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+Myscsh README -*- outline -*-
+ Tuebingen, October 2006
+ Myscsh
+ ======
+* What is Myscsh?
+ Myscsh is an implementation of the MySQL client/server protocol
+ written entirely in Scheme. This package provides functions to
+ connect to a MySQL database server, authenticate, send queries, and
+ receive and parse result sets. The API is quite low-level: it's
+ just about reading and parsing messages and sending messages.
+ Future versions of Myscsh will include a higher-level API for
+ convenient database programming. Myscsh implements the MySQL 4.1
+ protocol (which has the internal protocol version number 10) and has
+ been tested in conjunction with a MySQL 4.1 server on Linux. It
+ might work with a 5.x server as well, but that's completely
+ untested. It won't work with 3.20 servers, that's for sure.
+ Using the low-level API of Myscsh requires a bit of knowledge of the
+ MySQL client/server protocol. There are several documents[1,2]
+ describing the protocol. These documents have been very helpful
+ while developing Myscsh.
+* Why an implementation of the protocol?
+ An alternative approach for connecting to MySQL is to use the
+ functions the C library provides. A lot of
+ language implementation provide bindings to this library. So this
+ is a well-tested approach. However, here are some reasons for
+ implementing the protocol in Scheme:
+ o No C code to compile, no header files to search for, no shared
+ libraries to search for, and no dynamic modules to load. Less
+ high-tech, less trouble.
+ o In scsh and Scheme 48, calling C function from Scheme blocks the
+ whole Scheme system until the C function returns. Hence,
+ sending a complex query to MySQL using the corresponding C
+ function will stop all Scheme threads until the SQL result is
+ available. This is not acceptable, especially since the SQL
+ queries may take seconds to compute. There is no easy to fix
+ this.
+ o The Scheme code is quite portable and could be used by other
+ Scheme implementations. The code only uses very few Scheme 48
+ or scsh specific features, i. e. for network connections.
+ o Writing C bindings is boring. I have written too much C
+ bindings in the past years.
+ Implementing the protocol is not a particular original idea: For
+ example, there is a Ruby implementation of the 3.20 protocol.
+* Requirements and installation
+ I developed and tested Myscsh on Scheme 48 1.3[3] and scsh 0.6.7[4]
+ and should work without right out of the box with these
+ implementations.
+ There is no special installation procedure. The only thing to do is
+ open "packages.scm" in an editor, search for this line:
+ (define mysql-connection mysql-connection-scsh)
+ and change it to
+ (define mysql-connection mysql-connection-s48)
+ when you are using Scheme 48, or, for scsh users, leave it
+ untouched. You may want to comment out the unused package
+ definition "mysql-connection-s48" when you are using scsh (and vice
+ versa) to prevent the system from writing some uninteresting warning
+ messages about undefined packages. Yes, that's a hack.
+* Source code repository
+ The latest version of the source code resides in a darcs[5]
+ repository at this address:
+ <>
+* Known bugs, limitations
+ Some things that may cause trouble:
+ o The code completely ignore characters encoding issues. It just
+ assumes that the character encoding the Scheme system is using
+ is the right one for communicating with the server. This works
+ in many cases, but is a bad idea in principal.
+ Some things that have not been implemented or tested yet:
+ o receiving result sets that contain binary values
+ o prepared statements, parameter messages, and long data packets
+ o compression
+* Future work
+ o Write some documentation
+ o Add a high-level API for convenient database programming
+ o Better error-handling using SRFI 34 and SRFI 35
+* Bug reports, questions, patches, and author's address:
+ Please send bug reports, questions, patches directly to the author
+ of Myscsh
+ Eric Knauel
+ or to the scsh mailing-list:
+[1] <>
+[2] <>
+[3] <>
+[4] <>
+[5] <>

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