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Markov Chain based Finnish surname generator
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Markov Chain based Finnish surname generator. Uses Finnish Surname data set from and checks that the names are not in use from


The generation algorithm can be configured through the following query parameters

  • chainSize: Number of adjecent characters to taken into account in the Markov chain, default 3
  • maxLength: Regenerate name if result is longer than this value, default 15
  • amount: Number of names generated per round, default 10
  • sameness: Weight given to common patterns, default 1
  • hideUnavailable: Hides unavailable names if set to true, default false
  • beginWith: Starting characters to continue geneartion from, default empty
  • endWith: Regenrate if names not ending in given characters, default empty

You might need to fiddle a bit with all the parameters to produce pleasant names. If the names sound like jibberish, you might want to increase the chainSize and sameness. If, on the other hand, most of the names are unavailable, you might want to reduce the chainSize or the sameness. Alternatively, you can hide unavailable names and increase the amount of names generated. Try out different combinations and see what happens!

Example will produce quite common sounding surnames. Here we've bumped the chainSize and sameness to generate quite common sounding names. Since most of the names will have been taken, we generate more names and hide the unavailable ones.

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