An evil-twin plugin for make_resourceful to add pagination
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A Rails evil-twin plugin ( for make_resourceful 
to add pagination in DRY way. You still need to install make_resourceful, this is not a fork.

Works with will_paginate and should work with paginating_find. 
Basically any paginator that acts on the model. This rules out classic pagination.


Adds pagination option to make_resourceful like so

  make_resourceful do
    actions :all
    paginate :per_page => 10

Defaults to will_paginate but you can specify

  :pagination_method => :other_paginator

Also specify the :conditions as a string, hash, symbol for calling controller method or a proc

  make_resourceful do
    actions :all
    paginate :conditions => 'active = 1', :order => 'not_id'

The current page defaults to calling a proc to work with will_paginate

  lambda { params[:page] }

but you can change it to a symbol of a method name which will be called before the pagination 
method is called.

To set global options update the class accessor in ApplicationController

  class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base

    resourceful_pagination_options.merge!(:per_page => 20)


OR for paginating_find

  class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base

    resourceful_pagination_options.merge!(:pagination_method => :find, :current_page => :page_options)

    def page_options
      { :current => params[:page], :size => 20 }


Any options set other than :current_page and :pagination_method are passed to the pagination method
which should allow what ever customization on the finder you need.

Copyright (c) 2008 Adam Meehan (,, released under the MIT license