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edsiper commented Jul 15, 2011


how is possible to block the user to type non-existent tags ?, i'm using an ajax callback to return the list of available tags through the 'Source' variable, but the user is always available to type something new, i need to block that feature.

The issue is reproduced when typing a string and then pressing

76yduiskdjsdj TAB

that creates a new Tag, how to avoid that and just restrict to the values of the incoming drop down list ?


ryanohs commented Jul 21, 2011

I won't say this shouldn't be added, however the point of using tags is typically to extend the search or filtering capability of an application beyond what the original developer intended (especially in the case of user generated content). Imagine a trending tag cloud with a fixed list of tags; kinda boring right? @edsiper In your use case a searchable multiselect box might be a better approach.

baio commented Aug 14, 2011

Hi! @ryanohs And how about scenario when some users are allowed to add new tags and some not, it would be nice to control this behaviour through single control, not to create two separated for each case.


aehlke commented Nov 25, 2012

Please just use the new beforeTagAdded callback which lets you return false to reject a tag from being added. I'd like to add a shortcut but it's tricky to get right, what with having both arbitrary autocomplete callbacks as well as availableTags.

aehlke closed this Nov 25, 2012

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