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Add requireAutocomplete option #37

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cleishm commented Sep 29, 2011

Require all tags to be created from autocomplete suggestions


I sort of pulled this off (the short hack version) with this (in createTag)
if (this.options.limitNewTags && $.inArray(value, this.options.availableTags) == -1) {
//we just disallow this
return false;

with a limitNewTags boolean option on startup

KieranP commented Nov 13, 2011

+1 Need something like that so that only admins can create new tags, but anyone else must use the already defined ones.

1ed commented Nov 20, 2011








bond- commented Nov 23, 2012


aehlke commented Nov 23, 2012

I'm going to first accomplish this in a generic way by adding a beforeTagAdded event hook which will let you decide whether or not to allow the tag to be added.

aehlke commented Nov 25, 2012

This exists now, check the updated docs for beforeTagAdded.

I'd still like to make this easier though, but you can accomplish it manually now at least without having to fork the project. Closing this for now, and I'll come up with a more elegant solution later (which is a bit tricky to do right).

@aehlke aehlke closed this Nov 25, 2012
aehlke commented Nov 25, 2012

To clarify, just return false in your callback to reject the tag.


Any update on this? And also, is there a good example of someone doing this in the correct way?

sdrdis commented Sep 11, 2013

Is there any way to know when beforeTagAdded is called if the tag comes from the user input or the source ? Thanks...

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