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* Implement GOSS_FILES_STRATEGY for dcgoss

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* Shellcheck
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dcgoss is a convenience wrapper around goss that aims to bring the simplicity of goss to docker-compose managed containers. It is based on dgoss.


dcgoss [run|edit] <docker_run_params>


Run is used to validate a docker container defined in docker-compose.yml. It expects both a docker-compose.yml and goss.yaml file to exist in the directory it was invoked from. Container configuration is used from the compose file, for example:


docker-compose up db


dcgoss run db

dcgoss run will do the following:

  • Start the container as defined in docker-compose.yml
  • Stream the containers log output into the container as /goss/docker_output.log
    • This allows writing tests or waits against the docker output
  • (optional) Run goss with $GOSS_WAIT_OPTS if ./goss_wait.yaml file exists in the current dir
  • Run goss with $GOSS_OPTS using ./goss.yaml


Edit will launch a docker container, install goss, and drop the user into an interactive shell. Once the user quits the interactive shell, any goss.yaml or goss_wait.yaml are copied out into the current directory. This allows the user to leverage the goss add|autoadd commands to write tests as they would on a regular machine.


dcgoss edit db

Environment vars and defaults

The following environment variables can be set to change the behavior of dcgoss.


Enables debug output of dcgoss. (Default: empty)

When running in debug mode, the tmp dir with the container output will not be cleaned up.


DEBUG=true dcgoss edit db


Location of the goss binary to use. (Default: $(which goss))


Options to use for the goss test run. (Default: --color --format documentation)


Options to use for the goss wait run, when ./goss_wait.yaml exists. (Default: -r 30s -s 1s > /dev/null)


Time to sleep after running container (and optionally goss_wait.yaml) and before running tests. (Default: 0.2)


Location of the goss yaml files. (Default: .)


GOSS_FILES_PATH=db dcgoss edit db


Allows to specify a differing name for goss.yaml. Useful when the same image is started for different configurations.


GOSS_FILE=goss_config1.yaml dcgoss run db


The name of the variables file relative to GOSS_FILES_PATH to copy into the docker container and use for valiation (i.e. dcgoss run) and copy out of the docker container when writing tests (i.e. dcgoss edit). If set, the --vars flag is passed to goss validate commands inside the container. If unset (or empty), the --vars flag is omitted, which is the normal behavior. (Default: '').


Strategy used for copying goss files into the docker container. If set to 'mount' a volume with goss files is mounted and log output is streamed into the container as /goss/docker_output.log file. Other strategy is 'cp' which uses 'docker cp' command to copy goss files into docker container. With the 'cp' strategy you lose the ability to write tests or waits against the docker output. The 'cp' strategy is required especially when docker daemon is not on the local machine. (Default 'mount')

Debugging test runs

When debugging test execution its beneficual to set both DEBUG=true and GOSS_WAIT_OPTS=-r 60s -s 5s (without the redirect to /dev/null).


DEBUG=true GOSS_FILES_PATH=db GOSS_WAIT_OPTS="-r 60s -s 5s" dcgoss run db

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