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1999-12-03 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* Version 2.3.6.
* eb/subbook.c (eb_initialize_indexes): Fix a bug that search
method parameters aren't set correctly.
* eb/font.c (eb_initialize_eb_fonts): If the number of characters
in a font is 0, ignore the font entry. This fix is for "Nihongo
Goi Taikei" (EPWING, Iwanami Shoten).
* eb/font.c (eb_initialize_epwing_fonts): Likewise.
1999-11-03 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* Version 2.3.5.
1999-10-23 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* Version 2.3.4.
* eb/epwunzip.c (eb_epwunzip_slice): Fix a bug that an
application dumps core when the compression ratio of a target
page is over 100%.
* eb/appendix.h: Add missing `}' for extern "C".
1999-10-03 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* ebrefile/ When the `--version' option is specified,
don't put an empty line followed by the Copyright string.
* ebappendix/ Likewise.
* ebinfo/ebinfo.c (output_information): Add `S-EBXA' to the
string `EB/EBG/EBXA/...'.
1999-09-04 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* Version 2.3.3.
1999-06-20 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* Version 2.3.2.
* Use libtool-1.3.2.
* eb/text.c (eb_read_internal): Skip text within `1ff0H - 1ff1H',
`1ff2H - 1ff3H', ... `1ffeH - 1ffHH', not `1ff1H - 1ff2H',
`1ff3H - 1ff4H' ... `1ffdH - 1ffeH'.
1999-04-29 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* Version 2.3.
1999-04-24 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* Version 2.3beta2.
* eb/subbook.c (eb_initialize_subbook): Don't access the removed
`length' member in the `EB_Search' structure.
* eb/text.c (eb_text): Likewise. Don't tell text from menu.
* eb/text.c (CONTENT_MENU): Removed.
1999-04-17 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* eb/eb.c (eb_initialize_catalog): Change the character code
parameter of `EB Kagakugijutu Yougo Daijiten (YRRS-048)'
to JIS X 0208.
1999-04-11 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* eb/zio.c (eb_zopen): Remove and append `.' to a filename
and try to open the file, when failed to open the file.
1999-03-28 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* Version 2.3beta1.
* ebinfo/ebinfo.c (output_information): Recognize the book
written in EB_CHARCODE_JISX0208_GB2312.
* eb/text.c (eb_read_internal): Case to `unsigned char' when
assign an integral value to `*workbuf'.
* eb/defs.h (EB_Search): Add the member `length'.
* eb/subbook.c (eb_initialize_subbook): Record not only start
pages of search methods but their index length.
* eb/text.c (CONTENT_MENU): Defined.
* eb/text.c (eb_text): Check for the content type, text or menu.
* eb/text.c (eb_read_internal): If the content type is menu,
text is fed to the application until the library meets `0x1f03'.
* eb/eb.c (eb_initialize_catalog): Tell EB_CHARCODE_ISO8859_1
from others, not EB_CHARCODE_JISX0208 from others.
* eb/font.c (eb_initialize_eb_fonts,
eb_initialize_epwing_fonts): Likewise.
* eb/narwalt.c(eb_narrow_alt_character_text,
eb_backward_narrow_alt_character): Likewise.
* eb/narwfont.c (eb_narrow_font_character_bitmap,
eb_backward_narrow_font_character): Likewise.
* eb/widealt.c(eb_wide_alt_character_text,
eb_backward_wide_alt_character): Likewise.
* eb/widefont.c (eb_wide_font_character_bitmap,
eb_backward_wide_font_character): Likewise.
* eb/text.c (eb_read_internal): Recognize GB 2312 character in
* eb/text.h (EB_HOOK_GB2312): Add the hook.
* eb/text.h (EB_NUM_HOOKS): Increment.
* eb/defs.h (EB_CHARCODE_JISX0208_GB2312): Defined.
* eb/language.c:eb_initialize_languages): Recognize EBXA-C disc.
1999-03-07 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* Version 2.3beta0.
* eb/ Find catalog file in the same order as
ebzip does.
* eb/zio.c (eb_zopen2): Defined.
* eb/zio.c (eb_zclose): Dispose memory for huffman nodes.
* ebzip/ebzip.c (zip_book, unzip_book, zipinfo_book): Support
CD-ROM book compressed with EPWING compression format.
* ebzip/ebzip.c (zip_book, unzip_book, zipinfo_book): Support
CD-ROM book compressed with EPWING compression format.
* ebzip/ebzip.c (zip_file, unzip_file): Argument formats are
changed. `in_filename' are changed to `in_filename_list'.
* ebzip/ebzip.c (zipinfo_file): Argument format is changed.
`ebz_filename' and `orig_filename' are unified to `filename_list'.
* ebzip/ebzip.c (zip_file, unzip_file, zipinfo_file): Use
eb_zopen2(), eb_zlseek(), eb_zread() and eb_zclose() for input
* ebzip/ebzip.c (fix_filename, zip_file, unzip_file, zipinfo_file):
`eb_canonicalize_filename()' are called at `fix_filename()', not
1999-02-27 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* eb/zio.c (eb_read_all): Return the number of read bytes so far
when it receives an EOF.
1999-02-26 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
1999-02-25 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* eb/unzip1.c: Renamed to `ebunzip1.c'.
* eb/ebunzip1.c (eb_unzip_mode1): Renamed to `eb_ebunzip1_slice'.
* ebzip/zip1.c: Renamed to `ebzip1.c'.
* ebzip/ebzip1.c (zip_mode1): Renamed to `ebzip1_slice'.
* eb/def.h (EB_SIZE_ZIP_HEADER): Renamed to `EB_SIZE_EBZIP_HEADER'.
* eb/def.h (EB_SIZE_ZIP_MARGIN): Renamed to `EB_SIZE_EBZIP_MARGIN'.
* eb/def.h (EB_SIZE_ZIP_LEVEL): Renamed to `EB_SIZE_EBZIP_LEVEL'.
* eb/def.h (EB_ZIP_MODE1): Renamed to `EB_ZIP_EBZIP1'.
* eb/def.h (EB_ZIP_EPWING): Defined.
* eb/defs.h (EB_Huffman_Node): Defined.
* eb/defs.h (EB_Zip): Add some members for EPWING compression:
`index_location', `index_length', `frequencies_location',
`frequencies_length', `huffman_nodes' and `huffman_root'.
* eb/zio.c (eb_zopen): Split this function into `eb_zopen()' and
* eb/zio.c (eb_zopen): Split this function into `eb_zread()' and
* eb/zio.c (eb_zopen_epwzipped, eb_zread_epwzipped): Defined.
* eb/zio.c (eb_fix_ebzip_filename): Removed. The procedures in
this function are moved into `eb_open_ebzipped'.
