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### Info :
setopt ALIASES # Expand aliases.
unsetopt ALWAYS_TO_END # NO -> If a completion with the cursor in the word was started and it results in only one match, the cursor is placed at the end of the word.
setopt APPEND_HISTORY # If this is set, zsh sessions will append their history list to the history file, rather than overwrite it.
setopt AUTO_CD # If a command is issued that can't be executed as a normal command, and the command is the name of a directory, perform the cd command to that directory.
setopt AUTO_LIST # Automatically list choices on an ambiguous completion.
setopt AUTO_MENU # Automatically use menu completion after the second consecutive request for completion, for example by pressing the tab key repeatedly. This option is overridden by MENU_COMPLETE.
setopt AUTO_NAME_DIRS # Any parameter that is set to the absolute name of a directory immediately becomes a name for that directory in the usual form ~param.
setopt AUTO_PUSHD # Make cd push the old directory onto the directory stack.
setopt AUTO_REMOVE_SLASH # When the last character resulting from a completion is a slash and the next character typed is a word delimiter, a slash, or a character that ends a command (such as a semicolon or an ampersand), remove the slash.
setopt BANG_HIST # Perform textual history expansion, csh-style, treating the character `!' specially.
unsetopt BASH_AUTO_LIST # NO -> On an ambiguous completion, automatically list choices when the completion function is called twice in succession.
unsetopt BEEP # NO -> Beep on error in ZLE.
setopt BG_NICE # Run all background jobs at a lower priority.
setopt CDABLE_VARS # If the argument to a cd command (or an implied cd with the AUTO_CD option set) is not a directory, and does not begin with a slash, try to expand the expression as if it were preceded by a '~'
setopt CHASE_LINKS # Resolve symbolic links to their true values when changing directory.
unsetopt CLOBBER # NO -> Allows `>' redirection to truncate existing files, and `>>' to create files. Otherwise `>!' or `>|' must be used to truncate a file, and `>>!' or `>>|' to create a file.
setopt COMPLETE_IN_WORD # If unset, the cursor is moved to the end of the word if completion is started. Otherwise it stays where it is and completion is done from both ends.
#setopt CORRECT # Try to correct the spelling of commands.
#setopt CORRECT_ALL # Try to correct the spelling of all arguments in a line.
setopt EXTENDED_GLOB # Treat the `#', `~' and `^' characters as part of patterns for filename generation, etc.
setopt EXTENDED_HISTORY # Save each command's beginning timestamp (in seconds since the epoch) and the duration (in seconds) to the history file.
unsetopt FLOW_CONTROL # If this option is unset, output flow control via start/stop characters (usually assigned to ^S/^Q) is disabled in the shell's editor.
setopt GLOB # Perform filename generation
setopt GLOB_COMPLETE # When the current word has a glob pattern, do not insert all the words resulting from the expansion but generate matches as for completion and cycle through them like MENU_COMPLETE.
unsetopt GLOB_DOTS # NO -> Do not require a leading `.' in a filename to be matched explicitly.
setopt HASH_CMDS # Note the location of each command the first time it is executed
setopt HASH_DIRS # Whenever a command name is hashed, hash the directory containing it, as well as all directories that occur earlier in the path.
setopt HASH_LIST_ALL # Whenever a command completion is attempted, make sure the entire command path is hashed first. This makes the first completion slower.
unsetopt HIST_BEEP # NO -> Beep when an attempt is made to access a history entry which isn't there.
setopt HIST_EXPIRE_DUPS_FIRST # If the internal history needs to be trimmed to add the current command line, setting this option will cause the oldest history event that has a duplicate to be lost before losing a unique event from the list.
setopt HIST_FIND_NO_DUPS # When searching for history entries in the line editor, do not display duplicates of a line previously found, even if the duplicates are not contiguous.
setopt extended_history
setopt no_hist_beep
setopt HIST_IGNORE_ALL_DUPS # If a new command line being added to the history list duplicates an older one, the older command is removed from the list (even if it is not the previous event).
setopt HIST_IGNORE_DUPS # Do not enter command lines into the history list if they are duplicates of the previous event.
setopt HIST_IGNORE_SPACE # Remove command lines from the history list when the first character on the line is a space, or when one of the expanded aliases contains a leading space.
setopt HIST_REDUCE_BLANKS # Remove superfluous blanks from each command line being added to the history list.
setopt HIST_VERIFY # Whenever the user enters a line with history expansion, don't execute the line directly; instead, perform history expansion and reload the line into the editing buffer.
unsetopt HUP # NO -> Send the HUP signal to running jobs when the shell exits.
setopt IGNORE_EOF # Do not exit on end-of-file. Require the use of exit or logout instead.
setopt INTERACTIVE_COMMENTS # Allow comments even in interactive shells.
unsetopt LIST_AMBIGUOUS # This option works when AUTO_LIST or BASH_AUTO_LIST is also set.
unsetopt LIST_BEEP # NO -> Beep on an ambiguous completion.
unsetopt LIST_PACKED # NO -> Try to make the completion list smaller (occupying less lines) by printing the matches in columns with different widths.
setopt LIST_TYPES # When listing files that are possible completions, show the type of each file with a trailing identifying mark.
setopt LONG_LIST_JOBS # List jobs in the long format by default.
unsetopt MENU_COMPLETE # On an ambiguous completion, instead of listing possibilities or beeping, insert the first match immediately.
setopt MULTIOS # Perform implicit tees or cats when multiple redirections are attempted
setopt NULL_GLOB # If a pattern for filename generation has no matches, delete the pattern from the argument list instead of reporting an error.
setopt PROMPT_SUBST # If set, parameter expansion, command substitution and arithmetic expansion are performed in prompts.
setopt PUSHD_IGNORE_DUPS # Don't push multiple copies of the same directory onto the directory stack.
setopt PUSHD_MINUS # Exchanges the meanings of `+' and `-' when used with a number to specify a directory in the stack.
setopt PUSHD_SILENT # Do not print the directory stack after pushd or popd.
setopt PUSHD_TO_HOME # Have pushd with no arguments act like `pushd $HOME'.
unsetopt RM_STAR_SILENT # Do not query the user before executing `rm *' or `rm path/*'.
setopt SHARE_HISTORY # This option both imports new commands from the history file, and also causes your typed commands to be appended to the history file (the latter is like specifying INC_APPEND_HISTORY).
setopt TRANSIENT_RPROMPT # Right prompt goes away after edit.
#setopt XTRACE # Display all the actions of the shell