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Official documentation portal of aedifion.


Welcome to the official documentation portal of the aedifion GmbH. This site offers technical documentation for all of aedifion's products in the form of functional overviews, detailed technical specifications, as well as hands-on programming tutorials.

Table of contents


Welcome! You are here already.

This page and its sub pages offer an high-level overview of the basic concepts of the IoT platform which has a special focus on advanced operation of energy-related plants, buildings, and districts.

This page offers an high-level overview of the basic technical concepts and features of which offers a suite of analysis and optimization algorithms on top of the basic platform.


This page offers an high-level overview of the basic technical concepts and features of the aedifion.controls product which builds on top of and allows to actively control buildings and override local control loops, e.g., acting upon the results of


The glossary provides definitions of the relevant vocabulary to streamline communication. This is meant as a single-source-of-truth for special wording used in this documentation and all of products of aedifion.


There are different ways to get in contact with us. Please don't hesitate.


This group of pages provides specifications, guides, and tutorials for developers that want to integrate their application with the platform. Specifications provide raw but precise technical documentation. Guides explain basic concepts of the platform and provide ideas on how to use, extend, and integrate it. Tutorials dive into the actual programming and provide concrete hands-on examples.


Detailed technical specifications of our restful HTTP API in Open API 2.0 format as well as guides on how to generate API clients in different programming languages from that specification. This is complemented by an extensive collection of tutorials for the restful HTTP API of the platform: Covering topics ranging from administration of user, projects, permissions, data and metadata to the setup of alarms, analytics, and automated controls.


Detailed technical specifications of our MQTT streaming API and related developer resources complemented by guides and tutorials.


This group of pages provides resources for engineers that use


Detailed technical specifications of the features of the aedifion platform.

System integrators and IT admins

Collection of information about specifically relevant for IT admins that set up the edge device in their local (building) network.

Target audience

This documentation focuses on users of, on admins, and on developers using the infrastructure to build applications. It informs these target groups about the basic concepts and principles of the platform itself and about its services, aedifion.controls, and aedifion.custom.

Further source of information

Our main website is the best way to get to know our company and products.

Follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Medium to keep up with the most recent news.

Explore our open-source projects on Github, e.g., our Excel plugin.

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