1999-02-20 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* Version 2.2.1.
* eb/jpcode.c: Renamed to `eb/jacode.c'.
* ebzip/ add `if..else..endif' statement which
branches off according with `EXEEXT'.
* add `if..else..endif' statement which branches
off according with `ENABLE_SAMPLES'.
* (EXTRA_DIST): Delete files under the `samples'
and `samples-ja' directories.
* samples/disctype.c, samples/subbook.c, samples/word.c:
Import Japanese comments in `samples-ja/*.c' and renamed
to `*'.
* samples/ (disctype.c, subbook.c, word.c): They
are generated from `*' files.
* samples-ja/, samples-ja/
samples-ja/disctype.c, samples/subbook.c, samples/word.c:
* doc/ (disctype.c.texi, subbook.c.texi): Generated
from `$(samplesdir)/' and `$(samplesdir)/'.
* doc-ja/ (disctype.c.texi, subbook.c.texi): Likewise.
* doc-ja/ (samplesdir): Changed to `$(srcdir)/../samples',
from `$(srcdir)/../samples-ja'.
1999-02-11 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* ebinfo/ebinfo.c (main): Don't include <syslog.h>.
* ebfont/ebfont.c (main): Likewise.
* ebfont/ebzip.c (main): Likewise.
* lib/fakelog.c (set_fakelog_level): Takes a facility with
`FAKELOG_' prefix as an argument.
* lib/fakelog.h, lib/fakelog.c: Move facility macros definitions
(`FAKELOG_QUIET', `FAKELOG_EMERG' ...) from `lib/fakelog.c' to
* lib/fakelog.c: include `syslog.h' only when `HAVE_SYSLOG_H'
is defined (for DOS and Windows).
* lib/fakelog.c (fakelog): call syslog() only when HAVE_SYSLOG
is defined (for DOS and Windows).
* (AC_CHECK_FUNCS): Add `syslog'.
* (AC_CHECK_HEADERS): Add `syslog.h'.
1999-01-28 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* ebzip/ebzip.c (zip_book, unzip_book, zipinfo_book):
Fix eb_canonicalize_filename() calls in the `DOS_FILE_PATH'
blocks. Undefined variables were used.
1999-01-15 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* Version 2.2.
* eb/text.c (eb_initialize_hookset): Set hook functions
* eb/hookset.c (eb_hook_stopcode_dummy, eb_hook_stopcode_mixed):
Now, simply call `eb_hook_stopcode'.
* eb/hookset.c (eb_hook_stopcode_mixed): Rename to
`eb_hook_stopcode'. The old version of `eb_hook_stopcode'
has overwritten.
* eb/hookset.c (eb_hook_narrow_character_text,
eb_hook_wide_character_text, eb_hook_empty): Add three builtin
1999-01-10 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* eb/text.c (default_hookset, default_hookset_initialized):
Add these static variables.
* eb/text.c (eb_text, eb_heading): Initialize `default_hookset'
if it has not been initialized yet.
* eb/text.c (eb_read_internal): Use `default_hookset' when
`hookset' is `NULL'.
* doc/ (info_TEXINFOS): Add `eb.texi'.
* doc/ (eb_ja_TEXINFOS): Define this macro.
* doc/ (CLEANFILES): Add `disctype.c.texi' and
* doc/ (EXTRA_DIST): Add `stamp-eb'.
* doc/ (eb-ver.texi, stamp-eb): Add these targets.
* doc-ja/ (info_TEXINFOS): Add `eb-ja.texi'.
* doc-ja/ (eb_ja_TEXINFOS): Define this macro.
* doc-ja/ (CLEANFILES): Add `disctype.c.texi' and
* doc-ja/ (EXTRA_DIST): Add `stamp-eb'.
* doc-ja/ (eb-ver.texi, stamp-eb): Add these targets.
* (EXTRA_DIST): add files under the `samples' and
`samples-ja' directories.
1998-12-12 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* Version 2.1.2.
* ebzip/ebzip.c (zip_file, unzip_file, copy_file): Check
whether SIGHUP, SIGTERM and SIGQUIT are defined or not.
* config.guess, config.sub, ltconfig, Use libtool
version 1.2c, taken via anonymous CVS. This version supports
* (LIBEB_VERSION_INFO): Set it to `1:2:0'.
(The previous version was `1:1:1', but this is incorrect.)
1998-11-13 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* Version 2.1.1.
* eb/text.c (eb_read_internal): Update `pagebufp' and `pagerest'
before go to `at_end'.
1998-11-09 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* eb/eb.c (eb_initialize_catalog): If the target book is a
CD-ROM of SONY DataDiscMan (DD-DR1), modify `char_code' to
JIS X 0208.
* eb/appendix.c (eb_initialize_appendix_catalog): Raise an error
if the target appendix has no subbook.
* eb/eb.c (eb_initialize_catalog): Raise an error if the target
book has no subbook.
1998-11-08 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* ebinfo/ebinfo.c (output_information): Output `copyright'
instead of `copyright-notice'.
1998-11-06 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* INSTALL-ja, README-ja: Add these files.
* (EXTRA_DIST): Add this macro.
* (LIBEB_VERSION_INFO): Set it to `1:1:1'.
* eb/appsub.c (eb_initialize_all_appendix_subbooks): Examine
whether the appendix is bound or not.
* eb/subbook.c (eb_initialize_all_subbooks): Examine whether
the book is bound or not.
1998-10-31 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* doc-ja/texinfo.tex: Use Japanized 1998-10-27 version.
* doc/texinfo.tex: Use 1998-10-27 version.
* doc-ja/ (EXTRA_DIST): Add texinfo-ja.tex.
1998-10-28 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* eb/font.c (eb_initialize_epwing_fonts): Close a font file
immediately and set `font_count' to 0 when an error occurs.
1998-10-19 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* libebutils/samefile.c (is_same_file): If `DOS_FILE_PATH'
is defined, compare fields other than `st_dev' and `st_ino'.
1998-10-08 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* eb/ebzip.c (main): Ignore case of the command name
when DOS_FILE_PATH is defined.
* eb/ebzip.c (main, zip_book, unzip_book, zipinfo_book):
Call eb_canonicalize_filename() after fix_filename(), when
DOS_FILE_PATH is defined.
* eb/ebzip.c (main): Recognize the command name `ebunzip.exe'
and `ebzipinfo.exe' when DOS_FILE_PATH is defined.
* eb/ebzip.c (info_book): Rename it to `zipinfo_book'.
* eb/ebzip.c (info_file): Rename it to `zipinfo_file'.
1998-10-02 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* Version 2.1.
