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FreeRTOS distro layer compatible with OpenEmbedded
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FreeRTOS distro layer compatible with OpenEmbedded


This layer depends on:

 URI: git://
 branch: master


This layer has an MIT license (see LICENSE) and it fetches code from FreeRTOS that has its own License (MIT as of today), along with code taken from jkovacic which also has its own license.

Building a FreeRTOS application

1.- Clone this layer along with the specified layers

2.- $ source oe-init-build-env

3.- Add this layer to BBLAYERS on conf/bblayers.conf

4.- Add the following to your conf/local.conf:

DISTRO = "poky-freertos"

MACHINE = "qemuarmv5" # It is the only one supported at the moment

5.- Build an example application:

$ bitbake freertos-demo

6.- Run the application on QEMU:

$ runqemu

You should be able to see the output of the application on QEMU and interact with it.

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