HTML entities shown escaped in tag-it control #64

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aocole commented Feb 14, 2012

This is against Tag-it 2.0. This is possibly related to #48 although I couldn't quite understand that issue. If I initialize the tag-it control from a <ul> containing an html entity, the entity appears escaped in the control.

<li>tag &amp; stuff</li>

If I initialize the tagit control from this ul, then the tagit control will display &amp; instead of simply &. This is due to _create() using html() to get the contents of the <li>. I changed line 139 to use text() instead of html() and it solved the issue for me. The correction to line 139 is as follows:

that.createTag($(this).text(), $(this).attr('class'));

aehlke commented Nov 23, 2012

Fixed in #106

aehlke closed this Nov 23, 2012

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