* eb/subbook.c (eb_initialize_indexes): Recognize an index
with the identifer 0x02 as copyright notice.
1998-09-23 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* ebzip/ebzip.c: Add missing O_BINARY modifier to an argument
to read().
1998-09-17 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* eb/text.c (eb_read_internal): `0x1f53' is an escape sequence
1998-08-21 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* ebrefile/ Copy reserved area 1 (described in JIS
X 4081) in an original CATALOG(S) to a new CATALOG(S).
* (LIBZ_LDADDED): Rename it to `LDADD_FOR_LIBZ'.
1998-08-15 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* Version 2.1beta2.
* eb/defs.h (EB_VERSION_MINOR): Set to `1'.
(NDTPD 2.1beta0 and beta1 set wrong miner version.)
1998-08-14 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* libebutils/ (getopt_long): Set option name to ''
for a return value of a non-option argument when RETURN_IN_ORDER
1998-08-02 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* ebzip/ (TEXINFO_TEX): Deleted.
1998-07-19 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* ebappendix/ (EXTRA_DIST, ebappendix): Move
`' to the `libebutils' directory.
* libebutils/ (EXTRA_DIST): Add `'.
* eb/zio.c (eb_zread): Decrease size of `tmp_buffer'.
* eb/unzip1.c (eb_unzip_mode1): Set `avail_out' to just
`out_byte_length'. Don't add margin.
* ebrefile/, ebrefile/, ebrefile/
Add these files.
* (SUBDIRS): Add `ebrefile'.
* (AC_OUTPUT): Add `ebrefile/Makefile'.
* eb/ebzip.c (info_file): Output size of original files.
* eb/defs.h (EB_MAX_ZIP_LEVEL): Set to `3' (it was `2').
1998-07-16 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* Version 2.1beta1.
* libebutils/samefile.c (is_same_file): Fix an expression of
inode comparion.
* ebzip/ebzip.c (main): Don't change `filename_suffix' regardless
of action mode.
* ebzip/ebzip.c (list_book): Rename to `info_book'.
* ebzip/ebzip.c (list_file): Rename to `info_file'.
* ebzip/ebzip.c (fix_output_directory): Delete the function.
* ebzip/ebzip.c (fix_output_filename): Rename to `fix_filename'
and change its interface.
* ebzip/ebzip.c (zip_file, unzip_file): Output status messages
with more precise output byte-counts during compression/uncompression.
1998-07-16 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* zlib/ (EXTRA_DIST): List minimum files; `*.c' and
`*.h' sources required to build the library, and documents.
* Import zlib-1.1.3 sources.
* acinclude.m4 (AX_HAVE_STRUCT_UTIMBUF): Fix a message.
* ebinfo/, ebfont/ (INCLUDES): Delete
* ebzip/ebzip.c (compress_book, uncompress_book): Correctly
generate filenames of HONMON files.
* ebzip/ebzip.c (output_help): Fix miss-spelling.
1998-07-12 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* Version 2.1beta0.
* ebappendix/ Fix option parser.
* ebfont/ebfont.c (make_subbook_size_fonts): Omit intermedate
directories for image-names.
* (AC_ARG_WITH): Add `--with-zlib'.
1998-07-10 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* doc/ (ebinfo-ver.texi, stamp-ebinfo, ebzip-ver.texi,
stamp-ebzip): Define these rules.
* doc-ja/ (ebinfo-ver.texi, stamp-ebinfo, ebzip-ver.texi,
stamp-ebzip): Liksewise.
* doc/ (ebinfo_TEXINFOS, ebzip_TEXINFO): Define
these macros.
* doc-ja/ (ebinfo_ja_TEXINFOS, ebzip_ja_TEXINFO):
* doc/ (MOSTLYCLEANFILES): Add vti.tmp.
* doc-ja/ (MOSTLYCLEANFILES): Likewise.
* doc/ebzip.texi: Add this file.
* doc/ebzip-ja.texi: Likewise.
* doc/ (info_TEXINFOS): Add `ebzip.texi'.
* doc/ (info_TEXINFOS): Likewise.
1998-07-05 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* (JA_DOC_SUBDIR): Define this variable according to
`ENABLE_JA_DOC' conditinal flag.
* (SUBDIRS): Add `doc' and `$(JA_DOC_SUBDIR)'.
* (AC_ARG_ENABLE): Add `--with-ja-doc'.
* (AC_OUTPUT): Add `doc/Makefile' and `doc-ja/Makefile'.
* ebinfo/ (info_TEXINFOS, TEXINFO_TEX): Delete these
* ebinfo/ebinfo.texi: Move to `doc/ebinfo.texi'.
* doc-ja/ Add this file.
* doc-ja/ebinfo-ja.texi: Add this file.
* doc/ Likewise.
1998-06-28 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* ebfont/ebfont.c (short_options): Define this variable and passed
to getopt_long().
* ebinfo/ebinfo.c (longopts): Likewise.
* ebfont/ebfont.c (longopts): Rename to `long_options'.
* ebinfo/ebinfo.c (longopts): Likewise.
1998-06-27 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* eb/appendix.c (eb_clear_appendix), eb/eb.c (eb_clear): Call
* eb/appendix.c, eb/eb.c: Use `eb_read_all' instead of `read'.
* eb/appsub.c, eb/font.c, eb/keyword.c, eb/language.c, eb/message.c,
eb/multi.c, eb/narwalt.c, eb/narwfont.c, eb/search.c, eb/subbook.c,
eb/text.c, eb/widealt.c, eb/widefont.c: Use `eb_zopn', `eb_zclose',
`eb_zlseek' and `eb_zread' instead of `open', `close', `lseek' and
* eb/internal.h: Add declarations of the functions defined in
`unzip.c' and `zio.c'.
* eb/defs.h (EB_Appendix_Subbook, EB_Font, EB_Subbook): Add
the member `zip'.
* eb/defs.h (EB_Zip_Code, EB_Zip): Define these types.
EB_SIZE_ZIP_MARGIN, EB_MAX_ZIP_LEVEL): Define these macros.
* eb/ (libeb_la_SOURCES): Add `zio.c' and `unzip1.c'.
* eb/zio.c, eb/unzip1.c: Add the file.
* (ZLIB_SUBDIR): Define this variable according to
`WITH_ZLIB' conditinal flag.
* (AC_ARG_WITH): Add `--with-zlib-includes'
and `--with-zlib-libraries'.
* (AC_CONFIG_SUBDIRS): Set as `zlib'.
* Use libtool-1.2a.
* eb/ (install-data-hook): Insert $(DESTDIR) to
* (AC_TYPE_SIGNAL): Add this macro.
* acconfig.h: Add RETSIGTYPE_VOID.
