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An email newsletter application for the Django web application framework, including an extended admin interface, web (un)subscription, dynamic e-mail templates, an archive and HTML email support.
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What is it?

Django app for managing multiple mass-mailing lists with both plaintext as well as HTML templates (and TinyMCE editor for HTML messages), images and a smart queueing system all right from the admin interface.


We are currently using this package in several production environments, but it should still be considered a work in progress.


Please refere to requirements.txt for an updated list of required packes.


  1. Install the package using pip install -e git://

  2. ln -s <my_project>/<media_dir> <newsletter_install_dir>/media

  3. Add newsletter to INSTALLED_APPS in

  4. Make sure dependency tinymce is in INSTALLED_APPS and configure TINYMCE_JS_URL to point to wherever tiny_mce.js is located.

    (Typically /media/tinymce/tiny_mce/tiny_mce.js)

  5. Run unit tests just to be sure it is working: ./ test newsletter.

  6. If it is not, let me know. Create an issue on GitHub or send me a message.


  1. Load up default newsletter template fixtures: ./ loaddata default_templates
  2. Start the development server: ./ runserver
  3. Navigate to /admin/ and: behold!
  4. Put a submission in the queue.
  5. Submit your message with ./ runjob submit
  6. For a proper understanding, please take a look at the model graph.

Unit tests

Fairly extensive tests are available for internal frameworks, web (un)subscription and mail sending. One feature currently untested is actually sending mail to very large numbers of recipients (1000+), but feel free to try around.


  • Add a separate submission queue view in the admin instead of the modded edit view, which is confusing to the user.
  • Finish front end for article ordering from admin.
  • Write tests for: template syntax checking, ordering of articles in a message.
  • Extend subscription models to allow for mail deliverability feedback.


This application is released under the GNU Affero General Public License version 3.

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