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Defaults to *false*.
+### singleField (boolean)
+When enabled, will use a single hidden field for the form, rather than one per tag.
+It will delimit tags in the field with **singleFieldDelimiter**.
+Defaults to *false*
+### singleFieldDelimiter':
+Defaults to *','*
+### singleFieldNode
+Set this to an input DOM node to use an existing form field.
+Any text in it will be erased on init. But it will be populated with the text of tags as they are created, delimited by **singleFieldDelimiter**.
+If this is not set, we create an input node for it, with the name given in **fieldName**, ignoring **itemName**.
+Defalts to *null*
## Authors
* [Levy Carneiro Jr.](

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