather than quitting the engine.
- Rewrote a lot of code to avoid slowdowns in 15-bit colour mode.
- Made SetPlayerCharacter not change room if the new character is in the
current room.
- Added "no timeout; only on mouse-click" option to SetSkipSpeech.
- Added "press any key or click mouse to skip" option to FLIC player.
- Re-instated NewRoom in dialog_request.
- The music volume is now decreased while speech is played.
- If there is a compile error, it cancels the quit in roomedit
- Changed SetSoundVolume to not affect MP3/XM files.
- Made save game slots >=100 not appear in save list.
- Fixed game instability when rooms over 600 height were used
- Fixed sound issues with restoring a save game.
- Fixed problem with character[].name in text script.
- Fixed character scaling as he walks off the screen.
- Fixed MP3 not playing during FLIC animation.
- Fixed script problem with character names in strings.
- Fixed PRELOAD.PCX looking all messed up.
- Fixed multi-loop object animations not cycling back to first loop.
- Fixed scaling when character walks into non-walkable area.
- Fixed script not allowing negative initial values for variables.
- Fixed "No save/load" room setting to now block the save and restore.
- Fixed music volume spiking in between two speech lines.
VERSION 2.2, May 2001
NOTE: There have been major under-the-hood changes to AGS this version, so
unfortunately you'll need to upgrade all your room files. To do this, load
each one into RoomEdit and save it again. Sorry.
- Completely re-written text script compiler and interpreter. Let me know
if you have any problems with scripts that worked before.
- Added option to split up resource files.
- Added DisplaySpeechBackground, IsMusicPlaying, IsObjectAnimating,
MergeObject, SetCharacterTransparency, SetInvItemPic, SetScreenTransition
and UpdatePalette text script functions; removed SetPalette and GetPalette.
- Corrected GetObjectAt (and consequently the built-in hit-testing) behaviour
when there are two objects on top of each other - now it should always
pick the one that's visible on top.
- Added "Dissolve" screen transition.
- Increased sprite limit from 1900 to 5000.
- Overlays are now correctly restored when loading a save game position.
- Added option to make a GUI non-clickable for transparent overlay GUIs.
- Added unhandled_event type code 4, which occurs when the player clicks
on nothing (ie. no object, character or hotspot at the location).
- Added "Cancel" option to roomedit's "save changes?" dialog, and also
made it appear if you load a new room in.
- Added option to export sprite slot graphics.
- Added SCI palette importing.
- Fixed bug with tiled sprite imports.
- Fixed crash when adding 50 buttons to the GUI, and upped limit to 80.
- Fixed positioning of dialog topic options when not locked to GUI position.
- Fixed VOX corruption with >200 files.
- Fixed GUI transparent background pictures coming out pink, and offset of
background images being wrong.
- Fixed mouse area bug in Windows engine at full-screen 320x240.
- Fixed SetButtonPic not updating until mouse moves over it.
- Improvements to Windows engine, including it now cleans up its temp files.
VERSION 2.15 SR-3, March 2001
- Added GetGameSpeed, MoveCharacterBlocking, SetWalkBehindBase text script
- Added option to have bullet-point graphic for dialog options.
- Auto-speech now works with standard Display() command (uses player
character's voice).
- Fixed Windows engine page fault on startup, and fixed mouse detection.
- Fixed DisplayMessage error with inventory events.
- Fixed '[' being displayed sometimes instead of forcing new line.
- Fixed multi-loop talking view getting stuck on last loop.
- Fixed interaction window going wrong colour.
VERSION 2.15 SR-2, March 2001
- Added SetCharacterClickable, StopDialog text script functions.
- Added game.sierra_inv_color text script variable.
- Now any room >= 640x480 will be full-screened in letter-box mode, allowing
full-screen scrolling 640x480-res rooms.
- RoomEdit now displays the room co-ordinates at all times in the bottom-
right hand corner, so you don't need to use Ask Position.
- Made NewRoom give an error message instead of crashing if called from
the dialog_request function.
- Speeded up room loading a bit.
- Fixed bug where clicking and dragging off pop-up GUI button paused game.
- Fixed GUI "Set Mode 4" to work correctly when the player has no inventory.
- Fixed character frames being reset on restore game.
- Fixed talking views to allow having one loop only for all directions.
- Fixed go-to-next-loop to work in sierra-style speech windows.
- Fixed losing first and last character on the line when using '[' symbol.
- Fixed sierra-style speech text coming up at random positions.
- Fixed NewRoom in game_start loading first room twice.
VERSION 2.15 SR-1, February 2001
- Added MP3 support to Windows engine, thanks to Javier Gonzalez.
- Added option to stop current sound effect: call PlaySound(-1);
- Added text script functions GetHotspotAt and GetObjectAt.
- Finally fixed walking speed 1. I think.
- Fixed it so clicking the hotspot 0 (the background) doesn't trigger
- Fixed audio CD continue playing after exit.
- Fixed speech going off the top of the screen.
- Fixed memory leak in room-switching code.
