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grisevg commented Aug 24, 2011

I've made few changes to the plugin, mainly to autocomplete feature:

  1. minLength and delay (simply mappings of original autocomplete options),
  2. showAllOnFocus option which showing autocomplete with all options when you focus on input
  3. autocompleteHeader option, which setting text on top of autocomplete box
  4. 1 Bug Fix: additional tag were created if autocomplete is used with half-typed by checking if blur event happened when mouse was over autocomplete.

PS: Oh and there were some tabs in files, though mostly it was spaces, so I converted everything to spaces... cleaner that way, bet because of that it's gonna look messy at first in diff tool.

Hope you will find this changes useful, so will users of your plugin

grisevg added some commits Aug 23, 2011
@grisevg grisevg Added delay and minLength options(just mapping for a jQuery UI Autoco…
…mplete); Added showAllOnFocus option to show autocomplete with all tags on focus; Updated examples.html with example for new options.
@grisevg grisevg Fixed original bug which creates garbage tag when autocomplete is use…
…d; Added option to set header for autocomplete list; Replaced tabs with spaces;
@grisevg grisevg Merge
aehlke commented Nov 24, 2012

Hey, thanks for your work! I used this as inspiration for some changes I made. I added showAutocompleteOnFocus and an autocomplete option for adding arbitrary extra options such as minLength and delay. That bug is also fixed.

I didn't add autocompleteHeader since it seems kind of complex and I don't really understand the use case for it.


@aehlke aehlke closed this Nov 24, 2012
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