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Rec'd is a crossplatform application for recording online mp3 streams to disk


  • Node-webkit for interface
  • Node.js for streaming and saving files
  • Grunt for build processes

Get Rec'd

  • Head to releases page on Github and download the latest version for Mac OS X or Windows
  • For Mac, mount the .dmg and copy to your applications folder, or if you use homebrew cask: brew cask install recd
  • For Windows, extract the zip and run Recd.exe
    • The Windows version is not well tested


  1. Enter url of mp3 stream in the URL box
    • If you have an m3u file for the stream, drag the file into Rec'd to get the url
  2. Select an .mp3 file to save the stream to (must be .mp3)
  3. Press the record button

Important: If your computer sleeps or loses network connection, Rec'd will stop recording


First run npm install to pick up the dependencies. I use Grunt for building the NW.js apps for Mac and Windows. To build all for both platforms, run the package task with grunt package (or npm run build). To build only one platform, run grunt package:mac or grunt package:win (the Windows build requires wine to be installed if not on a Windows machine). There are release scripts for Mac and Windows that will run the build and then zip it all up for github releases. Those can be run with npm run release-mac or npm run release-win. For running the project temporarily, you can use npm start which will start a NW instance (requires node-webkit to be installed).