VERSION 2.15, February 2001
- Added auto-speech support (see section 4.1.1 in the docs).
- Added support for transparent objects (hi-color only at present).
- Added FollowCharacterEx, SetObjectTransparency, SetSkipSpeech and
SetVoiceMode text script commands.
- Added MOD/XM support to Windows engine.
- Added feature so that in letter-box mode, 640x480 scenes are full-screen.
- Added a way to link loops together to create animations with more frames.
- Changed positioning of speech text so it's always above the character.
- Removed dithering feature from RoomEdit graphic importing.
- Fixed prevroom text script variable for following characters.
- Fixed "DisplayMessage: data column..." error with graphical scripts.
- Fixed rare crash when restoring save game.
VERSION 2.14 SR-5, February 2001
- Stopped SetCharacterView/SetObjectView changing the loop number to 0.
- Made ReleaseCharacterView fix the loop number if it would turn into a cup.
- Added option to import exact palette slots for scenes (no remapping).
- Fixed color screwup when importing 256-colour sprites into hi-col game.
- Fixed Characters scroll bar in roomedit.
- Fixed bug with 15 folders in sprite manager.
- Fixed "First time enters screen" happening before the fade-in.
- Fixed pixel-perfect click detection in hi-color.
VERSION 2.14 SR-4, February 2001
- Added option for mouse cursor to animate only when over a hotspot.
- Added text script functions GetObjectX/Y, GetViewportX/Y.
- Fixed problem with walking speed 1 jumping to destination.
- Fixed problem with scripts in Player Enters Screen.
- Fixed restore game problem.
VERSION 2.14 SR-3, February 2001
- Added FollowCharacter and SetCharacterIdle text script commands.
- Added idle animation support.
- Increased max views from 100 to 200.
- Fixed bug with room change in repeatedly_execute.
- Fixed problem with non-blank first frames in FLC files.
VERSION 2.14 SR-2, February 2001
- Added "Player leaves screen" room event.
- Added "Other click on inventory" inventory item event.
- Added SetActiveInventory text script function.
- Fixed problem with screen being visible on "Player enters screen" event
in hi-colour.
- Increased max dialog messages from 900 to 2000.
- Roomedit creates a backup of your sprite file in case there is a problem
loading the new one.
- Fixed MIDI music.
VERSION 2.14 SR-1, January 2001
- Added text script function IsSoundPlaying.
- Added "GUI unchanged when disabled" option, which doesn't grey out
or remove any buttons when the user input is disabled.
- RoomEdit now generates a custom SETUP.BAT, replacing the old "AC.EXE"
calls with your game's EXE name. This should make it a lot less confusing.
- MP3 music now takes priority over MIDI music, so you can include MP3 files
in a seperate zip file which users can optionally download and hear better
quality music.
- Fixed Text Window checkbox missing in GUI Setup.
- Fixed problem with MoveCharacterDirect and off-screen co-ordinates.
VERSION 2.14, January 2001
- Added slider control type to GUIs (see section 4.2.5 in the manual).
- Added text script functions GetSaveSlotDescription, GetSliderValue,
MoveCharacterStraight, ReleaseViewport, ResetRoom, RestoreGameSlot,
SaveGameSlot, SetSliderValue and SetViewport.
- Added ability to set light levels for walkable areas - see section 3.3.6
in the docs for info.
- Increased max overlays to 8 at a time instead of 3.
- Outline fonts on GUIs now work.
- Added ability to use custom icon for Windows EXE file - see section 4.3.1
in the docs for info.
- The "you are carrying nothing" message is now taken from global message 996
rather than from the language file, which allows you to customize it.
- Fixed character carrying on moving when talking if no talking view.
- Added ability to specify character in Data column for global messages.
- Added control panel to demo game, and fixed lockup with the slime.
- Roomedit now remembers which folder you were in for each different type
of file, so you don't save a room file to your scene folder by accident.
- The GUI editor now displays the control type in the properties box.
- Changed the "Load_Room: File not found" message to be more descriptive.
VERSION 2.13 SR-3, December 2000
- Fixed MoveObjectDirect not working.
- Fixed "INI_Lib" error message problem.
- Fixed inventory window messing up after combining two items.
- Fixed sierra-style speech window staying up after finished talking.
- Fixed crash when deleting some room script functions.
- Fixed importing walkable area mask bitmap in hi-colour games.
- Fixed arrow keys and F11/F12 in Windows engine.
- Fixed problem with mouse cursor staying as pointer when over GUIs.
VERSION 2.13 SR-2, December 2000
- Added option not to use diagonal frames for characters.
- Fixed FLC playing problem in hi-colour.
- Fixed restore & restart game bug.
- Removed ability to use local messages in global interactions, since they
weren't supposed to work anyway.
VERSION 2.13 SR-1, November 2000
- The Windows engine now uses your game's name instead of "Adventure Game
Studio" in the title bar.
- Fixed problem with the wrong walking loops being chosen.
- Fixed problem with Windows engine not playing sound effects.
- Fixed problem with FLC player.
- Fixed roomedit returning from Test Game mode.
