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Readable trace of Google Analytics logs from Android devices
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Pretty print your Android Google Analytics debug logs.

Instead of looking at logs like this

07-14 18:23:39.468  6093  6121 D GAv4    : Hit delivery requested: ht=1500045819082, _s=7667, _v=ma8.4.87, a=756284080, adid=3018087d-3fcf-40a6-8d8c-3319f934b834,,, an=Phone, ate=1, av=9.0.155139499,, cid=c107f93a-9b02-4be3-b54a-3be9e46ed929, sr=1080x1794, t=screenview, tid=UA-53072813-1, ul=en-gb, v=1
07-14 18:23:40.186  6093  6121 D GAv4    : Hit sent to the device AnalyticsService for delivery

You could be looking at logs like this (+ colors!):

------- 2017-07-14T15:23:39.468Z -------
 Protocol Version: 1
 Tracking ID / Web Property ID: UA-53072813-1
 Client ID: c107f93a-9b02-4be3-b54a-3be9e46ed929
 Screen Resolution: 1080x1794
 User Language: en-gb
 Hit type: screenview
 Screen Name:
 Application Name: Phone
 Application ID:
 Application Version: 9.0.155139499
 Application Installer ID:
 Hit time: 1500045819082
 a: 756284080
 _s: 7667
 _v: ma8.4.87
 adid: 3018087d-3fcf-40a6-8d8c-3319f934b834
 ate: 1

Hit sent to the device AnalyticsService for delivery


Install with:

npm install -g adb-ga-trace

Connect your device, or fire up your simulator, and run with:


You will need to have adb installed for the connection to work

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