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Better mac splitter:
rich text inside qlistview in C++ using paint
How can I display rich text in a QTable? Simply use QSimpleRichText to draw the text in a reimplemented QTableItem::paint().
OS X URL handler to open links to local files
history management
times to push to history:
- search result clicked & current item changes
- link clicked which loads a new entry
- search result list changes after it had received focus on an entry.
push the last entry that was highlighted, if it wasn't already pushed.
- back is pushed, when results list had input focus
- up/down
- first enter = enter which highlights a result
- clicked, i guess
when to push staged_back:
- search changes
when link is clicked:
- push current entry
have to handle hash changes in history, not just entries
up/down changes results list
page up/page down scrolls entry view
genius ng