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Grails SpreadsheetJuicer Plugin author: Aaron Eischeid

The spreadsheetJuicer plugin provides Grails with a service to extract the data from simple MSexcel and OpenOffice spreadsheets into a form easily used in groovy. Under the hood it is using apache POI (3.7) and JOpenDocument (1.2) libraries.

Basically it is a convience plugin to save people with relatively simple spreadsheets from having to work with the underlying libs which are very complete and can thus be a bit complex.

Additionally I have worked a bit with the developer of jQuery.sheet, a plugin for displaying spreadsheet data in a browser. The resulting data format is very simple to convert to JSON or XML and import into that plugin for manipulation in browser

<------------> Usage: <------------>


def uploadedFile = new File("${params.fileName}") def fileStream = new FileInputStream(uploadedFile) return spreadsheetJuicerService.excelToHash(fileStream)


// build an array of data you want to fill the spreadsheet with def books = Books.list def ssData = [:] books.eachWithIndex{ ssData[i] = [a:"${}", b:"${it.title}", c:"${it.pagecount}", . . . t:'${}'] } // get path to a premade excel sheet that we will populate // row 1 is assumed to be colum headings so service starts filling in on row 2 def b = spreadsheetBuilderService.fillInXlsxTemplateWithDataFromArray(templateUrl, ssData) response.contentType = ConfigurationHolder.config.grails.mime.types['excel'] response.setHeader("Content-disposition", "attachment; filename=billing-week${params.weekOfYear}-${params.year}.xlsx") response.setContentLength(b.length) response.getOutputStream().write(b)