VERSION 2.13, November 2000
- Windows engine is finally complete!
- Increased local message limit to 100 per room.
- Removed inventory item 0 since it didn't work.
- Added text script functions CreateGraphicOverlay, GetBackgroundFrame,
MoveObjectDirect, SetTextOverlay, FileReadRawChar, FileReadRawInt,
- Roomedit now converts all imported sprites to the game's color depth,
and also keeps 256-colour sprites looking good when imported into a hi-
color game.
- Added diagonal walking animation support for characters. See section 3.2.7
in the manual for which loop means which direction.
- Added ability to specify game data file on command line.
- Added ability to display current inventory item on GUI button.
- Added option to not scale up fonts in high resolutions.
- The current MOD track is now saved in the save games.
- Fixed problem with walk-behinds in animating background rooms.
- Fixed crash in roomedit with Edges and Ask Position.
- Fixed save game bug where current frame of background wans't saved.
- Fixed dialog positioning problem when roomedit runs in hi-resolution.
- Fixed animation editor Set object view problem with main character.
- Fixed crash when clicking in empty list box in Save Game dialog.
VERSION 2.12, August 2000
- Added text script functions GetTime, SetButtonPic, StringToInt,
CreateTextOverlay, MoveOverlay, RemoveOverlay.
- Added "narrator" as a character name to dialog script, to enable you to
have lines of dialog in the pop-up box rather than as speech text.
- Roomedit now makes a backup of your sprite set before saving, so you don't
lose much if it (very rarely) crashes.
- Roomedit now tries more screen resolutions, should avoid "cannot setup
display mode" error.
- The currently playing music is now saved in the save games.
- Fade Out now works in hi-colour (fade in doesn't yet though).
- Fixed black covering background when using Undo.
- Fixed icon bar popping-up briefly at start of game.
- Fixed transparent Sierra-style text windows in hi-colour.
- Fixed mouse bounding at bottom of screen in roomedit in hi-colour.
- Fixed "goto-dialog 0" not working.
- Fixed pink background of hi-colour objects in inventory.
- Fixed bug in AreCharactersColliding with hi-res mode.
- Fixed bug where 640x400-sized 320x200-res scrolling rooms didn't scroll.
- Fixed bug where mouse cursor wasn't reset after using last of inventory.
VERSION 2.11 SR-2, July 2000
- Fixed non-transparency when using hi-colour frames for character.
VERSION 2.11 SR-1, July 2000
- Allowed numerical digits in game name as well as letters.
- Fixed mouse cursor disappear after testing game in hi-color.
- Removed floppy drives from Open dialog box, to stop Win2k slowdown.
VERSION 2.11, July 2000
- RoomEdit now runs at your game's color depth, so you can see what all
the graphics look like properly.
- You can now use any color (not just the first 16) for GUI colours: take
a look at the Palette screen and you can find out the number for a custom
colour of your own.
- Fixed import GUI and character bug with hi-colour graphics.
- Fixed bug with importing animating hi-colour backgrounds.
- Added Bulgarian translation by Alexander Alexandrov.
- Added Slovenian translation by Janez Kranjc.
VERSION 2.1, July 2000
- New text script functions SetCharacterSpeed, SetTalkingColor,
AreCharactersColliding, DisableHotspot, EnableHotspot, StrFormat,
FlipScreen, SeekMODPattern, InputBox, GetLocationType, CallGlobalScript
- Added hi-color (16-bit colour) support - see section 3.2.11 in the manual
for information.
- Added room interaction event "Any click on object".
- Added "pick up" as an extra normal mode - you can, of course, use it
to mean whatever you want. Cursor mode 5 ("DENIED") represents it (mode 5
is no longer used by the engine so it's spare for this use).
- Added special tokens for use in global and room messages, which allow
you to insert variable values into the message. See section 3.2.4 in the
manual for how to use these.
- Added "don't automatically lose inventory" option, which turns off the
default behaviour of losing the item when a "Use inventory" event happens.
- The unhandled_event function is now called when the player uses an
unhandled inventory item on a hotspot/object (previously it was only
called if there was no "Use inventory" response defined).
- Added ability to import tiled sprites from a source bitmap file. See
section 3.2.3 in the manual for how to use this feature.
- Added "Test game" button to Game, Main tab of roomedit, which shells AGS
and runs your game without you leaving the editor.
- A Lucasarts-style GUI is now included in the AGS distribution - just import
the LUCASART.GUI file to use it. Thanks to Jeremie Lumbroso.
- New game has 1 dialog topic by default (stops bug where if you didn't
create a topic, but added options then saved it was lost).
- Fixed bug where hi-res sprites in GUI editor showed up double size.
- Fixed crash in Characters tab when displaying views with >4 loops.
- Random now returns number from 0 to MAX instead of (MAX-1).
- Added Polish translation by Jakub Offierski.
- Fixed walk-behinds in hi-colour rooms.
- Fixed import/export GUI and import/export character with hi-color graphics,
plus it now exports the GUI script as well as layout.
- The pink background is not shown in roomedit with hi-color room objects.
