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The last gedit ( > 3.2) use libpeas for plugins, I've modified zen-coding-gedit to support the new plugin structure.

Please, after update your repository, Can you send a pull request to the first plugin developer?

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aeischeid commented Dec 28, 2012

thanks! I will try to pass this on


aeischeid commented Dec 28, 2012

looks like the plugin got forked a bunch and there is a divergent branch that is here and in the gmate bundle My fork and the fork mine came from seem to be dead ends. might want to see if your fixes are relevant in those other places

Do you know what is the "main" resository for this plugin? There are a lot of forks, and source copy in other repositories...


aeischeid commented Dec 28, 2012

I can't tell if there really is a 'main' repo. In my opinion it would be nice if gmate would use git sub-modules somehow to link to projects so that it could be treated as a main repo and yet individual projects could still pick up fixes that came in there... since gmate bundle seems to have most recently pulled from I would guess that is the place to go to for now, and then submit a separate pull request to gmate too. I can do that last part relatively easily as I have a fork already. just let me know if/when.

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