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It's a random animal name generator!
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It's a random animal name generator!

  const generateRandomAnimalName = require('animal-name-generator')
  const animalName = generateRandomAnimalName()

With funny animal names!

Geological gnu
Topazine toad
Overluxurious okapi
Easternmost eel
Unagrarian urus
Zombified zebrafinch
Dull dungbeetle
Jumping jaeger
Controversial chimneyswift
Fervid flies
Ethologic eidolonhelvum
Matronal mite
Allied achillestang
Palaeobiologic pinkriverdolphin
Glossophobic goldfish
Qualified queenconch
Exuberant eland
Timely tasmaniantiger


Clone the repository and install all dependencies:

git clone
cd random-animal-name-generator
npm install
npm run test
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