- Fixed cursors tab in roomedit with hi-color cursor.
VERSION 2.07 SR-4, May 2000
- Fixed object drawn behind walk-behinds when it shouldn't be.
- Fixed NewRoomEx (actually fixed this time) with invalid exits.
- Fixed InterfaceOff screwing the game up if the interface was already off.
- Fixed screw up with save/load when using different player character.
VERSION 2.07 SR-3, May 2000
- Fixed object drawn behind walk-behinds when it shouldn't be.
VERSION 2.07 SR-2, May 2000
- Added "unhandled_event" text script event, allows processing of events
which the Interaction window doesn't handle.
- Fixed problem with New Game, where the interface script wasn't set up
- Fixed NewRoomEx, to allow co-ordinates above 320x200 on scrolling rooms.
- Fixed sprite import in hi-res screwing up palette.
- Fixed "Add new font" crashing roomedit.
VERSION 2.07 SR-1, May 2000
- Added text script functions ShakeScreen, SetMusicMasterVolume and
SetSoundVolume, RemoveWalkableArea, RestoreWalkableArea
- Added option to dialogs for the character to not say the option clicked.
- Added option to not change inventory cursor to the item's graphic.
- Right-clicking an inventory item in the lucasarts-style inventory now
simulates a left-click in Look mode.
- Slightly modified speech display, so it's always above the character's
head instead of on top of it.
- In dialog, if the character's speech colour is the same as the highlited
option colour, the highlight colour will be changed to purple.
- Fixed bug with running text scripts for inventory items.
- Fixed bug where "Buttons off when disabled" didn't work.
VERSION 2.07, April 2000
- Completely re-written interface system - now called the GUI system instead.
You may need to make some changes for your game to continue working with
this version - see section 4.2.5 in the manual for what's changed.
- Added text script functions GetCurrentMusic, SetMusicRepeat,
SetMusicVolume, MoveCharacterDirect, ChangeCharacterView, PauseGame,
UnPauseGame, LoseInventory, SetLabelText, FileWriteInt and FileReadInt.
- Fixed bug where forward frame was displayed breifly whenever you walked
- Fixed bug with hit-testing on scaled characters.
- Fixed bug with "import new" and 640x400 sprites in roomedit.
- Fixed the "room data segment size has changed" bug.
- Roomedit now gives error message instead of quitting if a background
import fails.
- Fixed bug where character kept on moving while in talking view for speech.
- Fixed bug where DisableInterface/EnableInterface didn't work.
- Slightly improved room loading time.
- Stopped the engine printing "File not found" when exiting game.
- Added S3M music support.
- Added technical info, for the programmer types out there. (techinfo.txt)
- AGS now has a domain name:
- Removed the Windows version until I can sort out the bugs in it.
VERSION 2.06 SR-1, March 2000
- Added support for importing JASC (Paint Shop Pro) palette files.
- Fixed bug where roomedit crashed if your game contained more than 80 files.
VERSION 2.06, March 2000
- Added character numbers, so that characters can be moved/animated using
the Animation Editor. Just use the character's number +100 as the object
number. For example, use "Move To 100,50" with Object as 102 will move
character 2. The Character Editor shows the character numbers.
- Finally fixed the text size in high-resolution modes.
- Added scroll bar to character editor, so you can now have up to 50 instead
of 15 characters.
- Added "Enters screen after fade-in" event, which works like the "Player
enters screen" event except that it occurs after the screen has faded in.
- Added text script functions AreCharObjColliding, Wait, DisableInterface,
EnableInterface, SetBackgroundFrame, SetGlobalInt, GetGlobalInt.
- Added option for instant-change between rooms instead of fading.
- RoomEdit now remembers the last directory you were in with the file
selector, instead of always resetting to the game directory.
- Added 320x240 and 640x480 letterbox-mode option.
- Added WAV background music support.
- Fixed bug with CDAudio that was causing crashes.
- Fixed bug which crashed sometimes when speech was displayed.
- Fixed bug which gave screenful of cups in sprite manager (I think...)
- Removed the "delete sprite" option because it was causing too many
problems. To delete a sprite, simply import a 1x1 sprite on top of it.
VERSION 2.05 SR-2, February 2000
- Fixed bug in roomedit with animating backgrounds
- Allowed to get back into roomedit if error with dialog script; however,
you must fix the error before you can save the game.
- Fixed bug with animating background scenes in usergame.exe
VERSION 2.05 SR-1, February 2000
- Added Undo feature to roomedit.
- Added option to import/export dialogs to roomedit.
- Fixed bug with full-screen preview in roomedit at 640x400 resolution.
VERSION 2.05, February 2000
- Added animating background support! See section 3.3.5 in the docs.
- RoomEdit now uses a crosshair mouse cursor when drawing walk-behinds and
hotspots, to enable you to better see what's under the cursor.
- Added support for importing a BMP/PCX file as the mask for hotspot/walk-
behind/etc. See section 3.3.4 in the manual for information.
- Added support for export/import of characters, which allows you to share
characters between games and with others on the internet. The end of
section 3.2.7 in the manual describes this.
