All files associated with AJ Dyrbye's Masters thesis, including case study website code, screen captures and final thesis file.
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|  README   |

HTML5, Tablet Computers and the Emerging Web Paradigm
AJ Dyrbye
Master of Arts in Humanities Computing
Interdisciplinary Studies
University of Alberta

This repository is a record of the work I've done as a web developer, web programmer, researcher and writer in support of my (AJ Dyrbye's) candidacy for a Master of Arts in Humanities Computing. It consists of two parts: the thesis itself, and the web development project - case study - I created to inform it. All associated files were created in the period spanning January 2012 through September 2013.

I successfully defended this thesis in September 2013, and submitted the document "HTML5, Tablet Computers and the Emerging Web Paradigm" to the University of Alberta the same month in fulfilment of the thesis requirement for the program.

The PDF comprising the thesis portion is also available via the University of Alberta's Education & Research Archive (ERA) at the following permalink:

| About |

I developed my thesis with one overarching goal: to reinforce my understanding of and further develop the HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL I learned during my Masters program.

With that in mind, I approached it in two discrete stages:

1). Planning and developing a website utilizing web markup, stylesheets, a modular structure assembled by PHP, and an underlying MySQL database. It had two parallel versions:
	a). In XHTML and CSS aimed at a desktop site, representing web specifications common to academic websites.
	b). In HTML5 and CSS3, aimed at both desktop and tablet sites, representing the emerging web environment.

2). A research-grounded thesis document that would both include the website work as a case study, and ground it in the history of web markup, Thomas Kuhn's concept of the paradigm shift, and the advent of mobile computer technology.

Both stages are include here. I have also included screen captures of the website collected during the thesis writing process, as the site was hosted on a university server that is no longer maintained. These are by no means complete page by page and version by version, but do provide a representative sample of what the site looked like.

Information about the database schema is available within the thesis document. The final database itself is not currently included. I have, however, provided the original SQL file used to populate it.

| Files |

=> readme.txt

=> thesis_final
	=> Dyrbye_Final_Thesis.pdf
	=> ch2
		=> ch2_database_structure.png
		=> ch2_p13_1.jpg
		=> ch2_p13_2.jpg
		=> ch2_p18_1.jpg
		=> ch2_p18_2.jpg
		=> columns_annotated.jpg
	=> ch3
		=> ch3_p0_2.jpg
		=> ch3_p9_1.jpg
		=> ch3_zoom_land.jpg
		=> ch3_zoom_port.jpg

	=> ch4
		=> ch4_p10_1.jpg
		=> ch4_p12_1.jpg
		=> ch4_p13_1.jpg
		=> ch4_p17_1.jpg
		=> ch4_p18)1.jpg

=> website
	=> books.sql
	=> html5
		=> about_v2.php
		=> admin_v2.php
		=> bookshelf_v2.php
		=> bytag_v2.php
		=> footer_v2.php
		=> form_v2.php
		=> header_v2.php
		=> home_v2.php
		=> images_v2.php
		=> ipad_landscape.css
		=> ipad_portrait.css
		=> kitchensink_v2.php
		=> sidebar_v2.php
		=> thesis_stylesheet_v2.css
		=> withnotes_v2.php
	=> images
		=> ancestors_tale.jpg
		=> animal_vegetable_miracle.jpg
		=> annotated_brothers_grim.jpg
		=> book_selection.jpg
		=> history_of_marriage.jpg
		=> medieval_english_political_writing.jpg
		=> packing_for_mars.jpg
		=> parasite_rex.jpg
		=> thesis_banner.jpg
		=> unnatural_selection.jpg
		=> witchcraft_lycanthropy_drugs_disease.jpg
	=> xhtml
		=> about.php
		=> admin.php
		=> bookshelf.php
		=> bytag.php
		=> form.php
		=> home.php
		=> images.php
		=> kitchensink.php
		=> sidebar.php
		=> thesis_stylesheet.css
		=> thesisfooter.php
		=> thesisheader.php
		=> withnotes.php

=> website_screen_captures
	=> html5_bytag_desktop.PNG
	=> html5_bytag_tablet_droplist.PNG
	=> html5_bytag_tablet.PNG
	=> html5_form_desktop.PNG
	=> html5_form_tablet.PNG
	=> xhtml_about.png
	=> xhtml_bookshelf.png
	=> xhtml_bytag.png
	=> xhtml_bytag2.png
	=> xhtml_home.png
	=> xhtml_images.png
	=> xhtml_images2.png
	=> xhtml_kitchensink.png
	=> xhtml_withnotes.png

| License |

HTML5, Tablet Computers and the Emerging Web Paradigm by AJ Dyrbye is licensed under a 
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

<a rel="license" href=""><img alt="Creative Commons License" style="border-width:0" src="" /></a><br /><span xmlns:dct="" property="dct:title">HTML5, Tablet Computers and the Emerging Web Paradigm</span> by <span xmlns:cc="" property="cc:attributionName">AJ Dyrbye</span> is licensed under a <a rel="license" href="">Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License</a>.