syntax highlighting and tag helpers to make gedit more usable from Groovy/Grails development
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Gedit Grails Bundle

This Bundle aims to augment the default editor for the Gnome Desktop Environment to improve its efficiency specifically as a tool for Groovy/Grails development.


  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Various autoCompletion tools
  • Command Line helpers and scripts
  • Themes


  • Install script included (typically tested in latest Ubuntu)
  • Manually install plugins - (since ones included may not work with latest gedit)


12/29/09 - updating install script to automatically insert plugins and snippets as described above. choose autoComplete plugin over word completion because it doesn't conflict with the snippets plugin. still trying to find where to put grails tags now. Currently it is a mystery they and won't show up inside of gedit. considering getting rid of them and focusing on improving snippets.

12/30/09 - improving by small degrees the groovy.lang file for groovy syntax highlighting.

01/06/10 - updating snippets - add/re-adding couple plugins - slightly modded oblivion color scheme. Should do "sudo apt-get install ack-grep" if you want to have a faster find in files plugin.

03/16/10 - updating snippets - clones of html and js snippets for use in gsp's, and java snippets for use in groovy files. found the ctrl+space helper for snippet suggestions.

09/13/10 - updating g:tags, and install script for them. adding gred script from Marco - will still need to manuallyadd export EDITOR="/usr/bin/gedit" to your ~/.bashrc file. added zen-coding-plugin and inherited it's licence as well. modified to not conflict with snap-open plugin

10/10/10 - add groovy++ (.gpp) to get groovy syntax highlighting too.

2/3/11 - merege added classbrowser plugin with groovy support from zedar's branch (thanks!) updated snippets for groovy and gsp docs

2/25/11 - fixed: both groovy and gpp files were getting mimetime for groovy++.

4/2/12 - updating install script to reflect new file paths relating to gedit 3/GTK update. removing plugins that are maintained elsewhere and no longer work with latest gedit.

4/17/12 - little work on gradle files getting groovy syntax highlighting, and small improvements to highlighting definition file.