- Added support for importing JPGs as background scene.
- RoomEdit now allows scrolling up/down the inventory list, so you can have
more than 15 inventory items (max 99 now).
- Customizable text speech speed - see the game.text_speed global variable
description (section 6.4 of the docs).
- Fixed bug where Sierra-style inventory window messed up in various
- Improved the room loading speed.
- Added text script functions SetObjectPosition and AreObjectsColliding.
- Added GetPalette and SetPalette text script functions, to allow you to
do things to the entire palette. New variable type "palette", which you
use with these functions.
- Added Italian translation by Mario.
- Removed the room password option: it was a left-over from AC v1, and now
that you can build an exe file of your game, it's not really needed.
- NOTE: The Windows version has not been updated to 2.05 - the included
acwin.exe is still the v2.04 version. This is due to time constraints and
pressure to release 2.05 as soon as possible; the Win version still has
the room changing bug, so it's not worth including until I work on that.
VERSION 2.04, January 2000
- Added Sierra-style close-up-face option for speech display in conversations.
- Added object naming, so that moving the mouse over objects in a Lucasarts
interface displays a proper name, instead of "OBJECT 0".
- Added option to make a character invisible to the hit-testing, so that the
main character can't be interacted with (like the Lucasarts games).
- Added pixel-perfect click detection option, so that clicking a transparent
pixel of an object/character doesn't trigger the interaction.
- Added option to use top-left pixel of sprite as transparent colour instead
of just colour index 0.
- Added support for using a background picture for text windows. To use this,
just go to your text-window interface in the Interface Editor, then right-
click the background, choose Properties, then click the "COL/PIC" button
and type the slot number you want to use. The picture will NOT be tiled
or stretched (but it will be clipped to fit the window), so you should make
sure it is large enough for the biggest text windows (about 250x100 should
be enough).
- Added ability to delete sprites in the Sprite Manager.
- Added SaveScreenShot text script function.
- Added option to treat Walk mode as a normal mode, so that the character
isn't automatically moved but instead a normal event is triggered when
you click to move.
- Modified RoomEdit so that when you click a "Display Message" interaction
command, it provides a list of messages in the room to choose from, instead
of prompting you for the message number. If there are no messages it will
ask for the number, just like before (this means you can still set up the
interactions before actually typing the messages in, if you want to).
- Fixed bug where the player lost the inventory item when Data 99 was used.
- Made some improvements to the beta of the Windows version.
VERSION 2.03, November 1999
IMPORTANT: Your game, and all your room files, need to be upgraded to use the
latest version. To upgrade, simply load and save in the Room Editor. You must
do this for EVERY ROOM in your game. Sorry, but it's to support the upcoming
Windows version.
- Allowed creation of very wide (eg. 700x200) lo-res scrolling rooms.
- New text script functions MoveCharacterToHotspot, DisplaySpeech, NewRoomEx.
- Lucasarts-style inventory window.
- Changed background importing - now, it just asks what resolution the
drawing is supposed to be, instead of trying to work it out. This allows
scrolling rooms of any size in any resolution.
- Changed the way the Room Editor works with games - instead of running it
from the directory which the game is in, it creates each game a
sub-directory below the main RoomEdit/AGS directory. This makes it much
easier to edit the demo game, and should solve problems with files not
being found and so on. What this means for you is that if you are working
on a game with its files in the RoomEdit directory, create a sub-directory
and copy all your game files (*.crm, ac2game.*, etc) into it.
Another result of this is that the usergame.exe is now called by the game
directory's name, and placed in the main AGS directory.
- Non-player objects can now be moved with the animation command "Move to",
and also with a new text script command MoveObject.
- Added graphical script command "Run dialog" (it's under "Remove object" if
you can't find it).
- Added "Save room" as well as "Save room as" to Room Editor. This option
saves back to the same file you loaded from, which is quicker than having
to select the right file to save to every time.
- Slightly modified the background scene remapper: it now puts the background
colours starting from the end of the palette and working backwards; this
makes it easier if you want to increase the number of sprite colours part
way through making a game. Otherwise this change is transparent to you.
- Added ability to "lock" objects in the Room Editor. While an object is
locked, it cannot be moved around the screen. Useful if you keep getting the
wrong object when you're trying to move a different one.
- Increased a few limits: now 100 views, 200 dialog topic, 900 dialog messages.
- Fixed bug where "music0.mp3 not found" flashed on the screen breifly.
- Fixed the interface text @overhotspot@ to include object & character names.
- Included beta version of Windows port! See AGSWIN.TXT for information.
VERSION 2.02, September 1999
- Fixed bug where you were unable to save the game.
- Character names can use lower case
- New option "Player can't skip speech" prevents the player clicking away
conversation text, like the way the Lucasarts games won't let you.
- Character walks to the walk-to point of a hotspot in Walk mode (as well
as use/speak mode). This makes it more like the Lucasarts interface.
- Fixed SCI font importing bug, and added an Auto-Recover feature so that if
it does crash in future, then it won't permanently disable the Fonts tab.
