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1. All output from the launched workflow should go to a workflow log file
2. Hadoop output is special and should be pulled down from the jobtracker
- jobconf.xml
- job details page
Workflow should specify a logdir, defualts to workdir + '/logs'
Fetching hadoop job stats:
1. Get job id
2. Use curl to fetch the latest logs listing: "http://jobtracker:50030/logs/history/"
3. Parse the logs listing and pull out the two urls we want (something-jobid.xml, something-jobid....)
4. Fetch the two urls we care about and dump into the workflow's log dir.
5. Possibly parse the results into an ongoing workflow-statistics.tsv file
Other output:
Output that would otherwise go to the terminal (nohup.out or some such) should be collected and dumped into the logdir as well.