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  • Fix DateTimeSelect extension support (AquisTech)

  • Relaxed Timeliness dependency version which allows for >= 0.4.0 with threadsafety fix for use_us_formats and use_euro_formats for hot switching

in a request.

  • Add initializer to ensure Timeliness v0.4+ ambiguous date config is set correctly when using `use_euro_formats` or `remove_use_formats'.

Breaking Changes

  • Update Multiparameter extension to use ActiveRecord type classes with multiparameter handling which stores a hash of multiparamter values as the value before type cast, no longer a mushed datetime string

  • Removed all custom plugin attribute methods and method overrides in favour using ActiveModel type system

4.1.0 [2019-06-11]

  • Relaxed Timeliness dependency version to >= 0.3.10 and < 1, which allows version 0.4 with threadsafety fix for use_us_formats and use_euro_formats hot switching in a request.

4.0.2 [2016-01-07]

  • Fix undefine_generated_methods ivar guard setting to false

4.0.1 [2016-01-06]

  • Fix undefine_generated_methods thread locking bug

  • Created an ActiveModel ORM, for manual require if using without any full blown ORM

4.0.0 [2015-12-29]

3.0.15 [2015-12-29]

  • Fixes mongoid 3 support and removes mongoid 2 support(johnnyshields)

  • Some documentation/comments tidying

  • Some general tidying up

3.0.14 [2012-08-23]

  • Fix for using validates :timeliness => {} form to correctly add attributes to timeliness validated attributes.

3.0.13 [2012-08-21]

  • Fix ActiveRecord issues with using plugin parser by using old way of caching values.

  • Allow any ActiveRecord non-column attribute to be validated

3.0.12 [2012-06-23]

  • Fix load order issue when relying on Railtie to load ActiveRecord extension

3.0.11 [2012-04-01]

  • Change dependency on Timeliness version due to a broken release

3.0.10 [2012-03-26]

  • Fix for ActiveRecord shim and validation with :allow_blank => true in AR 3.1+. Fixes issue#52.

3.0.9 [2012-03-26]

  • ActiveRecord 3.1+ suport

  • Fixes for multiparameter extension with empty date values (thanks @mogox, @Sharagoz)

3.0.8 [2011-12-24]

  • Remove deprecated InstanceMethods module when using AS::Concern (carlosantoniodasilva)

  • Update Mongoid shim for v2.3 compatability.

3.0.7 [2011-09-21]

  • Fix ActiveRecord before_type_cast extension for non-dirty attributes.

  • Don't override AR before_type_cast for >= 3.1.0 which now has it's own implementation for date/time attributes.

  • Fix DateTimeSelect extension to convert params to integers (#45)

  • Add #change method to DateTimeSelect extension (@trusche, #45)

  • Cleanup Mongoid shim.

3.0.6 [2011-05-09]

  • Fix for AR type conversion for date columns when using plugin parser.

  • Add timeliness_type_cast_code for ORM specific type casting after parsing.

3.0.5 [2011-01-29]

  • Fix for Conversion#parse when given nil value (closes issue #34)

3.0.4 [2011-01-22]

  • Fix :between option which was being ignored (ebeigarts)

  • Use class_attribute to remove deprecated class_inheritable_accessor

  • Namespace copied validator class to ActiveModel::Validations::Timeliness for :timeliness option

3.0.3 [2010-12-11]

  • Fix validation of values which don't respond to to_date or to_time (renatoelias)

3.0.2 [2010-12-04]

  • Fix AR multiparameter extension for Date columns

  • Update to Timeliness 0.3.2 for zone abbreviation and offset support

3.0.1 [2010-11-02]

  • Generate timeliness write methods in an included module to allow overriding in model class (josevalim)

3.0.0 [2010-10-18]

  • Rails 3 and ActiveModel compatibility

  • Uses ActiveModel::EachValidator as validator base class.

  • Configuration settings stored in ValidatesTimeliness module only. ValidatesTimeliness.setup block to configure.

  • Parser extracted to the Timeliness gem

  • Parser is disabled by default. See initializer for enabling it.

  • Removed RSpec matcher. Encouraged poor specs by copy-pasting from spec to model, or worse, the other way round.

  • Method override for parsing and before type cast values is on validated attributes only. Old version handled all date/datetime columns, validates or not. Too intrusive.

  • Add validation helpers to classes using extend_orms config setting. e.g. conf.extend_orms = [ :active_record ]

  • Changed :between option so it is split into :on_or_after and :on_or_before option values. The error message for either failing check will be used instead of a between error message.

  • Provides :timeliness option key for validates class method. Be sure to pass :type option as well e.g. :type => :date.

  • Allows validation methods to be called on record instances as per ActiveModel API.

  • Performs parsing (optional) and raw value caching (before_type_cast) on validated attributes only. It used to be all date, time and datetime attributes.

2.3.1 [2010-03-19]

  • Fixed bug where custom attribute writer method for date/times were being overriden

2.3.0 [2010-02-04]

  • Backwards incompatible change to :equal_to option. Fixed error message clash with :equal_to option which exists in Rails already. Option is now :is_at.

