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undefined url #28

4li opened this Issue · 2 comments

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4li commented

It seems no matter how I use tag-it, with or without autocomplete and/or availableTags, every key-press tries to send the query to "/undefined". Even if I try to override the autocomplete source parameter or even hardcode a url in there I get the same results. Any idea on what it can be?


I cannot reproduce it on test-page. Maybe that's some code in your application that breaks it?

4li commented

As I was typing my reply to this to say I'm sure it is on my end it dawned on my about another autocomplete library in my code. It was a relic of the past so I completely overlooked it:

I'm not sure if the above autocomplete overrides jquery's native function but that might be the problem. So if anyone every runs into this issue check to see if another library is using and/or overriding the native components. Either way I ported the code over to jquery's native autocomplete and it's working fine now.

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