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Backend for Urban Insights App.
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Urban Insights Backend

Backend for Urban Insights App.

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The Python backend houses the business logic for modle parsing, analysis, and geometry operations which are fed back into the frontend for realtime visualization with AR/VR.

Developing and Deploying


To develop the application locally, type flask run into the root directory of this repository. You can test methods locally with Postman using this configuration.

Auto-Deploy to Heroku

Deployments happen automatically from the deploy branch of this repository. Once the deploy branch sees comitted changes, Heroku will rebuild the deployment at this link. Once you're ready to deploy the changes from your local branch, just make a merge request into deploy and the build will happen automatically.


GET /cutObj

Takes Nothing yet Returns An OBJ model serialized to JSON.

GET /getSunVector

Takes Body of data with the follwing param headers:

    "address": "ib schonbergs alle 2 valby",
    "month": 6,
    "day": 21,
    "hour": 12

Returns A string representation of the Sun Vector.


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