1998-06-23 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* ebfont/ebfont.c (main): Call output_try_help() when
an argument to `-f' or `-i' is invalid value.
1998-06-21 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* ebfont/ (INCLUDES): Add `-I$(zincludedir)'.
* ebfont/ (ebfont_LDADD): Add $(LIBZ)
* ebinfo/ (ebinfo_LDADD): Likewise.
* ebfont/ (LIBZ): Set this macro.
* ebinfo/ (LIBZ): Likewise.
* (LIBEB_VERSION_INFO): Set to `1:1:0'.
* (AC_CONFIG_SUBDIRS): Add `zlib'.
* (AC_ARG_WITH): Add the `--with-zlib-includes'
and `--with-zlib-libraries' options.
* (AC_SUBST): Substitute `zincludedir' and
* Import zlib-1.12 sources.
1998-06-18 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* (AC_PREREQ): Set to `2.12'.
1998-06-14 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* (AC_CHECK_FUNCS): Add `utime'.
* (AC_CHECK_HEADERS): Add `utime.h'.
* ebappendix/ Rename the option name `--filename-case'
to `--case'.
1998-06-13 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* ebfont/ebfont.c: Include `getumask.h'.
* ebfont/ebfont.c (get_umask): Move the function to
* libebutils/getumask.c, libebutils/getumask.h: Add these files.
* libebutils/ (libebutils_a_SOURCES): Add `getumask.c'
and `getumask.h'.
* ebfont/ebfont.c (main): Check the length of an argument
to the option `-o', canonicalize the argument as an absolute
path, and then check the length of the canonicalized path
1998-06-11 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* Version 2.0.1.
* eb/defs.h: Add `EB_SUFFIX_DOT' for an alias name to
* eb/eb.c (eb_initialize_catalog): Ignore font filenames
which beginning with a character 0x80...0xff.
* eb/filename.c (eb_catalog_filename_internal): Fix a gug;
add a suffix to a filename correctly.
1998-06-09 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* Version 2.0.
* eb/filename.c (eb_canonicalize_filename): Rename
1998-06-07 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* ebappendix/ Rename argument to the `--suffix'
(`-s') option; from `period' to `dot'.
* ebfont/ebfont.c (longopts): Add the `--subbook' (`-S') option.
* ebfont/ebfont.c (main, help): Add the `--subbook' (`-S') option.
* ebfont/ebfont.c (make_book_fonts): Change an arugment list.
Add `subname_list' and `subname_count' arguments.
* ebfont/ebfont.c (make_fonts): Rename to `make_book_fonts'.
1998-06-06 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
Define these macros as strings; "16" and "xbm".
* ebfont/ebfont.c (main): Call `parse_font_argument' with
`DEFAULT_FONT_HEIGHT' when `-f' option is not speicified.
* ebfont/ebfont.c (main): Call `parse_image_argument' with
`DEFAULT_IMAGE_HEIGHT' when `-i' option is not speicified.
1998-06-05 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* ebfont/ebfont.c (parse_font_argument): Use `strcmp' to
check an argument instead of `strncmp'.
* ebfont/ebfont.c: Define `DEFAULT_BOOK_DIRECTORY' and use
it rather than ".".
* ebfont/ebinfo.c: Define `DEFAULT_BOOK_DIRECTORY' and use
it rather than ".".
1998-06-01 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* ebappendix/ Use `if expr {die "..."}' intead
of `die "..." if expr' when `$!' is used in "...".
* ebappendix/ Add two argument tyes `version'
and `both' to the option `-s'.
* ebappendix/ (@long_options):
Rename `--check-only'(`-n') to `--test'(`-t').
Rename `-N'(`--no-catalog') to `-n'(`--no-catalog').
1998-05-30 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* eb/ (libeb_la_SOURCES): Add `unzip.c' and
* eb/unzip.c, eb/unzip-mode1.c: Add these files.
* ebzip/, ebzip/zip-mode1.c, ebzip/ebzip.c:
Add these files.
* (SUBDIRS): Add `ebzip'.
* (AC_OUTPUT): Add `ebzip/Makefile'.
* eb/defs.h: include `time.h' and/or `sys/time.h' according
* eb/eb.c (eb_bind): Assume that the suffix `.ebz' may be
inserted to the filename.
* eb/defs.h (EB_Appendix_Subbook, EB_Font, EB_Subbook): Add
the member `unzip'.
* eb/defs.h (EB_Zip): Define the type.
1998-05-23 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* eb/defs.h (EB_Appendix_Subbook):
Rename `appfile' to `sub_file'.
Rename `charcode' to `char_code'.
Rename `narwstart' to `narw_start'.
Rename `widestart' to `wide_start'.
Rename `narwend' to `narw_end'.
Rename `wideend' to `wide_end'.
Rename `narwpage' to `narw_page'.
Rename `widepage' to `wide_page'.
* eb/defs.h (EB_Appendix):
Rename `pathlen' to `path_length'.
Rename `disccode' to `disc_code'.
Rename `casecode' to `case_code'.
Rename `suffixcode' to `suffix_code'.
Rename `subcount' to `sub_count'.
Rename `subcurrent' to `sub_current'.
Rename `narwcache' to `narw_cache'.
Rename `widecache' to `wide_cache'.
* eb/defs.h (EB_Font):
Rename `fontfile' to `font_file'.
* eb/defs.h (EB_Language):
Rename `msgcount' to `msg_count'.
* eb/defs.h (EB_Search):
Rename `entrycount' to `entry_count'.
* eb/defs.h (EB_Subbook):
Rename `startfile' to `sub_file'.
Rename `multicount' to `multi_count'.
Rename `fontcount' to `font_count'.
Rename `narwcurrent' to `narw_current'.
Rename `widecurrent' to `wide_current'.
* eb/defs.h (EB_Book):
Rename `disccode' to `disc_code'.
Rename `charcode' to `char_code'.
Rename `pathlen' to `path_length'.
Rename `casecode' to `case_code'.
Rename `suffixcode' to `suffix_code'.
Rename `subcount' to `sub_count'.
Rename `subcurrent' to `sub_current'.
Rename `langcount' to `lang_count'.
Rename `langcurrent' to `lang_current'.
1998-04-29 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* Version 2.0beta1.
* Use automake 1.3.
* eb/appendix.h, eb/eb.h, eb/error.h, eb/font.h, eb/internal.h,
eb/language.h, eb/text.h (EB_P): Examine whether the `__cplusplus'
macro is defined or not.
* ebappendix/ Don't use the expression like as
`($ver, $var, $var) = (0..2)'. Perl5.004_01 doesn't accept
such an expression.