- Added sprite import support for 640x400-resolution object graphics.
- Added crash protection to the StrCat function, so that it won't add text
past the maximum string length instead of crashing the system.
- New MIDI driver: Software wavetable synth, uses the digital sound driver
to play MIDI music using General MIDI patch set. By using this driver, your
MIDI music can sound the same on ALL sound cards. See section 2.2.1 in the
docs for information.
- Changed the way that the mouse cursor hotspot setting works - it's clearer
what's going on now.
- Added engine debugging options. See the TECHDBG.TXT file for information.
VERSION 2.01, September 1999
NOTE: You will need to upgrade your game to use the new engine. To do this,
simply load the game into the Room Editor and then save it again.
- Characters can now have a Talking view, which allows animation in dialogs
- Fixed bug in dialogs where various messages screwed up
- Fixed bug where interface text color was always black
- Dialog options can now wrap to more than one line
- Hotspot names can be longer and use lowercase
- Fixed scaling bug where he sometimes popped up full-size briefly
- Fixed crash if you pressed a key while in a conversation
- Fixed background importing bug where colour index 0 screwed up
- Added custom font support; but currently, you can only import SCI fonts.
- Added graphical script command "If inventory %d was used"; allows you to
use graphical scripts with Data-99 inventory events.
- Documented RunDialog text script function
- In View Editor, setting graphic for new frame zooms to previous frame's
graphic in sprite list
- User-defined gap between display of options in conversations
- Interface button properties has "..." button to link to script editor if
the left-click action is set to Run Script.
- You can export the palette to PCX as well as PAL file.
- When saving game, RoomEdit also checks for AC.EXE in the roomedit.exe
directory as well as the current directory. So editing the demo by typing
..\roomedit will allow it to compile properly.
- Fixed game loading bug where the graphical script timer wasn't restored
- Allowed 320-width sprite import in room editor (if you drag the rectangle
to screen width, it imports what's under the rectangle border as well as
what's inside).
VERSION 2.00, September 1999
Complete re-write of both the Room Editor and the engine. Some of the new
features are:
- Character scaling: man can get smaller as he walks away from the screen.
- Customizable interface: you're not stuck with the Sierra one any more.
- Non-player characters supported - this allows you to have other characters
roaming the world and keep track of where they are.
- Animating mouse cursors supported.
- Scrolling rooms.
- Conversations, like in Lucasarts games, with easy-to-use Dialog Editor.
- Conditions for clicking on player character - you no longer have to display
a message.
- Much more powerful text script: you can do a lot more with it.
- Increased max loops per view to 8 instead of 4.
- Customizable walking speed for main character.
- Baselines for objects, useful for objects lying flat on the ground, so that
the man doesn't walk behind them.
- You can change the icon bar graphics.
- You can build a single EXE file for your game. This goes one step further
than the data file you could build in the last version.
- Improved remapping of scenes and sprites, solves most of the palette
problems people were having with importing their graphics.
- Clarified LICENSE.TXT. You should read the new license agreement.
VERSION 1.14a, May 1999
- Fixed bug with Lose Game where the LOSE.PCX wasn't being shown, and it
called it an "internal error".
- Fixed bug where the engine refused to run if you didn't have a sound card.
- Added German and Dutch translations by Erix Designs, Spanish translation by
Ernesto Couso Artiles, and French translation by Pierre-Marc Jobin.
- The introduction messages are now translated.
- Fixed graphical script bug, where the flags weren't always initialized to
the CLEAR state.
- Fixed "sound2.voc not found" in the Showoff demo game.
VERSION 1.14, April 1999
NOTE: You will need to re-compile games made with previous versions.
NOTE: Old save game positions cannot be loaded.
- Complete overhaul of the text script system. If you were using text
scripts, see section 3.8.5 for how to upgrade. Many new commands and
built-ins are available, see section 4.4 in the docs for a complete list.
- You can now change the main character's graphics within different areas
of the same screen. Section 3.13.1 in the docs describes this.
- You can customize the score sound and the red-X sound. See ScoreSoundCustom
and ErrorSoundCustom in section 4.1 of the docs.
- Added support for customizable borders for the text windows. Section 4.1.1
in the docs explains how to use this feature.
- Added option to move man as close as possible to destination instead of
displaying red X. See "MoveNearest" in section 4.1 of the docs for info.
- Added XM music support. See section 3.2 of the docs.
- The intro system has been changed. Now, the games starts in INTRO.CRM if
it exists rather than displaying PIC1.PCX. See section 3.15 in the docs.
The demo game intro now has two screens.
- You can now change music volume on a per-room basis. This allows you to
have, for example, quieter music outside a building than when the player
enters it (like with the shops in the arcade in SQ4).
- New graphical script commands: "Start timer", "when timer expires" and "move
man to object". See section 4.6 in the docs.
- New animation command "place object" allows you to instantly move an object
to another position (see section 4.5 in the docs).
- Added Swedish translation by Arn.
