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Python wrapper for EPWING library eb
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ebmodule 2.0
Tamito KAJIYAMA <25 September 2001>

This package is a suite of Python wrapper modules of the EB
library, a C library for accessing electronic dictionaries.
Using this package Python programs can easily retrieve
information from electronic dictionaries of the EB and EPWING

The latest version of this package is available at the following


This package requires the EB library (version 3.1 and later).
The source distribution of the EB library is available at the
following location:

This package supports Python 1.5.2 and later.


This package provides two installation procedures.

o Using Distutils

The users of Python 2.0 and later can choose this option.  It
uses Distutils, the standard installer modules adopted in Python
2.0.  Run commands as follows:

  $ python build
  $ su
  # python install

o Using Makefile

Another option is provided for the users of Python 1.5.2.  Run
commands as follows:

  $ make
  $ su
  # make install

You can specify the version of Python that you want to use as
follows, if you have multiple versions:

  $ make PYTHON=python1.5
  $ su
  # make PYTHON=python1.5 install


This package provides two Python modules.

o The eb module

This module has almost the same API with the underlying EB
library.  See the EB library reference for the use of the
functions and constants in the eb module.  The library reference
is included in the source distribution of the EB library, and is
also available at the following location:

o The eblib module

This module provides a set of classes that encapsulate the
low-level API of the eb module.  See the source file (
for the use of the eblib module.  There is a simple application
code at the bottom of the source file.


o Version 2.0 <25 September 2001>
  - Supported the EB library version 3.X

o Version 1.0 <18 September 2001>
  - First public release
  - Supported the EB library version 2.X


This is free software; you can freely redistribute it and/or
modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
(version 2 or later).

This software is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY.  Use it at your own risk.


Tamito KAJIYAMA <>

Any comments, suggestions, and/or patches are very welcome.
Thank you for using the ebmodule package!

$Id: README.en,v 1.2 2001/09/24 03:21:06 kajiyama Exp $
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