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Randomly generated Aalto University logos.

A collection of Aalto University Logo files that where the character after the A is randomly generated on each rendering of the image. The original paths and colors for the images were generated from


The randomisation is performed with simple JavaScript that is embedded into the document and executed on page load. The JavaScript code chooses a random path and color from predefined values using Math.random().


The randomisation is performed within the PostScript language. Character forms and colors are defined as variables in the file, and a random is chosen using the rand keyword.


PDF support is not yet implemented. The PDF specification does not directly support a source of randomness. There are some possibilities for this:

  • Embedding JavaScript in an page load action. Unsure if this can actually affect the content of the PDF. Additionally, this is, for security reasons, not supported by many viewers.
  • Using a custom font that produces random character. This would work using PostScript Type 3 fonts in the same way the PostScript randomisation works. Unfortunately very few readers support the Type 3 specificaiton.


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