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Kiwi is an open source operating system currently supporting 64-bit x86 PCs. The current (redesign) branch is undergoing a pretty major redesign and does not do much interesting on the face of it, but it aims to have a better underlying design. The old (master) branch has a GUI and is capable of running various bits of UNIX sofware.


To build Kiwi you need the following prerequisites:

  • SCons
  • Boost
  • ncurses
  • xorriso
  • mtools
  • dosfstools

Kiwi makes use of git submodules to include various pieces of 3rd party software it uses. These must be cloned after this repository has been cloned by running:

$ git submodule update --init

You must then create a build configuration file by running:

$ scons config

In that menu you will at least need to change the "Toolchain directory" option under "Build options", to point to a location in which to install the Kiwi cross-compiler. This location must be writable by your user. You may also wish to change the toolchain build jobs option to e.g. the number of CPU cores in your system to speed up the toolchain build.

After saving the configuration file, build the toolchain (only needs to be done once) by running:

$ scons toolchain

Finally, build the system with:

$ scons

This should produce a bootable ISO image in build/amd64-pc. To boot this image in QEMU, you can run:

$ scons qemu


Kiwi is licensed under the terms of the ISC license.