* ebappendix/ Rename an option name;
`--filename-cases' to `--filename-case'.
* texinfo.tex: Move to the sub-directory `ebinfo'.
* ebinfo/ Delete `TEXINFO_TEX'.
(automake-1.2 and 1.3 seems to ignore TEXINFO_TEX.)
1998-04-14 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* ebappendix/ (ebappendix): Concat the header part
of `', `' and the body part of
`' in that order to generate `ebappendix'.
1998-04-11 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* eb/setword.c (eb_fix_word_jis): Return with the return value
EB_WORD_OTHER when a word contains kana and kanji, or contains
alphabet and kanji.
* eb/defs.h (EB_WORD_KANJI): Rename to `EB_WORD_OTHER'.
* eb/filename.c (eb_catalog_filename_internal): Find a catalog
file with EB_SUFFIX_VERSION style filename.
* eb/defs.h (EB_SUFFIX_VERSION): Add this cpp macro.
1998-04-05 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* eb/setword.c (eb_fix_word_jis): Don't reject spaces.
* eb/subbook.c (eb_initialize_indexes): Initialize `'
when inex style information is available.
* eb/text.h (EB_HOOK_JISX0208): Split to `EB_HOOK_NARROW_JISX0208'
and `EB_HOOK_WIDE_JISX0208'.
* eb/text.h (EB_HOOK_NULL): Modify its value to -1.
1998-04-04 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* eb/font.h, eb/bitmap.c (eb_convert_bitmap_xbm,
eb_convert_bitmap_xpm, eb_convert_bitmap_gif): Rename to
`eb_bitmap_to_xbm', `eb_bitmap_to_xpm', `eb_bitmap_to_gif'.
* eb/defs.h (EB_CHARACTER_ISO8859_1 and EB_CHARACTER_JISX0208):
Rename to `EB_CHARCODE_ISO8859_1' and `EB_CHARCODE_JISX0208'.
1998-04-01 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* eb/eb.c (eb_initialize_catalog): Fix the character-code of
the earliest edition of `Shin Eiwa Waei Chujiten'.
1998-03-30 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* eb/text.c (eb_read_internal): Don't use auto stop-code decision
mechanism. This mechanism cannot guess a stop-code collectly.
* eb/appendix.c (eb_clear_appendix): Call `eb_unset_appendix_subbook'
at first, and then dispose memories asigned to `appendix->subbooks'.
1998-03-25 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* Version 2.0beta0.
* Use GNU libtool-1.2.
1998-03-21 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* eb/text.c (eb_text_internal): Detect text stopcode automatically.
* narwfont.c (eb_forward_narrow_character): Rename to
* widefont.c (eb_forward_wide_character): Rename to
* widealt.c (eb_have_wide_alternation,
eb_previous_wide_appendix_character): Rename to
`eb_forward_wide_alt_character', and
* narwalt.c (eb_have_narrow_alternation,
eb_previous_narrow_appendix_character): Rename to
`eb_forward_narrow_alt_character', and
* appendix.c (eb_initialize_alternation_cache), appsub.c,
(eb_initialize_appendix_subbook): Rename
`eb_initialize_alternation_cache' to `eb_initialize_alt_cache'.
* eb/search.c (eb_hit_list): Add the function.
* eb/search.c (eb_next_word, eb_next_endword): Delete these
* eb/search.c (eb_search_endword, eb_search_endword): Change
* eb/search.c (eb_presearch, eb_next_word_internal):
Change interfaces and rename to `eb_search_word_internal'
and `eb_hit_list_internal'.
* eb/text.c (eb_next_text_internal): Change interface and rename
to `eb_read_internal'.
* eb/text.c (eb_text, eb_heading): Change interfaces.
These functions can be invoked repeatedly in order to get suceesive
* eb/io.c (eb_read), eb/text.c: Rename `eb_read' to `eb_rawtext'
and move it to `eb/text.c'.
* eb/text.c (eb_next_text, eb_next_heading): Delete these functions.
* eb/io.c (eb_seek): Change interface.
This function is used before getting text or heading.
* eb/setword.c (eb_fix_word_jis): Support SS2.
1998-03-08 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* eb/narwalt.c (eb_forward_narrow_appendix_character):
Rename to `eb_forward_narrow_alternation_character'.
* eb/widealt.c (eb_forward_wide_appendix_character):
Rename to `eb_forward_wide_alternation_character'.
* eb/narwfont.c (eb_forward_narrow_character):
Rename to `eb_forward_narrow_font_character'.
* eb/widefont.c (eb_forward_wide_character):
Rename to `eb_forward_wide_font_character'.
1998-03-08 KSK
* eb/filename.c (eb_canonicalize_filename): Add DOS version
of this function.
1998-02-20 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* ebinfo/ebinfo.c (output_information): Add 2nd argument
`multiflag'. Call `output_multi_information' when `multiflag'
is non-zero.
* ebinfo/ebinfo.c (output_multi_information): Add this function.
* ebinfo/ebinfo.c (option longopts, main, outout_help):
Add the `-m' and `--multi-search' options.
1998-02-15 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* eb/subbook.c (eb_subbook2): Add this function.
* eb/appsub.c (eb_appendix_subbook2): Add this function.
* eb/subbook.c (eb_initialize_subbook): Get the location of
the index page from the member `page_index' in `EB_Subbook'.
* eb/eb.c (eb_initialize_catalog): Get an index page location
from the `CATALOGS' file.
* eb/internal.c (eb_uint3): Add this macro.
* eb/multi.c (eb_initialize_multi_search, eb_multi_search_count,
eb_multi_search_list, eb_multi_entry_count, eb_multi_entry_list,
eb_multi_entry_label, eb_multi_entry_have_exactword_search,
eb_multi_entry_have_word_search, eb_multi_entry_have_endword_search,
eb_multi_entry_have_keyword_search): Add these functions.
* eb/subbook.c (eb_initialize_subbook): Call
* eb/error.h, eb/error.c (messages): Add new error codes
* eb/error.h: Increase EB_NUM_ERRORS.
* eb/setword.c (eb_set_word, eb_set_endword): Fully revised.
* eb/setword.c (eb_convert_katakana_jis, eb_convert_lower_latin,
eb_convert_lower_jis, eb_delete_marks_jis, eb_convert_long_vowels_jis,
eb_delete_long_vowels_jis, eb_convert_double_consonants_jis,
eb_convert_contracted_sounds_jis, eb_convert_small_vowels_jis,
eb_convert_voiced_consonants_jis, eb_convert_p_sounds_jis,
eb_delete_spaces_jis): Add these functions.
* eb/setword.c (eb_fix_word_jis): Don't delete spaces in a
* ebinfo/ebinfo.c (output_multi_information): Add this function.
