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wp2print - Convert WordPress Blog to print ready PDF
This project contains code to export posts from WordPress and convert them into
DocBook XML. The resulting DocBook is then converted to XSL-FO which can be
used for conversion into PDF.
Example usage (see Makefile for complete example):
$ php wp2docbook.php -b -o quasi-docbook.xml
$ xsltproc \
--stringparam media.file.path '/var/www/blog' \
--stringparam blog.url 'http://localhost/blog/' \
wp-html2docbook.xsl quasi-docbook.xml > docbook-final.xml
$ xsltproc /path/to/docbook-xsl/fo/docbook.xsl docbook-final.xml >
$ fop book.pdf
- wp2docbook.php - Main driver to convert WordPress to quasi-DocBook
- wp-html2docbook.xsl - XSLT to convert quasi-DocBook to valid DocBook
- lib/config.php - Configuration file (defines file paths / settings)
- lib/export-docbook.php - Code for exporting WordPress Posts as DocBook
- conf/userconf.xconf - Apache FOP config file for embedding fonts
- Makefile - Create print ready PDF
- DocBook XSL stylesheets:
- XSLT processor: xsltproc (libXML), Saxon, Xalan, etc.
- Apache FOP:
- WordPress (access to the install directory)
For demonstration purposes only, I've included an export of a simple blog
consisting of posts of Shakespeare's sonnets. To run the example:
1. Install a fresh copy of WordPress
2. Install the wordpress-importer plugin
3. Import the contents from sample/shakespeare-blog-wordpress-export.xml
4. Edit the lib/config.php file with the appropriate settings
5. Edit the conf/userconf.xconf file to the full path of truetype fonts
6. Edit the Makefile and set the URL and full path to the WordPress install
7. $ make
8. View book.pdf
The steps outlined above are only guidelines and some extra finagling may be in
wp2print was written by Andrew E. Bruno <>