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This is the introduction
This is the working repository for GP Developer, the integrated development
environment being constructed for [GP2](
- an experimental graph programming language developed by the University of
Compiling and Installing
Complile and install instructions
The project uses CMake to produce build files across all supported platforms.
The CMake build system currently requires:
- CMake itself
- Qt version 4.x (due to a structural change, Qt 5.x requires work to be
supported, but should be compatible)
- The [OGDF]( library
- The [Boost]( C++ libraries
When building with either Linux or OS X (with the necessary libraries installed)
the project can be retrieved and built with this process:
$ git clone
Cloning into 'GP2'...
$ mkdir GP2-build && cd GP2-build
$ cmake ../GP2
-- Build files have been written to: /home/alex/tmp/GP2-build
$ make
The project should then be compiled and the executable created, this may take
some time - in particular the graphparser.cpp.o and ruleparser.cpp.o objects.
When building under Windows it is recommended that you use the graphical user
interfaces for CMake to produce a Visual Studio project. The Windows build
includes an early NSIS installer under "package".

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