1998-02-11 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* eb/appendix.h, eb/defs.h, eb/eb.h, eb/error.h,
eb/font.h, eb/internal.h, eb/language.h, eb/text.h:
Define the cpp macro `EB_P' used at function declarations.
* eb/ (install-data-hook): Add this target.
* eb/appendix.h, eb/eb.h, eb/font.h, eb/internal.h, eb/language.h,
eb/text.h: Regenerate function declarations.
* eb/text.h (EB_UINT_FUNC): Rename to `EB_UINT_FUNCTION'.
* eb/defs.h, eb/types.h: Merge these files and put into
`eb/defs.h'. `eb/types.h' is deleted.
* eb/havesearch.c (eb_have_word_search, eb_have_endword_search,
eb_have_exactword_search): Move to `eb/search.c'.
* eb/havesearch.c (eb_have_keyword_search): Move to `eb/keyword.c'.
* eb/havesearch.c (eb_have_multi_search): Move to `eb/multi.c'.
* eb/havesearch.c (eb_have_grpahic_search): Move to `eb/graphic.c'.
* eb/havesearch.c (eb_have_menu): Move to `eb/menu.c'.
* eb/havesearch.c (eb_have_copyright): Move to `eb/copyright.c'.
* eb/search.c (eb_menu): Move to `eb/menu.c'.
* eb/search.c (eb_copyright): Move to `eb/copyright.c'.
* eb/io.c (eb_seek, eb_read): Move to `eb/text.c'.
* eb/io.h: Move definitions of eb_seek() and eb_read() to
* eb/io.c: Rename to `eb/uint.c'.
* eb/io.h: Move definitions of eb_uint1(), eb_uint2(), eb_uint4(),
eb_bcd2(), eb_bcd4() and eb_bcd6() to `text.h' and `internal.h'.
* eb/io.h: Delete this file.
1998-01-26 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* eb/text.c (eb_text_internal, eb_text, eb_heading):
Unified the `page' and `offset' static variables, and
to `location'. In `eb_text_internal', `page' and `offset'
were not updated correctly.
1998-01-19 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* eb/setword.c (eb_fix_word_latin): Don't ignore spaces in
a word.
* eb/search.c (eb_search_exactword, eb_search_word,
eb_search_endword): Don't canonicalize a word if the book
is EPWING and if `page' is `EB_INDEX_WORD_ASIS'.
(temporary solution)
1998-01-11 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* eb/ (libeb_la_LDFLAGS): Use `@LIBEB_VERSION_INFO@'
as an argument to the `-version-info' option of libtool.
* Add the `LIBEB_VERSION_INFO' variable and
substitute it by `AC_SUBST'.
1998-01-10 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* eb/subbook.c (eb_initialize_subbook, eb_initialize_indexes):
Initialize `EB_Search' type members in `EB_Subbook' data at
* eb/io.c (eb_seek, eb_tell, eb_read), eb/text.c (eb_heading,
eb_next_heading, eb_text, eb_next_text): Return with the error
code `EB_ERR_NO_START' when the subbook lacks a start file.
* eb/error.c, eb/error.h: Add `EB_ERR_NO_START' to the error
code list.
* eb/narwalt.c (eb_previous_narrow_appendix_character):
Set `eb_error' to `EB_ERR_NO_CUR_APPSUB', not `EB_ERR_NO_CUR_SUB'
when the current subbook is not selected.
* eb/io.c (eb_seek): Set `eb_error' when lseek() is failed.
* eb/language.c (eb_initialize_languages): Close the LANGUAGE
file upon return.
* ebappendix/ (getopt_initialize),
ebappendix/ (long_options):
Modify option-list format of `getopt_long'.
FLAGS must be `no-argument' or `required-argument'.
1998-01-04 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* eb/subbook.c (eb_initialize_indexes), eb/search.c
(eb_search_exactword, eb_search_word, eb_search_endword, eb_menu,
eb_copyright), havesearch.c (eb_have_word_search,
eb_have_endword_search, eb_have_keyword_search, eb_have_multi_search,
eb_have_graphic_search, eb_have_menu, eb_have_copyright):
Adapt to new `EB_Subbook' structure.
* eb/types.h (EB_Subbook): Delete the `indexes' member, and add
`word_alpha', `word_asis', `word_kana', `endword_alpha',
`endword_asis', `endword_kana', `keyword', `menu', `graphic',
`copyright', `multi' and `multicount' members.
Delete the `EB_Index_Code' type;
* eb/defs.h: Delete `EB_INDEX_WORD_KANA', `EB_INDEX_WORD_ASIS',
1998-01-03 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* eb/havesearch.c: Rename `eb_have_menu_search' to `eb_have_menu'.
* eb/search.c: Rename `eb_search_menu' to `eb_menu'.
1998-01-01 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* eb/match.c (eb_match_word, eb_match_exactword):
Don't ignore all spaces in a search pattern, but in the tail of
the pattern.
* eb/narwalt.c: Rename `eb_narrow_character_text_ltn' to
* eb/narwfont.c: Rename `eb_narrow_character_bitmap_ltn'
to `eb_narrow_character_charavter_latin'.
* eb/setword.c Rename `eb_fix_word_ltn, eb_reverse_word_ltn'
to `eb_fix_word_latin' and `eb_reverse_word_ltn'.
* eb/widealt.c: Rename `eb_wide_character_text_ltn' to
* eb/widefont.c: Rename `eb_wide_character_bitmap_ltn'
to `eb_wide_character_charavter_latin'.
* eb/types.h: Define the `EB_Search', `EB_Multi_Entry',
`EB_Index_Style_Code', `EB_Multi_Search_Code' and
`EB_Multi_Entry_Code' types.
* eb/types.h (EB_Subbook): Add the `index_page' member.
* eb/tyes.h (EB_Subbook): Add the `multicout' and `multi' members.
* eb/defs.h: Define `EB_MAX_MULTI_SEARCHES` and
1997-12-31 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* ebinfo/ebinfo.texi: Add this file.
* ebinfo/ Define `info_TEXINFOS' as `ebinfo.texi'.
* ebinfo/ebinfo.c (main), ebfont/ebfont.c (main):
Call `set_fakelog_name', `set_fakelog_mode' and `set_fakelog_level'.
* ebinfo/ebinfo.c: Include `fakelog.h'.
* ebappendix/ Delete the `--no-catalogs' option.
* ebappendix/, ebfont/ebfont.c (main, output_help,
longopts): Add the `--verbose' option.
* Define `appendixdir' and `appendix_DATA'.
