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-url hash support for history (only loading needs it I think)
put search results in history items
up/down swipe
need inactive toolbar button images
better subbook handling?
when setting the search field to the result selected (like when they press enter), it should not include any special notation characters like the superscript 1 etc
inactive-styled segmented buttons
custom horizontal scrollbar for webview so that it doesn't overlap the corner
prefetch entry text after a search
refactor style sheet resources, and look at the ones
on-hover of links, show the entry's title or something
shorter IDs for books. possibly store these in a dotfile in the epwing dir so it's not path-dependent
renamable labels for books
show the heading inside the text if there is no keyword in (or at the top of) the text
drag-n-drop for folders into the Preferences table to install a dictionary
?drag-n-drop reordering of dicts
combine ~suffix entries back into main entry somehow (probably per dictionary, after detecting which dict it is)
.iso mounting somehow
File->New Window support
Window menu for mac
list of dictionaries when no entry is shown, in entryView, like
allow multi select on the results list, to show multiple entries?
sort results by heading word length
show word commonality
search method detection
some kind of mouse hover furigana or something
the sample test ej,je dict shows twice as many entries as it should (misdetermining entry endpoint)
resize book select on switch
mouse-wheel scroll focus is wrong for the entry's scrollbar (scroll down in results list all the way, then entry scrolls too)
book selection combobox changes height sometimes
the search field clear button is showing after a delay
pressing 'Enter' in the search field with Japanese input method on doesn't work as expected
can't tab focus selectBook
terminators: see kenkyusha shineiwa, `eat dog`
look at entry `what`, collapse the first dict entry in it, it collapses the following 2 too.
sometimes when an entry is still loading, if a new search starts, it breaks
'falla' in gneius daijiten has unmatched span error (maybe related to above)
Key_left shortcut for actionBack isn't working (likewise for actionForward)
epywing bugs:
'dame' in hiragana is broke in supa readers (see: kotonoko)
kojien 6 entries have link color text for the words only in the header
アーヘン【Aachen】in kojien doesn't linkify the 提供 text