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Malort Court Isn’t Fair

  • Tweets in data
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Top three tweets per year

like_count year text
11 2015 JJ, because you’re going to anyway, can you take the next 30 seconds to tell us how awesome your college team was @UMichFlywheel
8 2015 Defense attorney, Kim Streff. That’s correct, there are no pants here in #malortcourt, or else it is a mistrial.
6 2015 Just 24 minutes until we begin #malortcourt… GET READY
9 2016 For those in Chicago, join us for the #Nemmys After-Party @Zella_Chicago (1983 N. Clybourn). Doors open to the public at 10PM.
7 2016 Even when the season is over, captains are ALWAYS a #unitedfront
6 2017 Defending Attorney Li is calling, Skimberly Fiona, as a character witness #MalortCourt “Skim… don’t screw me.” - Sgnoles
5 2017 Order! Order to the #MalortCourt. It’s beginning. We must thorougly prosecute such crimes to maintain a Nemeworld of peace &; fairness.
5 2017 Citation for Sur for asking what candies should be included in the candy bracket and then NEVER HOLDING ONE. #FULLSHOT CHEERS ENSUE
24 2018 Count two: FOR LEAVING NATIONALS EARLY AND CANT PARTY W HER TEAM “Why do you play the sport of ultimate?” “Because I love my teammates” “OH, Interesting. When someone loves someone, do you enjoy spending time with them?” GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY
17 2018 Emergency Hearing in #MalortCourt
15 2018 Citation for Abby: For all you did right, you did one (huge) wrong. In organizing rides back to the airport, you FORGOT Captain Sipp, but left a spot for “a boy?” (Yiding?). Unbelievable. @MachineUltimate
7 2019 OMG malort court plea: cassie can either eat all the beanboozled beans by 11 pm OR learn a new @TheFitMarshall dance before 11 pm (that we do not already know as a team) and dance at 11 pm!!!
6 2019 first citation: telling everyone she was good at parallel parking but entered the space forward first
5 2019 the flexing in. #malortcourtpt2

Methodology if you’re curious

  • Pull in all tweets that contain some version of “malort court” or “#malortcourt” using this regex (#*)[Mm]alort(\\s*)[Cc]ourt
  • Figure out what the year, month, and day of the actual malort court was based on the top number of tweets containing the malort court regex
  • Clean those tweets up, add year, month, day, whether they happened on the day of an acutal malort court or not, etc.
  • Find the first tweet and last tweet of each malort court day (just eyeballed it lol)
  • Butttttt, not all malort court tweets have “malort court” in the tweet itself. SO, grab all the tweets ever tweeted by the account after the first ever malort court tweet in 2015
  • Filter those tweets to ones that happened before the first and last malort court tweets every year, so we don’t keep anything that’s not malort court-related
  • Save that in data
  • Download and store any pics associated with tweets in the pics directory
    • They’re named based on {tweet's status_id}-{tweet's url id}.{url's extension}
  • Yay 😆