* ebappendix/, ebfont/ebfont.c (main, make_fonts,
make_subbook_fonts, make_subbook_size_fonts,
make_subbook_size_image_fonts, save_image_file), ebinfo/ebinfo.c
(main, output_information): Unify style of error messages.
* ebappendix/, ebappendix/
Set and substitute `MAILING_ADDRESS'.
* ebappendix/, ebfont/ebfont.c (output_help,
output_version), ebinfo/ebinfo.c (output_help, output_version):
Change version and help messages; output to standard rather than
standard error, add copyright and license into version message,
and add mailing address information into help message.
1997-12-27 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* eb/appendix.c, eb/appsub.c, eb/eb.c, eb/font.c, eb/language.c,
eb/message.c, eb/subbook.c, ebfont/ebfont.c:
Define O_BINARY if not defined.
Specify `O_BINARY' at the 2nd argument of `open'.
1997-12-21 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* eb/setword.c (eb_set_word, eb_set_endword):
Don't call `eb_canonicalize_word_jis' when the current subbook
doesn't have a KANA index table.
The current subbook must have been set to call the functions.
* Delete the `doc/' subdirectory.
1997-12-06 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* eb/appendix.c: Move functions related to subbook to the new
file `appsub.c'.
* eb/ (libeb_la_SOURCES): Add `eb/appsub.c'.
* ebinfo/ (ebinfo_LDADD, ebinfo_DEPENDENCIES),
ebfont/ (ebfont_LDADD, ebfont_DEPENDENCIES):
Link `../eb/' instead of `../eb/libeb.a'.
* eb/ Rename `lib_LIBRARIES' to `lib_LTLIBRARIES'.
Rename `libeb_a_SOURCES' to `libeb_la_SOURCES'.
Define `libeb_la_LDFLAGS'.
* Get 4 files from the libtool-1.0 distribution;
`config.guess', `config.sub', `ltconfig' and `'.
1997-11-30 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* eb/error.h:
* eb/eb.h, eb/filename.c:
Rename `EB_CHAR_ISO8859_1' to `EB_CHARACTER_ISO8859_1'.
Rename `EB_CHAR_JISX0208' to `EB_CHARACTER_JISX0208'.
* Delete the `utils/' sub-directory.
* utils/lib/fakelog.c, utils/lib/fakelog.h, utils/lib/getopt.c,
utils/lib/getopt.h, utils/lib/getopt1.c, utils/lib/makedir.c,
utils/lib/makedir.h, utils/lib/memset.c, utils/lib/strcasecmp.c,
utils/lib/strerror.c: Move these files to the `libebutils/'
* utils/src/ Move this file to the `ebappendix' sub-
* utils/src/ebinfo.c: Move this file to the `ebinfo/' sub-directory.
* utils/src/ebfont.c: Move this file to the `ebfont/' sub-directory.
* ebappendix/, ebinfo/, ebfont/
Add these files.
* (SUBDIR): Define as `eb libebutils ebappendix ebfont
1997-11-23 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* Version 1.0.4.
* ebappendix/ Rename to `ebappendix/'.
* eb/ebinfo.c (output_information): Display whether a target book
has a copyright notice or not.
* eb/subbook.c (eb_initialize_indexes): Record an index of
multi search. eb_have_search() returns with a valid return
code, but multi search has not implemented yet.
* eb/search.c, eb/eb.h: Add the `eb_copyright' function.
* eb/havesearch.c, eb/eb.h: Add the `eb_have_copyright' function.
* eb/defs.h: Define `EB_INDEX_COPYRIGHT'.
* Generate dependency rules again.
* eb/subbook.c (eb_initialize_subbook): Call `eb_initialize_fonts'
instead of `eb_initialize_eb_fonts' and `eb_initialize_epwing_fonts'.
* eb/font.c, eb/font.h: Add the `eb_initialize_fonts' function.
* eb/ebinfo.c (output_information), eb/ebfont.c (main): Call
`eb_bind', and then call `eb_initialize'.
* eb/eb.c (eb_bind): Call `eb_clear' rather than `eb_initialize'.
* eb/language.c, eb/message.c: Move the functions `eb_message_count',
`eb_message_list', `eb_have_message' and `eb_message' in
`eb/language.c' to `eb/message.c'.
* eb/eb.c, eb/message.c: Move `eb_initialize_messages' in `eb/eb.c'
to `eb/message.c'.
* eb/eb.c, eb/language.c: Move `eb_initialize_language' in `eb/eb.c'
to `eb/language.c', and rename it to `eb_initialize_languages'.
* eb/eb.c, eb/font.c: Move `eb_initialize_eb_fonts' and
`eb_initialize_epwing_fonts' in `eb/eb.c' to `eb/font.c'.
* eb/eb.c, eb/subbook.c: Move `eb_initialize_subbook',
`eb_initialize_all_subbooks', and `eb_initialize_indexes'
in `eb/eb.c' to `eb/subbook.c'.
* eb/appendix.c, eb/font.c, eb/eb.c, eb/language.c, eb/subbook.c:
Don't include `ctype.h'.
* Add `eb/internal.h' and `eb/message.c'.
* eb/util.c, eb/eb.c: Delete `eb/util.c'.
Move `eb_is_bound' `eb_path' and `eb_disc_type' in `eb/util.c' to
* eb/init.c: Rename to `eb/eb.c'.
1997-11-03 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* eb/text.h, text.c (eb_text_internal): Delete the hook
* eb/text.c (eb_text_internal): Skip data between a pair of
extended control sequences, as described in JIS X 4081.
1997-10-19 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* Version 1.0.3.
* utils/src/ebfont.c (make_subbook_fonts): Don't exit if a subbook
lacks the specified font.
* utils/src/ Add `-s' (and `--suffix') options.
1997-10-18 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* Use `AC_MSG_WARN' rather than `echo'.
* eb/match.c (eb_match_word, eb_match_exactword): Ignore spaces
in a search pattern. This modicication is for the Oxford Concise
* eb/setword.c (eb_fix_word_ltn): Ignore spaces in a search
* utils/src/ebfont.c (make_fonts): Split into the five functions;
`make_fonts', `make_subbook_fonts', `make_subbook_size_fonts'
`make_subbook_size_image_fonts', and `save_image_file'.
1997-10-10 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* utils/src/ (ebappendix): Use `$(srcdir)/'
rather than `'.
Use `$(srcdir)/', not `'.
* utils/src/ (INCLUDES):
Use the `-I$(top_srcdir)' option, not `-I$(top_srcdir)/eb'.
* eb/bitmap.h: Define macros; `EB_SIZE_NARROW_FONT_16_XBM',
* eb/bitmap.c, eb/bitmap.h: Delete `eb_save_bitmap_xbm',
`eb_save_bitmap_xpm', `eb_save_bitmap_gif', `eb_write_bitmap_xbm',
`eb_write_bitmap_xpm', and `eb_write_bitmap_gif'.
