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Generate pep440 compliant version strings from git for python projects
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Generate pep440 compliant version strings from git for python projects

This will read the version from git desribe (assuming it is pep440 compliant already) and generate a descriptive version string. For example, if the latest tag is 0.1b1 and 3 commits have been made since, 0.1b1.post3+gitabcdef0 will be the resulting version string. For release versions uploaded to the package index, the githash should be left off as per pep 440, which can be done by passing pep400=True to get_version.

To get versions when not in a git repository, a file called VERSION should be created in the same folder containing the same version as the git tag. This can either be updated manually on each release by editing the file, or the file can be generated automatically when creating packages for distribtuion (for example when running sdist). It is important to ensure this file is also installed along with the package.


  1. Copy into your project. It's in the public domain.
  2. In your package (for example in the file), add __version__ = get_version(pep440=False)
  3. In the setup() function of, pass in version=get_version(pep440=True) as a keyword argument.
  4. Create the VERSION file with the appropriate version string, or setup any automatic file writing you desire. Ensure that VERSION is included with your installation.
  5. Create a git tag.
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