A talk on the {drake} package for data workflows
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🔥 drake for Workflow Happiness 🔥

This is an intro to the drake R package for data pipelining. It might be useful for you if you’re interested in reproducibility after you make changes to your code.

The talk is split into two parts: slides, and a live coding walkthrough. The latter is meant to be stepped through in an R session rather than knit.

Why all the fire emoji tho

…especially if the whole point of drake is that you don’t need to burn it all down and start from scratch each time?

This talk is motivated by the NYCFireWire Twitter account with an assist from Gritty at a burner account.

It relies on the rtweet and ggmap packages, so to be able to run it in full you’ll need a Twitter API access token and Google Maps Geocoding API key.

Other things you might want to know