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Pindery is an Android and iOS based social network designed to join and organise parties, mainly geared towards low-level student events. Each user will have the possibility to generate a ‘new party’ or join already existing ones nearby. The exchange of money will be replaced by a point-based system which will fairly divide the expenses for each party between the guests, who bring the necessary stuff. So don't worry about spending money and never getting payed back or buying everything! A review system will also be implemented both towards the party organisers and the guests, in order to give reliability to the users. To promote the creation of new events, ‘party-organisers’ will be awarded points for successful parties, so that they won't need to buy stuff to take part to other parties.


Anna Tranquillini, Chief of Design Production with her passion for the detail, She is in charge of uniforming the visual language and control the details. Edoardo Debenedetti, Chief of Sowtware Developing Learning, with his past experience, He is teaching the team how to use the most efficient software in order to develop the product with efficiency. Edoardo Ghignone, Chief of External Communication, with his analytical midset, He controls the reports so that everything is always said, no more no less, and in the most efficient way.

Let's party!

The frontend of the app will be developed with Flutter, in Dart language. For the backend we will use Google Firebase and TypeScript, using Node.js and you can find the repository here