- Fixed bug where man would 'moonwalk' when he reached destination (I think -
still waiting for confirmation that this is fixed).
- Mod musics are now included in your data file (sorry about that!).
- Objects are now drawn behind the status bar if they are that high up.
- Fixed bug causing mouse droppings to be left on the screen when the player
scored points.
- Fixed bug where you had to click twice to make the man walk off the left
and bottom of the screen.
- Fixed bug in RoomMake where the load/save room dialogs could 'disappear'.
- Fixed lsl3-type score ticking (it works now!)
- Fixed text colour problem in restore/save/quit dialogs.
- Fixed spelling of "perhaps" on the second screen of the demo. At last!
VERSION 1.13, March 1999
NOTE: You will need to re-compile any games made with previous versions.
NOTE: You cannot load old save game positions saved before this version.
- Added "every time player enters screen" and "repeatedly execute" events. See
section 4.3 in the docs for information.
- Added "move to, ignoring walls" animation command, allows you to give the
effect of the character walking through a door otherwise blocked, etc.
Also, you can now set a repeating animation in the Animation Editor. See
section 4.5 in the docs for info.
- New Sierra-style inventory window! See section 4.1.3 in the docs for how to
implement this.
- Added graphical script commands "If player has inventory item", "Lose
inventory item", "Every x loops" and "Random chance". See section 4.6 in
the documentation for more info.
- You can now use your own custom mouse cursors. See "Cursor" in section 4.1
of the documentation.
- Different cursor now used in dialog boxes and the like, allows for a proper
walk cursor which isn't used everywhere else.
- NEW: Windows version of the Project Manager.
- The route-finder is now much quicker at working out whether you can get
to the destination, so clicking on walls no longer pauses the game for ages.
- New: MOD support for background music. You can now use mod files as well
as midi files. See section 3.2 in the docs.
- The "Go to screen" command is finally implemented in graphical scripts.
- New: Global flags in graphical scripts. The demo game now demonstrates
this (the cigarette appears on the bin screen once you've given the key
to the man).
- Choice of two fonts for the speech text - the original one or now an SQ4
type speech font as well. See "SpeechFont" in section 4.1 of the docs.
- The status bar is now fully (well, almost!) customizable. Section 4.1.2 in
the docs describes how to do this.
- You can change the colour and style of the message boxes. See section 4.1.1
in the docs for info.
- You can set messages to be removed after a time if the player has not
clicked the mouse - useful for intros/animations/etc. See the end of
section 2.5 in the docs for info.
- The Sprite Manager can now scroll up/down if you have more sprites than fit
on the screen. The maximum is now 500 imported sprites.
- When the character dies, you can now have a "Restore or quit" dialog rather
than exiting the game.
- You can now draw double-thickness walls in the Room Editor. This saves a lot
of time so you don't have to draw walls twice.
- Speech text is now centred horizontally on the screen.
- The score is not displayed in the status bar if TotalScore is set to 0.
This allows for some games where you don't want to use the scoring system.
- You can now set the icon bar to display on top of the status bar, instead
of below it. See IconBarAbsTop in section 4.1 of the docs for info.
- You can change the animation speed of the main character. Useful if you are
using custom character graphics. See ManAnimSpeed in sect 4.1 in the docs.
- The up/down facing view is now used when the character is going more
vertically than horizontally, instead of only when going North or South.
- Using foreign characters in save game descriptions no longer crashes.
- The icon bar is now not displayed while the status bar is disabled.
- Added Green speech text colour option. Oh yes!
- In the demo game, once the door is unlocked you can now go through it by
using the hand cursor.
- A couple of people reported that their graphics cards couldn't do 640x400.
Now, if RoomMake can't use 640x400 it will use a 640x480 mode with black
borders at the top and bottom.
- Added teleport-to-room command in debug mode lets you test things without
having to play your whole game through.
- The main character's colours have been slightly changed. He doesn't look as
good now, but it stops the problems which were happening to some scenes.
- The Room Editor can no longer save old format room files :-( But I don't
think you really want to go back to v1.00 now, do you?
- Fixed bug causing colours 190 and 191 to be overridden (thanks Arn!).
- Fixed bug where changing screen the main character would temporarily change
to the standard front view.
- Fixed bug where objects positions weren't saved if they were turned off.
- Fixed bug in save games with some text scripts.
- Fixed room loading bug which showed up occasionally on graphical scripts.
- Fixed crash which happened when pressing the down arrow key in the Restore
game dialog when there were no save games (yes, arcane but true! try it on
an older version and see!)
VERSION 1.12a, February 1999
NOTE: You cannot load old save game positions saved before this version.
- You can now move non-player objects with the "Move object" animation
- Non-player objects are now drawn correctly when in walk-behind areas.
- Fixed the bug where objects sometimes weren't being removed from the screen
properly, like the poster in the demo game.
- Better screen-changing routine which fades in with the objects on, so you
don't get that sudden change effect.
- Changing the man's graphics now actually works.
- The current MIDI track and position are now saved in the save games. Woohoo!
VERSION 1.12, February 1999
NOTE: You will need to re-compile any games made with versions before this.
