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Behat tests and scripts for Aegir
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Aegir Testing

Behat tests for Aegir.

This repo contains tools and scripts that are used for testing the Aegir hosting system.

For more information on Aegir, visit


There are a large number of repositories that make up Aegir. This repo is an effort to standardize the testing process across all of them.

The test status of each repository is listed below. This does not reflect the stability of the projects. The tests and testing infrastructure are still in development.

Project Description Links Status
Provision Drush commands
Build Status
build status
Hosting Drupal Modules
Build Status
Hostmaster Drupal Install Profile
Build Status
Dockerfiles Docker image definitions. Used for all tests. Build Status
Tests Behat tests and Travis tools Build Status
Development Environment Local docker-based development environment. Build Status


Test runs currently happen on (custom install and Behat) and GitLab CI (Debian packages).

You can see an overview of all Travis projects at

An over view of tests on GitLab can be found on their pipelines page

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