* eb/bitmap.c, eb/bitmap.h: Add `eb_narrow_font_xbm_size',
`eb_narrow_font_xpm_size', `eb_narrow_font_gif_size',
`eb_wide_font_xbm_size', `eb_wide_font_xpm_size',
`eb_wide_font_gif_size', `eb_convert_bitmap_xbm',
`eb_convert_bitmap_xpm' and `eb_convert_bitmap_gif'.
* eb/error.h, eb/error.c: Delete three error codes;
1997-10-05 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* eb/error.h: Define EB_MAXLEN_ERROR_MESSAGE.
* utils/src/ebfont.c (make_fonts): Use `eb_forward_narrow_character'
and `eb_forward_wide_character'.
Don't calculate character number by itself.
* eb/widealt.c: Add `eb_forward_wide_appendix_character' and
* eb/narwalt.c: Add `eb_forward_narrow_appendix_character' and
* eb/widefont.c: Add `eb_forward_wide_character' and
* eb/narwfont.c: Add `eb_forward_narrow_character' and
* eb/font.c (eb_font): Set `eb_errno' when no current book
is set.
* eb/font.c (eb_font_list): Return -1 when an error occurs.
1997-09-27 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* Version 1.0.2.
* utils/src/ebfont.c (make_fonts): Fix error messages.
Append some information to the error message.
1997-09-25 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* utils/lib/memset.c: Add this file.
* (AC_REPLACE_FUNCS): Add `memset'.
* eb/narwalt.c, eb/widealt.c: Define `SEEK_SET', `SEEK_CUR' and
`SEEK_END' if undefined.
* eb/bitmap.c, eb/bitmap.h: Adapt to EB library.
Insert the `eb_' prefix to function names.
Set `eb_error' instead of syslog message when an error occurs.
* utils/lib/bitmap.h, utils/lib/bitmap.c: Move to the `eb/'
* eb/error.h, eb/error.c: Add the following error codes;
* lib/fakelog.c (fakelog): Fix a mistake in `%m' expansion.
Took `strcat' for `strcpy'.
1997-09-18 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* lib/logpid.c (log_pid_file): Output the warning message
which tells pid file already exists only when the file is
regular file.
1997-09-13 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* utils/src/, utils/src/version.h: Delete these files
because `config.h' also defines $(VERSION).
1997-09-06 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* Version 1.0.1.
* eb/text.c (eb_text_internal): Fix the control sequence
The display control sequences `1f1a'...`1f1f' and `1fe0' take
an arguemnt only when the book is EPWING.
* utils/src/ Fix the calculation way of
$wide_len and $narrow_len.
1997-09-03 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* eb/init.c (eb_initialize_catalog): Scan all eight filename
slots in the `catalogs' file even when an empty filename is
found. (for EPWING `Readers eiwa jiten', kenkyusha)
1997-08-30 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* Use original version of automake-1.2.
* doc/texinfo.tex: Delete this file.
* eb/defs.h, eb/setword.c, eb/search.c, eb/init.c, havesearch.c:
add `EB_INDEX_WORD_ALPHA' again.
and add `EB_INDEX_ENDWORD_ALPHA' again.
(for EPWING `Readers eiwa jiten', kenkyusha)
1997-08-24 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* lib/bitmap.c, lib/bitmap.h: Add `write_bitmap_xbm',
`write_bitmap_xpm', and `write_bitmap_gif'.
* eb/text.c (eb_text_internal): Fix a bug which causes
segmentation violation when `EB_HOOK_NARROW' is not defined.
* eb/text.c (eb_text_internal): Parse control sequences described
in JIS X 4081-1996.
* eb/defs.h, eb/search.c (eb_search_exact_word, eb_search_word,
eb_search_endword), eb/setword.c (eb_fix_word_jis):
Define the new word type `EB_WORD_KANJI'.
1997-08-19 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* Delete `AC_PROG_MAKE_SET'.
It is defined by `AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE'.
* utils/src/ (ebappendix): Generate `ebappendix.tmp'
from `', and then copy `ebappendix.tmp' to `ebappendix'.
* utils/src/ (CLEANFILES): Add `ebappendix.tmp'.
1997-08-09 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* utils/src/ Don't output a blank page in the
tail of the alternation text data.
1997-08-05 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* Version 1.0.
* doc/texinfo.tex: Get the file from texinfo-3.11.
1997-07-19 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* Version 1.0beta2.
* eb/init.c (eb_bind), eb/appendix.c (eb_bind_appendix): Get
disc and filename types before trying to open a language file
and a catalog file.
* eb/io.c (eb_uint1, eb_uint2, eb_uint4), eb/io.h (eb_uint1,
eb_uint2, eb_uint4): Fix casts.
eb/io.c (eb_bcd2, eb_bcd4, eb_bcd6): Fix functions because
they returns an incorrect value.
* eb/text.c (eb_text_internal): Call a hook function of
* eb/init.c, eb/language.c, eb/eb.h (eb_init_language): Split
into `eb_init_language' and `eb_init_messages'.
1997-07-06 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* Use automake-1.2.
* utils/src/ebinfo.c (output_information): Output title and
directory name of a subbook even when eb_set_subbook() to the
subbook is failed.
* eb/error.c (messages): Modify error messages.
1997-06-25 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* lib/getopt.c, lib/getopt1.c, lib/getopt.h: Get these files
from glibc-2.0.4.
1997-06-18 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* Version 1.0beta1.
* lib/fakelog.c, lib/fakelog.h: Don't include `varargs.h' for
ANSI C compilers even when `STDC_HEADERS' is undefined.
* utils/src/ebfont.c: Add the missing `HAVE_STRCASECMP' check.
1997-06-08 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* utils/src/ Add a character code field with 2
bytes in the beginning of an appendix file -- the format of
appendix data files is changed.
* eb/appendix.c (eb_initialize_appendix_subbook): Get a character
code from appendix data when initializing subbook.
* eb/types.h (EB_Appendix_Subbook): Add the `charcode' member.
* eb/narwalt.c (eb_narrow_character_text), eb/widealt.c
(eb_wide_character_text): Fix bugs in alternation text proceessing.
Character code of appendix data was examined by a wrong way.
1997-06-07 Motoyuki Kasahara <>
* lib/makedir.c, eb/filename.c: Use `S_ISDIR' instead of `S_IFDIR'.
Define `S_ISREG' and `S_ISDIR' if they aren't defined in <sys/stat.h>.
Redefine `S_ISREG' and `S_ISDIR' if they are broken.