NOTE: You cannot load old save game positions saved before this version.
- Added ability to change main character's graphic. See section 3.10 in the
documentation for more information.
- Added FLI/FLC animation support
- Added simple animation support, so you can have, for example, a door
actually opening. See section 3.11 in the documentation for info.
- You can use Data column values in graphical script
- New response "Turn object on" allows you to put back an object you removed
with "Remove object".
- You can now disable the main character in a room - this allows you to do
things like close-ups of a control panel. This is now demonstrated in the
demo game, and described in section 3.12.
- You can now set an object to initally off in RoomMake, which you can turn
on later using "Turn object on".
- Added Finnish translation by Teemu Eramaa and Norwegian translation by
Martin Seterstoen.
- You can now import a portion of a PCX/BMP for object graphics. This allows
you to draw several frames in one file, and then import each frame from the
same graphic.
- New option in the Sprite Manager allows you to use full 256-colour palette
for imports if the graphic will only be used in one room. (This prevents
the mapping to greyscale).
- The Sprite Manager importer now preserves colour 0 (transparent) pixels in
the imported image.
- You can change the background music through a command as well as with the
room option.
- Improved message editor allows you to edit existing messages without having
to re-type the whole thing and also allows longer messages.
- Tweaked the auto-route finder: removed the bug where he would sometimes
walk further than you asked, and shortened the time the routefinder is
allowed before giving up. This means that it is quicker realizing that you
can't get somewhere, but it may not be able to work out a path round
complex obstacles.
- Pressing 'N' in object editor now uses Sprite manager to select graphic
instead of cycling through all available graphs.
- Fixed a silly bug with the Go-to-screen data column value where he would
appear on the wrong side.
- The walk and hand icons have now been replaced.
- Slowed down the animation speed of the main character, so he looks more
like he's walking.
- F1 now works in the Sprite Manager! Oh yes!
- Fixed bug in RoomMake which crashed when you moved the mouse to the bottom
of the screen.
VERSION 1.1, January 1999
NOTE: You will need to re-compile any games made with versions before this
version. If you do not, you will not be able to run the game with this version.
NOTE: The files needed to distribute your games have changed. Please see
section 6.2 of the docs for information.
- Added SVGA support. Background scenes can now be up to 640x400 256-colour!
Please read section 3.9 in AC.DOC for notes on this new feature.
- Added background music support, using MIDI files (see section 3.2 of AC.DOC
for information).
- Added sound effect support (see section 4.2 in AC.DOC for info).
- Character movement by mouse added: click on the destination and he will
walk there, as in Sierra's VGA games.
- New compression algorithm for room files, leading to smaller files. In fact,
the room file is now sometimes smaller than the imported scene's PCX file!
- Foreign language support added.
- Portuguese translation by Nuno Costa.
- You can now import your own PCX/BMP files as graphics for objects.
- Support for animating background sprites added. SUPPORT is the key word
here, because currently I've only drawn one animating sprite.
- The first screen of the demo has been changed to show off SVGA and
animating sprites. And it looks better like this.
- Expanded text script to make it more powerful. It still doesn't rival AGI
for power, but you can now print out variable values and do crude intro
sequences. See section 4.4 in the documentation for information.
- New, much better icons for the top icon bar.
- Slowed down the time-of-day to a fixed rate (on fast systems it was
changing from day to night to day far too quickly).
- Keypad 5 now stops the character walking properly.
- Ported the run-time engine to DJGPP (a 32-bit DOS system).
- You can now remove the status bar. Wow!
SERVICE RELEASE 1, December 1998
NOTE: Save games created by this release are not readable with previous
versions; and this version cannot load old save games. Sorry. If you try to
load an old game, you'll get Oops error 600. This is the price of progress :-)
You CAN, however, still use old rooms (so you haven't lost anything - phew!)
- Added graphical script editor to RoomMake. This allows easy advanced
scripting without using the .SCR file. See the AC.DOC file for more info.
- RoomMake has been ported to DPMI. No more memory problems running RoomMake!
- RoomMake now has an improved user interface:
* a new file selector which allows changing directory and is easier to use
* improved other dialogs, such as the "Are you sure you want to Quit"
dialog and the "enter password" dialog.
* supports long filenames if run under Windows 95, 98, or LFNDOS.
* better palette remapping when reading in a PCX file.
* supports importing BMP files as a background scene
- The old screen now fades out and the new one in when changing screens.
- Corrected the bug which caused a crash if you used an object with certain
- Corrected the crash which occured if the script file was newer than the
compiled file (thanks Luke!)
- One extra screen has been added to the demo game, and it now ends
gracefully instead of with a Load_Room error.
REVISION 10.07.97
NOTE: You will need to re-compile any games you made with any versions
before revision 10.07.97.A.
- added StartPos option to INI file, to define where the man starts on
the first screen. Also fixed the jump which happened when he first moved
from the beginning.
- removed the 'please register' nag screen, since I've decided that the
Adventure Creator is now swap-ware (see LICENSE.TXT for info).
Original release.