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Pidgin usually stores passwords as plaintext. This plugin instead saves all passwords to the system keyring, which some would argue is a more secure form of password storage.

After the plugin is enabled, whenever an account with a pidgin-stored password signs on, its password will automatically be saved to the keyring and removed from the plaintext accounts.xml file.

The plugin is available as a ppa for Ubuntu: ppa:pidgin-gnome-keyring/ppa

Building from source

You will need the libpurple and libsecret development libraries, along with pkg-config. On Ubuntu, install these with sudo apt-get install pkg-config libsecret-1-dev libpurple-dev

Afterwards, use git clone to download the source (the version is set by git), and run make to compile. For installation:

  • local ($HOME/.purple/plugins): make install_local
  • global (/usr/lib/purple-2): sudo make install