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Django Snippets Cream

Django app packaging the best snippets found on

Included Snippets

963. RequestFactory

Easily create mock request objects for use in testing.

Original Snippet -


from snippetscream import RequestFactory
request = RequestFactory().get('/')

1031. Model Inheritance With Content Type

Supplies a model class aware of its child models, allowing for child class objects to be resolved from parent objects.

Original Snippet -


=== example usage in interpreter ===
>>> from snippetscream import PolyModel
>>> class TrunkModel(PolyModel):
...     pass
>>> class LeafModel(TrunkModel):
...     pass
>>> leaf_obj = LeafModel()
>>> trunk_obj = TrunkModel.objects.get(
>>> trunk_obj
... <TrunkModel: TrunkModel object>
>>> trunk_obj.as_leaf_class()
... <LeafModel: LeafModel object>

1378. Resolve URLs to View Name

Supplies a resolve_to_name function that takes in a path and resolves it to a view name or view function name (given that the path is actually defined in your urlconf).

Original Snippet -


=== urlconf ====
urlpatterns = patterns(''
    (r'/some/url', 'app.views.view'),
    (r'/some/other/url', 'app.views.other.view', {}, 'this_is_a_named_view'),

=== example usage in interpreter ===
>>> from snippetscream import resolve_to_name
>>> print resolve_to_name('/some/url')
>>> print resolve_to_name('/some/other/url')

1875. Auto-create Django Admin User During syncdb

This avoids the frustrating step of having to set up a new admin user every time you re-initialize your database.

Original Snippet -

To enable create the following setting:

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