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Imager for Craft 3.x

Imager is dead - long live Imager X!

Well, dead is a bit harsh, but... This version of the Craft plugin is no longer actively maintained. After four years, 322 commits, 255 closed issues, 352 stars and ~14700 active installs, I've decided to make this plugin commercial to be able to continue maintaining it. To do so, I had to create a new plugin (since P&T doesn't allow developers to convert free plugins to commercial ones, which makes sense) and the result is Imager X.

Imager X is a drop-in replacement for Imager, all you need to do is uninstall Imager, install Imager X, and rename the config file from imager.php to imager-x.php. No template changes needed.

Imager X also comes with some new features, like:

  • Support for named transforms, a new way to define your transforms in a central place, and easily reuse it in your templates.
  • Support for auto generating transforms on asset upload or element save.
  • Console commands and element actions for generating transforms.
  • Support for GraphQL.
  • Support for adding a fallbackImage that is used when a transform fails.
  • Support for adding a mockImage that completely overrides any used image (great for development!). - Much improved docs built on Vuepress.

Give it a try!

And if you don't want to pay, feel free to use Imager 2.0 for as long as you wish! You can still access the old documentation here.