  • Fixed I18n support so it returns missing translation message instead of error

  • Fixed attribute method bug. Write method was bypassed when method was first generated and used Rails default parser.

  • Fixed date/time selects when using enable_datetime_select_extension! when some values empty

  • Fixed ISO8601 datetime format which is now split into two formats

  • Changed I18n error value format to fallback to global default if missing in locale

  • Refactored date/time select invalid value extension to use param values. Functionality will be extracted from plugin for v3.

2.2.2 [2009-09-19]

  • Fixed dummy_time using make_time to respect timezone. Fixes 1.9.1 bug.

2.2.1 [2009-09-12]

  • Fixed dummy date part for time types in Validator.type_cast_value

  • No more core extensions! Removed dummy_time methods.

2.2.0 [2009-09-12]

  • Ruby 1.9 support!

  • Customise dummy date values for time types. See DUMMY DATE FOR TIME TYPES.

  • Fixed matcher conflict with Shoulda. Load plugin matcher manually now see matcher section in README

  • Fixed :ignore_usec when used with :with_time or :with_date

  • Some clean up and refactoring

2.1.0 [2009-06-20]

  • Added ambiguous year threshold setting in Formats class to customize the threshold for 2 digit years (See README)

  • Fixed interpolation values in custom error message for Rails 2.2+

  • Fixed custom I18n local override of en locale

  • Dramatically simplified ActiveRecord monkey patching and hackery

2.0.0 [2009-04-12]

  • Error value formats are now specified in the i18n locale file instead of updating plugin hash. See OTHER CUSTOMISATION section in README.

  • Date/time select helper extension is disabled by default. To enable see DISPLAY INVALID VALUES IN DATE HELPERS section in README to enable.

  • Added :format option to limit validation to a single format if desired

  • Matcher now supports :equal_to option

  • Formats.parse can take :include_offset option to include offset value from string in seconds, if string contains an offset. Offset not used in rest of plugin yet.

  • Refactored to remove as much plugin code from ActiveRecord as possible.

1.1.7 [2009-03-26]

  • Minor change to multiparameter attributes which I had not properly implemented for chaining

1.1.6 [2009-03-19]

  • Rail 2.3 support

  • Added :with_date and :with_time options. They allow an attribute to be combined with another attribute or value to make a datetime value for validation against the temporal restrictions

  • Added :equal_to option

  • Option key validation

  • Better behaviour with other plugins using alias_method_chain on read_attribute and define_attribute_methods

  • Added option to enable datetime_select extension for future use to optionally enable. Enabled by default until version 2.

  • Added :ignore_usec option for datetime restrictions to be compared without microsecond

  • some refactoring

1.1.5 [2009-01-21]

  • Fixed regex for 'yy' format token which wasn't greedy enough for date formats ending with year when a datetime string parsed as date with a 4 digit year

1.1.4 [2009-01-13]

  • Make months names respect i18n in Formats

1.1.3 [2009-01-13]

  • Fixed bug where time and date attributes still being parsed on read using Rails default parser [reported by Brad (pvjq)]

1.1.2 [2009-01-12]

  • Fixed bugs

    • matcher failing for custom error message without interpolation keys using I18n

    • validator custom error messages not being extracted

1.1.1 [2009-01-03]

  • Fixed bug in matcher for options local variable

1.1.0 [2009-01-01]

  • Added between option

1.0.0 [2008-12-06]

  • Gemified!

  • Refactor of plugin into a Data Mapper style validator class which makes for a cleaner implementation and possible future MerbData Mapper support

  • Added Rails 2.2 i18n support. Plugin error messages can specified in locale files. See README.

  • ignore_datetime_restriction_errors setting has been moved from AR to ValidatesTimeliness::Validator.ignore_restriction_errors

  • date_time_error_value_formats setting has been moved from AR to ValidatesTimeliness::Validator.error_value_formats

  • Namespaced modules and specs

  • Clean up of specs

  • fixed a few bugs

    • accessor methods not generating properly due method name stored as symbol in generated_attributes which fails on lookup

    • force value assigned to time/datetime attributes to time objects

0.1.0 [2008-12-06]

  • Tagged plugin as version 0.1.0


  • allow uppercase meridian to be valid [reported by Alex (]


  • fixed bug when dirty attributes not reflecting change when attribute changed from time value to nil [reported by Brad (pvjq)]

  • fixes for Rails 2.2 compatibility. Will refactor in to Rails version specific branches in the future.


  • refactored attribute write method definitions


  • fixed bug for non-timezone write method not updating changed attributes hash [reported by Sylvestre Mergulhão]


  • fixed bug with attribute cache not clearing on write for date and time columns [reported by Sylvestre Mergulhão]

  • parse method returns Date object for date column assigned string as per normal Rails behaviour

  • parse method returns same object type when assigned Date or Time object as per normal Rails behaviour


  • modified matcher option value parsing to allow same value types as validation method

  • fixed matcher message


  • refactored validation

  • refactored matcher


  • removed setting values to nil when validation fails to preserve before_type_cast value

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